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Letters from the grandson of the founder of Midland Engine Works:
Letter of Feb 28, 1984        Letter of May 22, 1984

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The above photos are of a 3" bore removable head Midland engine. Unknown horsepower, probably 2HP for use in a small skiff or canoe. Click on photos to enlarge them.
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This is another of the 3" bore engines with what "might" be the original color. These three pictures were submitted by George Boley and are of a Midland engine complete with a cast nameplate.  Reportedly this engine has been in the same family a number of years and the flywheel is "original".  I would be very surprised if that flywheel was intended for a marine engine.  Marine flywheels were typically smaller diameter with more mass to the outer ring in order to get the required momentum and keep the diameter small so that the engine could be mounted low in the boat and keep the shaft angle as low as possible.  Any thoughts?  Has anyone seen an original marine flywheel like this?
StLawOldPhoto.jpg (112426 bytes) StLawjan.jpg (49232 bytes) StLawNov_1.jpg (74425 bytes) StLawNov_3.jpg (57148 bytes) StLawNov_2.jpg (68223 bytes)
The above pictures show the St. Lawrence Skiff OLGA belonging to Andrew Menkart which is being restored and will have a Midland engine installed in it.  The boat was built in about 1894 and the picture on the left was taken in 1895 showing it's sailing rig.  An inboard engine was installed in about 1910 using a kit that was available for St. Lawrence Skiffs that included shafting, stuffing box, propeller, rudder etc.  We will post a more extensive page when the boat is finished with more photos of the restoration and engine installation as well some more history on the boat.

Goodday from Campbellford,On Canada. Here are two photos of a Midland boat engines .If you wish I would be pleased to have you publish them on your site. The Midland (Ontario ) engine is quite small,headless & has the lead filled name plate --flywheel is solid & 9" in diameter.

"All the best for the New Year" Larry

Midland Midland

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