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Universal Motor Co

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Universal AB-RHRandy Reiniger 10-02-21  07:01 pm
Universal Utility Four drawings / photos for model?Randy Reiniger 10-02-21  06:54 pm
Universal 5411 Exhaust Manifold neededScott McDade07-08-20  11:24 am
Utily Four BN for saleJOE KELLER07-30-19  10:59 pm
Universal Utility Four model BN available for free Salem, MAJOE KELLER07-24-19  08:09 pm
Gaines UniversalKeith Webster06-30-19  04:18 am
Universal Super Four LSG for Sale J.B. Castagnos04-30-19  08:30 am
Universal FishermanErnie16 10-23-18  07:19 am
Newbie with a 1957 Universal 6...lots of questions??Jim Staib06-22-18  09:00 pm
Universal sabre4nier03-11-18  04:22 pm
Universal Sabre V-64nier 03-11-18  04:12 pm
Need Atomic 4 replacement enginemike08-10-17  08:15 am
Universal V6 Sabre engines for saleLynn Allison08-08-17  12:00 pm
Universal "Fisherman"Rb Stephenson07-03-17  03:35 pm
Looking for a Universal Atomic 2 or Kermath twin 10hpRon Blair06-15-17  03:04 pm
Universal Blue Jacket Racer enginedave miller05-18-17  03:35 pm
Universal Unimite Four HF 117711Kevin Codraro05-02-17  06:16 pm
Universal HistoryRobert 13 02-10-17  05:43 pm
Atomic two rescuedNed Lloyd02-04-17  07:07 pm
Universal C310 Info neededJim Staib01-09-17  08:12 am
Universal mod. # 1 marine 4 cyl. ser.# 10082 year id?Ned Lloyd12-27-16  07:11 pm
Universal Atomic FourMichel Beaulieu10 10-28-16  11:07 am
New Universal Fisherman OwnerJames Reid02-12-16  10:34 pm
Universal FlexifourJames Koski11-27-15  07:44 pm
Universal Economy Four ECOL for saleMichael Bohling10-15-15  08:50 am
Atomic 2 EngineDavid Grosse07-27-15  03:16 pm
Atomic 1, 2, 4 brochuresDavid Grosse05-22-15  11:33 am
UNiversal Motor Co ads for sale 1930s-50sErnie12-25-14  08:23 am
Universal Super Sabre Buick V6 (225 CID - 155 HP)Mark Johnson56 10-10-14  11:55 pm
Universal model BNMDavid Grosse10-03-14  04:48 pm
1953/4 Unimite FourDave Roberts09-14-14  08:45 pm
Universal Unimite 4 HF Engine #118032Dave Roberts09-14-14  08:40 pm
UNIMITE HF-VDdoug potts03-17-14  03:09 pm
Need an intake for a Fisherman WMGreg Kipple01-24-14  06:53 am
Universal Carb infoErnie01-01-14  08:41 am
Unimite four exhaust manifold neededdenni10-17-13  07:08 pm
Unimite-four 65HP universaldoug potts09-10-13  02:41 am
Universal Unimite Four 1956Dave Roberts10 09-09-13  09:48 pm
Universal unimite Four HF 117711 exhaust manifoldDave Roberts09-09-13  09:37 pm
Universal unimite Four HF 117711Dave Roberts09-09-13  09:35 pm
Drawings of Universal Utility 4 to replicate in model of Dickerson ...Edward Bromage08-15-13  05:16 pm
Unimite Four ManifoldDave Roberts06-04-13  01:44 am
Universal C1 on eBayNed Lloyd01-24-13  12:42 pm
Need Distributor Cap for Blue Jacket TwinWorth Gretter10 01-23-13  01:46 pm
Valves for a blue jacket (BR) mark p steinmetz12-01-12  06:20 pm
Universal Type C2 information neededpeter MUELLER10-17-12  12:23 am
Universal model C1 missing reverse gearNed Lloyd09-10-12  01:09 pm
Universal Explorer SixHernie02-28-12  01:47 am
Atomic 4 universal motorNole Karcher02-25-12  07:44 pm
Adding an External oil filter to a 4 cylinder "Universal" marine en...BoydaySwariar10 12-24-11  06:14 am
Weight and HP of a universal utility fourJames Clark12-06-11  02:55 pm
Universal brass oval plateRichardDurgee10-23-11  09:03 am
