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Old Marine Engine
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Expand/Collapse TopicGray Motor Co - early 1 and 2 cylinder
Expand/Collapse TopicGray Marine Gas Engines - 4, 6, and 8 cylinder
Gray Marine Model 175
Phantom 6 135 distributor parts
Generator removal Grey 109
Wanted: Grey Marine Fireball V8 rocker arms
Gray 6 70
Gray Marine 6-51
ISO Carb Kit Gray Marine four-75
Engine identification and manual?
graymarine 4 model 70
Gray Marine 620 starter issue
Performance upgrade for 109?
225 ci vs 244 block
Restoration '48 seamaid
Gray marine fireball 409
Need Parts For Gray Marine 327 Fireball V8!!!
Carter BB1 Updraft Carb on a 109
Gray Marine model 620 carberator/starting issue
Gray marine 4cyl starter removal
Need manifold for Gray Marine 4-112 engine
Gray model O info
Graymarine Racing Porn
Wanted a rebuildable 4-75
Gray Marine 109 engine manual
Fireball AMC 327 225 / Carter YH 2935S 3-piece gasket
Wanted Graymarine Manual for 1959 V8 135 Fireball
Gray Marine Phantom 4-75 cam gear removal
4 cyl Grey winterizing
ISO Gray Marine Model 135 Six-244 ci block or complete en...
4 cylinder exhaust manifold
Graymarine Distributor Parts ID
Trying to ID Model of Gray Marine Engine
Graymarine v8 135 automatic temperature control
V8-135 engine (1959)
Need a starter for a GM4-112
4-112- Need flange on head that holds the temp sensor
Gray Marine 244
How to convert from 6 to 12V??
Sea scout 25 evaluation
Graymarine Fireball V8 Manifolds & elbows
Switching from 6 to 12 volts
Gray marine fireball 140 starter
Phantom 4-75 vs Continental F162
Removing Paragon transmission from it's housing
Transmission and housing same for gray 4 and 6 cyl engines?
New Facebook group for Gray Marine Engines
Engine parts source help please
Valves and bearings pre-war Fireball
Model? Value?
Parts manual decryption
Gray Marine 6 cylinder (A600) Gaskets?
6 Cyl magneto info wanted
6 cyl racing drystacks
Wanted gray marine 116
Need info on grey marine model100
1956 Gray Marine six-112 - core
1957 Gray Marine Fireball V8 Lifting Points
1946 Gray Lugger Light Four / Zenith carbs
1939-41fireball 6-140 - need pics please (and a tranny!)...
Oil volume in Gray Marine Six -104 : Missing oil mystery
Gray Sea Scout 4-cyl, help needed
Gray from 1951 Chris Craft
Graymarine Straight Eight
Gray Marine 4-75 overheating
Gray Marine Phantom four 45 PISTONS
Gray Marine Fireball 6-140
prop shaft coupling adjustment
Gray 4cyl starting issue
Crankshaft pulley Gray 109
Carter BB1 Troubles
Definitely a Knock (Graymarine 109)
FOR SALE: Pre-War Phantom 6-103
Wanted: Prewar reverse gear
Paragon adjustment
Gray Marine Sea Scout vs Phantom Four
Wanted: POST WAR RACING 244ci (Racing fireball)
Kim in Chicago still around?
Gray marine fireball RH crankshaft
Gray Marine 150 Weight
HELP !! identify this Gray Transmission
2 Gray Marine Six-427, engine#D24153 and F3911 (for sale)...
Gray Fireball 4-90
Gray Marine 6 cyl 225 Racing Fireball
For Sale: Gray Marine Sea Scout 4-91 Engine
Gray 4 cyl pre war wanted
Gray 109 RPM "gadget" on Head
Wanted: Gray Marine AMC V8 rocker arms
4 Cyl Gray 75-90HP WANTED
Gray 109 knocking?
Graymarine fireball 140
Transmission splined drive removal
Gray Phantom 4 45
Difference between Gray phantom vs fireball?
Sensors and Gauges- GrayMarine109 - M Series
Grey 4-112
Not able to adjust idle
Exhaust Manifolds
Grey Marine V8-225
Gray Marine 620 fuel pump
195? AMC 327 Serial Number
Gray Marine Fireball 188
Gray 6-103
Gray Marine Phantom 6 - 112 with twin zenith carbs
Model 6-60 question
Gray 109 Alternator Conversion
109 no spark at points
Gray Marine 327/225hp side draft intake manifold part
Gray Marine Head 4-75
Graymarine Model100 for sale
I've just aquired a 6 cylinder Gray Marine engine... look...
