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Gears, Transmissions, and Propellers

Old Marine Engine » Gears, Transmissions, and Propellers  

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old marine reverse reduction gearsPaul Dubay45 08-03-23  10:22 am
Gleniffer GearboxColin swan08-01-23  06:44 am
1966 johnson mq-12 9.5hpRicky Stoll12-31-22  08:42 pm
Early Paragon restorationErnie11-22-22  05:26 am
Lehman Marine Transmission 40 D 800miro forest08-31-22  05:23 pm
Oops!Chris Spring04-09-22  07:31 am
Identificationnick rowland04-03-22  09:47 am
Detroit gear oil sealErnie01-11-22  07:32 pm
Looking for a propAudie Taquino12-24-21  08:31 am
Paragon gearboxBob Kirkwood10-04-21  06:32 pm
Any clue what make this is?miro forest09-10-21  08:10 am
Detroit Reversing GearWilliam Dancey04-21-21  05:22 pm
Paragon HF7D TransmissionTom Drozd01-31-21  07:25 pm
Can anyone use these?Chris Spring12-18-20  10:55 am
Looking for a propChris Spring11-13-20  08:33 pm
Badridge reverse geardallinga17 07-04-20  02:49 pm
Newage "B" Type Mechanical Gearbox: Seeking partsWolfgang roman tiwin05-15-20  03:00 am
Prop - other end of spectrummiro forest01-28-20  11:05 am
Anyone know what kind of gear this is or application?Bruce Hall12-16-19  09:05 pm
Snow Nabsted Drop Center Reduction Gear Information.Ted Lahti12-02-19  08:48 pm
Detroit Engine Works Reverse GearJohn Davis11-17-19  01:35 pm
Oh, my aching jointsNed Lloyd11-01-19  12:31 pm
Gies gear companyHazel Coomes08-26-19  02:39 pm
Chinook 1:1 F-N-R transmission info/partsWarren James08-18-19  06:30 pm
Anyone knows this gearbox on my sole lombardini?miro forest02-22-19  05:22 pm
Detroit reverse gearmiro forest12-06-18  10:56 pm
Paragon transmission issueNed Lloyd11-14-18  12:43 pm
Propeller Diameter and PitchKeith Quarrier11 11-05-18  05:09 pm
TWO FNR Transmissions - for salemiro forest07-18-18  10:56 am
Launch FNR Transmission IdentificationSteve McKenzie04-04-18  08:23 am
1924 ParagonRichardDurgee02-21-18  09:36 pm
Help with rare Paragon marine transmission HF AB2-LJim Close02-13-18  04:02 am
1919RichardDurgee02-12-18  11:26 pm
Established 1894RichardDurgee01-02-18  10:58 am
Disappearing propeller devicenarra bay11-13-17  12:53 am
LightRichardDurgee09-19-17  02:07 pm
Looking for a propellerKeith Quarrier08-30-17  06:58 am
WANTED: Detroit Engine Works gear boxJohn Davis08-08-17  08:36 am
Reversing propeller wantedDick Briggs07-29-17  03:09 pm
Gray Marine Vee DriveKeith Brayer05-25-17  09:02 pm
Solo h52 marine gearBruce Hall05-23-17  11:03 am
Vari-Pitch Prop Help ID PleaseJ.B. Castagnos04-19-17  11:24 pm
Snow Nabstedt reversing transmission stuck in forwardJ.B. Castagnos02-27-17  05:28 pm
Claemarine 1xe gearbox - questionsNed Lloyd02-26-17  03:05 pm
Muncie stern drive info neededdon wisinski73 01-10-17  09:27 pm
WANTED Transition for YT1David Woodworth09-20-16  10:22 pm
