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These pictures are of a Cape Cod Power Dory named  Josie G., belonging to John Lamb of Maine. The boat has always been in Maine. John has the complete history of the boat from the former owner and his father who purchased the boat new in 1912. It was used on Shin Pond in Patten, Maine to take people to a sporting camp from 1912 to 1960, continuous service! The former owner knows the complete history of the boat. Some say that it is a cross between a U and a Q but the former owner has told John that that other than replacing the ignition twice, the engine is original. She has also had the bearings renewed, and the originals that have U2 stamped in them. The water pump and connecting rod also have U2 cast in to them.  By the way, Josie G. is not for sale. Cape Cod Dory with Palmer U2 engine.
U2_2.jpg (194666 bytes) U2_3.jpg (240268 bytes) U2_4.jpg (229089 bytes) U2_5.jpg (251872 bytes)
U2_6.jpg (249147 bytes) U2_8.jpg (182803 bytes) U2_9.jpg (231492 bytes)
PalmerU2.jpg (118579 bytes) The picture to the left is not John's engine, but is a "normal or standard" U2. Note the ignition and priming cup location.

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