Gray Marine 4-49-A
Graymarin 6 cyl gas. Looking for info
Gray Marine 4-52 cooling system with Thermoset
Gray Marine 109 M-Series
GrayMarine Suffixes
1959 Graymarine V8-135 For Sale
Fireball 327 225hp Grey Marine V8 HELP!!
Gray marine 232 6 cyl. W/ trans
Gray Marine 165
Market value of Seascouts?
1929 Gray Marine 6-40 6-cylinder Newbie Questions
Gray Marine 4 cyl Identification ID
Fireball 90
Gray Marine 150
Original Liturature for sale
Gray Marine 6-63
Gray Marine 4-112
1959 ? Gray Marine Century Parts Lot For Sale
Looking for a Grey Fireball 150/160
Need help identifying this 6 cylinder flat head gray mari...
Graymarine Lugger Light Four 69
For sale graymarine 327 flywheel foward 500.00
Gray 70rd parts
WANTED: Racing 4 91
Wanted: RACING 6 244
Gray 70 rd
Need some Graymarine V8 info
Looking for fldurbcharterminet--fred..trade 4brl intake
Info on graymarine v8cf x4926 flywheel forward
Carter bb-1 updraft carb.
Gray Model 80 RD engine
Gray marine 4 cyl 70 rd
Graymarine plugs/wires
Parting 1959 Correct Craft w Gray Marine 327 Fireball
Higgins Gray Marine gas engine for sale, transmission inc...
Gray marine v8 138 serial a1642
1960/61 Gray Marine V8 138 "FOR SALE"
Higgins Graymarine Motor and Higgins parts for sale
Early thirties Gay Marine engine
Gray Marine Phantom 6 Left and Right side with Vee Drive ...
Gray Marine 150
1959 Gray Marine V8-135
Gray Marine 232 Straight 6 Cam
1963 Gray Marine V8 For Sale
Torque spécification
Graymarine 6 Cylinder
1940 chrysler ace tach cable
1940's Gray Marine 372 straight 8
Difference in name
Water Pump for Phantom Four
Looking for 6Cyl. 226 cui Graymarine
Starter - 1931 model 6-50
40,s grey marine 140
Thermostat for Gray Phantom 100-6
Charging two batteries with original generator/regulator
Grey marine 4 cylinder info
Search overhauled gray marine 6 cyl
Part Identification- Gray Marine
Fireball V8 188HP water pump impeller
Engine Oil
Gray 100 needed
Paragon Transmission 1:1 and 2:1 - how to tell difference?
327 Fireball
Fireball V8A-160 and V8A-136 (Buick 215 V8) Parts Wanted...
Graymarine V8 - 225 fuel pressure
4478 Fuel pump
Bearings for 1935 Gray Marine 4-60
4cyl gray marine with paragon trans.
Tach Drive for Gray 4-60 engine
3 Graymarine 109's to part out
Gray Mariine 4cyl Lugger for sale
Gray marine phanton six 112
V8 138 cradle mount engine
Dating engine from serial number
Gray Marine Racing Engine
6 cyl gray marine eng identification
59 Lyman prop shaft bearings
Gray marine, engine serial 91378. What am I working with?
Engine color of 1947 Gray Marine 6 cyl.
Any Information on Gray Marine Motor is Helpful
Oil change on a gray marine six 104?
Graymarine Gaskets 4 / 6 / & 8 cyl
Gray Marine 4cyl., 30hp, 1955, new boat wanted
1966 Correct Craft Mustang
Prop rotation 4-85 with paragon tranny
Ignition-Centrifugal Advance Curve
1954 century Viking project
1957 Gray Marine 100 Intake Manifold, Carb, Starter For S...
Valve Cover Gasket
Gray engine colors
Gray seascout 4-91 need alternator coupling part
Gray marine thermostat amc 327
258 Engine
GrayMarine Six Cylinder Parts
Sherwood Pump Q10840
Function of pressure relief valve in oil pump?