Gray or what? Kjell �ke Persson09-10-16  04:00 am
Gies Reveres Gear #1David Woodworth09-04-16  10:57 pm
Clae Marine gearbox?Smokey Dawson08-30-16  07:08 pm
Baldridge reversing gearboxJim Mcclymont11 08-17-16  08:28 am
SUBJECT 5 - PropulsionBarry Millar08-08-16  06:32 pm
Unknown gearbox please ehelp......nigel yates07-29-16  08:04 am
Adams TransmissionRichardDurgee05-23-16  05:59 pm
Transmission For Palmer 2HPDavid Woodworth04-23-16  11:36 am
Palmer 2 HPDavid Woodworth04-22-16  05:52 pm
Old boat transmission for salepaul webb01-25-16  12:17 pm
Paragon Reverse GearJohn P 11-20-15  11:18 am
Gifford WoodRichardDurgee11-16-15  09:45 am
Baldridge Reverse Gears For SaleRichardDurgee10-04-15  06:48 pm
Rugged Product of the WestJ.B. Castagnos10-02-15  09:17 pm
Gray Marine - Phantom Six 104 Gear Ratiomgangell09-22-15  12:30 am
VOLVO PENTA MD 11 C, gearbox wantedVeit Ladurner08-20-15  11:02 am
Johnson Lockwood AshRichardDurgee07-19-15  03:15 pm
Propellerron brazell06-16-15  10:35 am
Bristol Aqua NautLayops05-24-15  10:11 pm
Different DesignJ.B. Castagnos03-06-15  06:55 pm
My ten inch variable pitchJ.B. Castagnos10 03-04-15  08:30 pm
TransmissionJ.B. Castagnos02-13-15  03:09 pm
Wanted Maybach, Isotta Fraschini EnginesDav Abdull02-10-15  12:01 am
Info regarding Paragon mechanic transmission!Hakan Pettersson12-22-14  09:54 am
Joe's Gearpeter davis12-14-14  05:03 am
NYC - Transmission WorkDavid Kirshoff09-06-14  05:34 pm
Variable pitch propDavid Woodworth09-06-14  03:17 pm
Older propwayne mathews08-30-14  07:41 am
1961 Crusader Marine 283 Water Pump GearCliff Caudill08-25-14  04:59 pm
Easthope reverse gear problem. What is missing? See photo...Joe Holmes08-20-14  12:16 am
Joes GearsRobert Stengl13 08-09-14  10:28 am
Reverse gear transmission from Auto Engine WorksArjen Boon08-09-14  04:46 am
Slipping G/boxPete Clark07-14-14  06:23 am
Adjustable boat propDavid Woodworth06-29-14  05:58 pm
Sabb-G clutchFrans J Klumper05-17-14  10:46 am
Sabb Model G Variable Pitch Propellerjerome blumberg03-28-14  01:05 pm
Sea Dory transmissionDavid Woodworth03-03-14  10:33 pm
Sea Dory 1936 transmissionJim Parrott03-03-14  12:49 pm
Overview of Propellersmiro forest02-14-14  02:15 pm
Gear covers for timers.Eric Ryback01-08-14  08:26 pm
Variable pitch propSearcher01-06-14  11:48 am
Checking taper bores on gearsJ.B. Castagnos12 12-18-13  07:38 pm
Prop shaft sizeJ.B. Castagnos12-15-13  09:01 pm
Palmer marine clutch for salejim g12-13-13  11:00 am
Michigan Gears 1908RichardDurgee11-03-13  01:09 pm
Johnson Friction ClutchRichardDurgee11-02-13  08:05 am
Joes Gear NeededRobert 10-30-13  10:39 pm
GAINES GEARBOXsteven john page11 10-11-13  08:38 am
Gear for saleErnie09-16-13  07:47 am
Transmission wanted jim g09-15-13  08:52 pm
Wanted reverse gear for 10hpEric Ryback09-13-13  10:56 pm
Vee Drive Gear Boxdoug potts09-10-13  02:55 am
Invincible gear boxSean Orr09-02-13  09:34 am