Universal 6 cylinder race enginedave pagano08-03-11  07:50 am
Blue jacket HELPJosh Hicks07-13-11  11:49 am
Atomic 4 engine cuts out... Helpalibi06-21-11  05:07 pm
UNIVERSAL MOTOR COMPANY HISTORY LINKGonzo Couto-Lain06-14-11  10:42 pm
Atomic 4 Water PumpGonzo Couto-Lain06-14-11  10:39 pm
Why would a United States marine engine be a universal?mike schreiber02-13-11  12:49 pm
Universal Motor Co, engine WMGMary Harris01-23-11  02:55 pm
Universal Utility Four William Schaller01-05-11  11:29 pm
Flexifour Identity?L. David Arscott11 10-13-10  03:50 pm
Flexifour rotationpeter brainard05-25-10  06:52 am
Need Lark V-6 225 marine enginejoe harnishfeger11-17-09  05:12 pm
Universal Marine paint code Jerome F Lapham08-25-09  06:49 am
Universal 4 engine identification: C3554Robert B. Price08-01-09  08:57 pm
Head Gasket needed for Universal Super 4 LSGRobert B. Price07-08-09  05:30 pm
UNIVERSAL BLUE JACKET TWINRobert B. Price07-08-09  05:28 pm
"Universal Blue Jacket Racer"? Robert B. Price07-07-09  11:04 am
Universal C-1Zippy06-16-09  07:18 am
Universal Flexifour 1924George Tortora02-06-09  11:12 am
Universal super-sixNico van Santen11-09-08  05:20 am
Universal liftersStan James09-10-08  08:27 pm
Identifying EngineRichardDurgee09-02-08  11:36 pm
Universal Fishermanrobert long09-02-08  09:43 am
Utility four model BN partsAtaliva Enrique Cass08-19-08  04:43 pm
Universal Motorjpashfield07-21-08  07:33 am
Blue Jacket TwinDale Harris06-13-08  09:42 pm
Universal Type N Searcher03-29-08  04:35 pm
Universal Motor Co-Looking for gauge panelWayne Kruger11-14-07  05:06 pm
Blue Jacket Twin 12HP ?Wilbur Cone11-03-07  09:01 pm
Universal Four Cylinder Inboards. Aaron G15 03-23-07  03:03 pm
Universal model BN engine conversion from 6V to 12Vmiro forest03-02-07  12:28 pm
Universal Motor Co Tractor with Marine Engine Andrew Menkart12-08-06  07:36 am
When was this engine built? UMC WisconsinAndrew Menkart10-02-06  08:25 pm
What happened to Universal Engine History site?Edward Bromage09-29-06  09:48 pm
Universal fishermanJ.B. Castagnos03-12-06  09:51 am
Need Pistons and Connecting Rods for "Universal" Super Fourpoker casino43403-06-06  06:46 pm
Universal model C, 4 cyl inboard, circa 1920Andrew Menkart12-12-05  09:12 am
Universal model cbruce04-16-05  10:54 pm
Universal Engine Specs.Dale Harris03-19-05  08:37 am
Universal marine engine (Super Four)oldiron02-10-05  02:09 pm
Difference between the Blue Jacket Racers (AD) <-> (BR)...boatmodeller11-12-04  04:34 am
Parts for utility fourTom Cooper10-26-04  11:31 am
Super Sabre-V6jaro08-08-04  03:26 pm
Is there a 65 horse 4 cyl. universal gas engine?Daniel05-31-04  09:39 pm
Universal fisherman at auctionolarry04-20-04  06:47 pm
Universal Atomic Four Seeking Homegear_jammer101-25-04  12:43 pm
Universal " Fisherman"richarddurgee11-06-03  07:16 pm
Universal Unimitebaremorten@hotmail.c08-10-03  02:02 am
Universal Model Six-85 ColorJan-Erik Bothén04-09-03  03:22 am
Universal Six 1928 "VH"richard speas01-15-03  04:17 pm
Universal Fishermanrbprice08-28-02  07:39 am
Universal Flexifourandrew07-14-02  10:10 pm
Universal Fishermanandrew05-20-02  08:44 am
Head Troque Settings for an old Universal Utility Four (BN)andrew04-02-02  07:43 pm
Help ID an old UNIVERSALJon Coxworth02-15-02  04:38 pm
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