Manual for Capitol 1E Reverse transmission
Greymarine 42hp gas
Gray Marine Phantom Four
Thermostat temp for a AMC Gray marine 170 hp
Greymarine V8 For Sale
Troubleshooting Help - Running Rough
Gray Phantom 6-112 service manual
Exhaust Manifold Replacement
Y112 shaft coupling
6 Cyl Gray Marine Engine ID help and coil and ballast res...
Gray Marine 70 Transmission for Sale
Exhaust manifold for Gray/Rover/Buick 215 V8
Heat Exchanger - Sendure
Gray Phantom Four 45
Engine numbers / models gray marine?
1965? AMC Gray Marine
Higgins gray marine
Gray Marine Engine Temperature "Seal"
Marine engine needed
1 transmission for 2 engines
Prewar Gray Marine
Wanted Palmer 60 Engine Data Plate
Siezed Gray Marine Model 100 - Scrap or Worth Something?
Gray Marine Six 112 w/ transmission
Anderson Engine Company 3HP
Grey marine V8-135
Gray Marine Phantom 6-93
Is it worth it
71 series manual from Gray Marine
Sea Scout 91 vs 112
Zenith Model 61 Updraft
Phantom Six 112 Service Manual
Which gray marine model?
6 cyl Gray Marine Phantom 112 Throttle Linkage
AMC 327 Fireball cylinder heads
Grey marine 225
Grey Marine Fireball 150
1954 century project
1920's era Grey Marine 4 cyl, Model V25, Serial 5539
327 gray marine fireball for sale
Grey Marine 4-85 gas leak at engine-fuel pump.
Gray Phantom four 45 manifold id plate
12V-6V questions Autolite GAF 3 brush generator
Gray Fireball 188 mechanical fuel pump
Gray Phantom 6-112 Thermostat
Gray Model 80 RD
Whick spark plugs for Gray/Buick 215 V8?
Starting Motor
Gray Marine 6cyl w/ pneumatic starter ~ sufficient starter
Gray marine V8C220TD engine
Gray Sea Scout
For sale p 140 grey marine engine and century runabout parts
Gray Marine SS-91 (X1097) 6 or 12 volt?
Gray Sea Scout 91 start-up
GrayMarine 4 cyl. inboard, water hoses
Electronic ignition
WANTED: 1932 Gray 4-49 and trans Dead or Alive
Gray Marine 6
Grey Marine Express Six 244
1947 grays marine Phantom four-62
I need to locate a intake/exhaust manifold
Gray Model 6 - 72 serial no 550 - 1
Gray phantom ID and info
Head cilynder Gray Marine 6-71
Late 40s Gray "Fireball"
Gray Marine Motor Co ads for sale 1920s-50s.
Gray Marine CH-280 v8 engine. Parts?
Carter bb-1
Gray Marine Engine For Sale
Gray marine, engine serial D16319. What is it?
Gray Marine Fireball V8 327 problems
327 amc grey marine firing order
Tach running backwards??
Q-10840 water pump for 25 HP Sea Scout
Gray Marine 4-75
Gray Marine V8 138
Rochester 2 Jet 7020992 carb wanted!!
Fireball 238 in Maine
Gray 4-52
Thermostate housings
Distributor Drive Gear
327 push rod and rocker arm needed
Fireball 140
Gray Marine Express Six 427
Grayy 100 1957 Lyman
55 graymarine 100 6cyl.
Starter Help
1961 gray marine v8 170 WHAT IS IT ?
Removing generator from Model 620
55 graymarine 100 6cyl.
Gray 4-43
327 identification
New parts gray 4 cylinder
6 Cyl Fireball 225 or 244 Needed
Gray Marine 620 electrical problem
Gray marine 1-91 fuel consumption
Identify engine AMC?
1950 Engine paint and parts
Gray marine four 45
Looking For A Crankshaft Drum Gear
Missing parts F-75!
Searching new Parts for 327cui Graymarine engine
Gray marine Express 4-140 for sale
Higgins 27 ft. Eureka 1939
Carter bb1 carburetor
Want to know what its worth
Need oil filler cap and filter for a F-75!!
Gray Marine motor 4 cylinder
Starter on Chris Craft K
Oil by pass system
1955 fuel pump for 620
Steering gear
Fireball free to a good home
Graymarine four-45 Exhaust Cylinder needed
3x1 intake/carbs for 39-63 fireball 160/225/244
F-85 ready to go back into boat
Autolite GAS 4111 Generatory Shaft Length-Sea Scout
With thanks to Miro
Parts I need Parts
Gray fireball 327
For Sale: Rebuilt Gray Marine 8
Aluminum Oil Pan 6 cyl Fireball
F-85 exhaust elbow
Phantom Four-75?