Pouring Babbit Bearings at MysticJ.B. Castagnos08-25-13  08:54 pm
Small forward/neutral "gearboxes"Milton Park06-24-13  03:39 am
Bronze propeller shaftingBruce Hall06-03-13  01:23 pm
Renault Marine RM2.60 15hp GearboxRalph05-28-13  10:41 am
K1 Watermota Clutch/GearboxIvor casperd05-18-13  06:22 pm
3000 HP Propellermiro forest05-03-13  09:25 pm
Joe's gearChris Pretty02-18-13  07:51 pm
Snow Nabstedt transmissionmiro forest01-30-13  06:24 pm
New ( OLD) transmissionmiro forest01-15-13  09:42 pm
Wanted: Detroit/Standard N0. #3 TransRichardDurgee12-19-12  01:41 pm
PropellerJ.B. Castagnos12-05-12  11:36 pm
Grey Marie transmission x8708aKenneth Corder12-01-12  05:58 am
Wooden Italian Motorsailer;Fiat gruppo 503william john hegarty11-02-12  11:41 am
Seized shaftjerome blumberg09-17-12  09:56 am
Seized shaftAndrew Munns09-16-12  07:08 pm
Seized shaftPhillip Weeks09-14-12  07:20 pm
Ceased shaftjerome blumberg09-14-12  02:37 am
Unsieze shaftjay ziegler09-13-12  02:17 pm
Warner Shift ProblemJeff Hart08-25-12  02:10 pm
Stuck in neutral!sean saull-hunt08-03-12  05:06 pm
Reverse problemSeth White07-24-12  06:53 pm
Paragon reverse gearChris Jones Marine07-21-12  06:49 pm
Made in Finland gearbox: what have I got?Marjo04-24-12  02:34 pm
NEED A TRANSMISSION miro forest03-17-12  11:53 am
Paragon gearboxDave Lockwood Jr.02-17-12  10:52 pm
Frank G.GiesWilliam Schaller02-11-12  09:48 am
Eaton Marine Reversing Gear PumpDave DeWolfe01-29-12  11:46 pm
Ford V8-60 Transmission ?Gonzo Couto-Lain01-21-12  06:57 pm
Reverse Gear ID??Chris Jones10 01-18-12  10:59 pm
Capitol Gear HPD200TD or HP500TCChris Jones01-14-12  07:51 pm
Capital 1E reverse gearChris Jones01-14-12  07:30 pm
Whats is brand this transmissions Chris Jones01-14-12  07:18 pm
Antique PropJohn Davis11 01-09-12  01:07 pm
Reverse Gear Gonzo Couto-Lain12-26-11  11:36 pm
1920s-50s Ads for sale ; propellers, gears and morePerry Kazulak12-23-11  08:51 am
Snow & Petrelli - Joe's Gearspaul rust12-20-11  09:23 pm
Ball reverserjay ziegler11-17-11  10:18 pm
Reversing gear for Lauson RLMjay ziegler11-15-11  08:37 am
Clutch for my arrow k2jay ziegler11-12-11  06:26 pm
Neptune 1.7 hp water pump impellerErnie05-18-11  08:18 am
Old Adjstable Prop & Drive Set-upBrad Hunter05-11-11  08:16 pm
How To Make Zincs?Brad Hunter05-10-11  11:33 pm
Paragon TransmissionsNilsen04-30-11  03:35 pm
Chinook sliding gear boxPaul Huffman04-20-11  01:03 am
Johnson / LockwoodRichardDurgee03-31-11  08:11 am
Belt clutchLaurie Derwent17 03-15-11  07:13 pm
Engine ReverserJohn Davis03-02-11  10:36 am
Prop identificationJohn Davis15 03-02-11  10:15 am
Md2 trans probTodd Vidgen02-06-11  03:49 pm
Snow & Petrelli new factoryRobert 01-22-11  06:31 pm
Clae gearbox torque problemTim Barrenger01-17-11  06:10 pm
1930's propellorDANIEL TROWBRIDGE12-30-10  08:12 pm
Detroit Standard transmissionKeith Billet10 11-29-10  10:19 pm
ID this old Flagship Transmission - Paragon? Capitol?ricky11-17-10  11:33 pm
Lister Marine Gearbox reduction unit.Lewis Stainton07-23-10  10:15 am
Unknown gearPieter Klein07-06-10  09:13 am
Stuart Turner Marine Gearboxsteven john page07-01-10  05:31 pm
Self changing gears MRF10bmarc bunyard05-25-10  07:07 pm
Gib key construction. What are the basic features of a gib key? R...john rendemonti05-12-10  10:38 am
Lubricant for a Joe's gearboxRobert 04-20-10  04:08 pm
Gray Maine "U" water pump/timer gearRichard A. Day Jr.04-14-10  12:56 pm
Syracuse Gear CompanyKeith Billet04-01-10  03:51 pm
GearlessRichard A. Day Jr.13 03-31-10  09:42 am
Joe's GearErnie03-15-10  02:56 pm
Replacing seal on transmission output shaftFrank Petran02-20-10  07:36 pm
Gies Gear Model 1 - what hp is it rated for?Richard Bartrop02-02-10  03:22 pm
Gies Gear CompanyRobert 02-01-10  06:35 pm
Volva Penta BB70R transmission seal neededBryan Lym01-04-10  04:43 pm
1947 Twin Disc manual trans.Chuck Holmes10-08-09  12:53 pm
CouplingsFrank Petran29 07-29-09  05:16 pm
Transmission wantedErnie10 07-02-09  07:16 pm
Gray Marine Transmission parts 1954 eraFrank Petran06-29-09  10:46 pm
Looking for eaton drive partsGrant Boudreau05-28-09  04:32 pm
How to use clutch lever and reverse pitch propeller lever?Fynn04-25-09  04:22 am
lower unitjimmy02-06-09  09:17 pm
Simplex gearboxStef12-30-08  12:09 am
Petrelli history ? ?miro forest12-18-08  12:44 pm
Need 1 1/8 bronze or stainless shaft; 12 ft longjohn rendemonti06-10-08  10:40 pm
Reduction gearset for Snow Nabstedt 3735 or 3738?David Soule06-10-08  09:06 pm
Info on snow and petrelliDavid Soule06-10-08  08:55 pm
2 blade RH 13 X 10Victor Maessen06-01-08  06:40 pm
Sprocket missing every other toothAndrew Selman04-18-08  08:18 am
Gray-Marine TransmissionJon C Hall11-26-07  11:14 pm
Paragon 3xeMike Bennett10-20-07  02:03 am
Grey marine lugger four 162 D9352 reduction gearPatrick McGuire09-19-07  02:55 am
Joes Gearboxdonald m. mcarthur08-13-07  07:13 pm
Old gearboxVictor Maessen05-31-07  05:46 pm
dry cone clutcheschris laird10 04-14-07  02:04 am
Stuart Turner R3M gearbox number 41177 rebuildanthony whitlow04-05-07  12:50 pm
Prop for Stuart TurnerP55Matthew Balkwell02-08-07  12:39 am
Chrysler V Drive lubricationDoug Reicher06-29-06  10:58 am
Snow nesbit ?Dan Kruitz05-19-06  10:30 am
Chrysler Crown V drive wantedAlan Lang04-12-06  08:02 pm
Unknown clutchron tiffany03-11-06  11:37 pm
Joes Gear Brochurepoker casino96203-06-06  02:10 pm
Falk Marine Gearbox Service Manual NeededMichael O'Leary11-02-05  09:52 pm
Gray Marine Gear box & cylinder headjamesosler09-27-05  09:24 pm
Small Reverse gearbeardedskipper06-12-05  06:41 pm
Schebler 1907richarddurgee05-31-05  10:17 pm
Trans manualamberjack45rd03-25-05  10:09 pm
Variable pitch propChip DeBoer08-24-04  08:03 am
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