Another baulking Four 85 no fire
Need Carbs (1 or 2) - Fireball 150
Sea Scout 91
620 marine gear
V Belt model 620
4-85 repair manual
Tranny removal four-85 gray
Carburetor Adjustment
Four 85 exhaust elbow
25-hp 4 cyl ~1954 Sea Scout
4-112 Tranny trouble???
Still need infor on Four-85
620 and 4-75 transmission and other questions
Update compression 4-85
Compression 4-85
Oil recommendations for 4-85 gray
Gray 4 112 electric fuel pump?
Priming pump
Gray AMC 327 "loading up"??
Zenith Carb High Speed Adjustment
Gray Marine "Lugger" 4-91 seeks "luger"
4cyl Gray Marine 75hp-Oil Pressure Problem
Gray 4-43
Gray Marine Express Four-162
Correct fuel pump for dual carters on Gray Marine 225
Gray Marine V8C-188
Gray 620 1950 wiring
4 V8c fireball 188 low profile and trans
1941 gray marine engine
Gray Marine engine 4 cylinder model L-4 engine #12148
Carburetors / 25HP Gas 4-Cylinder Gray Marine
Lugger 330 gear ratio ?
Gray Model 70 overheating
Phantom Four - 75
FireBall V8-225
Grey marine 620
History grey marine?
Grey marine 620?
1955 Gray Marine Phantom 135 6 cylinder
Graymarine serial number decoding
1962 gray marine F226, 109 HP
Graymarine 4-45 ???
Gray 4-20 for sale
1965 327 gray marine amc motor
Gray Light Four Model
1941 Phantom 4-75 color?
Gray 4 cylinder, worth saving?
Model 32A
Phantom Six-104
1955 6 Cylinder Gray Engine Mounts
My Gray 4-85.....what carb?
Looking for Grey Marine
Parts for a 620 4 cyl. engine
Fan belt - '61 Graymarine 225
Ignition timing for graymarine 6-112
Engine color
High Temperature Shut Off
Gray Marine Engine For Free. You Haul in NH
Gray Marine Fireball 6 pistons 1948
Graymarine 6 Cylinder
6cyl, 226ci Marine Manifold
Location of oil pressure relief valve on Gray Marine 135
Gray 109 parts
Spark Plug Gaps
Wanted exhaust elbow
Model 188 Gray Marine
Gray 6-50 engine
1962 Gray Marine 4 cyl Fuel Pump HELP?
Fireball V8 in '65 21ft Lyman/prop choice
Graymarine Fireball V8 Manifolds, Tailpipes,Heads
Graymarine V8C-238 Starter Q's
Anyone looking for a 1957 Lyman 19' Runabout 6cyl. greyma...
Gray Phantom Four-62 Plaque
Need help identifying 4 cyl motor in my Lyman
671 Gray compression
Gray PHHNTOM 4-62
Info for Gray Marine FireBall V8
Gray marine 671 Head Gasket
Valve adjustment
12 Gray FS Marine Engine (4 cylinder)
Fireball V8 401ci Oil level?
Lugger Four 162
Gray Marine 4 cylinder 60 - 75 HP
Express 4-140 with 2:1 Paragon reduction
Carter YH Carbs
Gray 6-51
Gray 651 - 671
Gray Marine
Looking for outlet for some Parts
Determining rotation for Gray 4-112 transmission
What do I have?
Phantom Four 45
Gray 109.....226
AMC Engine
Gray Marine Phantom 4 for 16' CC special Runabout
1939 gray 6-125 running too rich
Gray Marine 109
2-71 Gray Marine Gear Shift Question
327 Graymarine Fireball
Gray Marine Express 4-140
Is GrayMairne SIX-244 bellhouse as the SIX-226?
Wanted GrayMarine Bellhouse and or Engine
GrayMarine SIX-244 MS
Phantom 6 104 water pump requirements
Need Engine Information
Gray Marine Intake and Carter YH carbs on EBay
Graymarine 162 Model 70 or better
New source for Graymarine parts.
Need Tachometer Cable
Gray 401 cid main seal
Engine Block Sourcing And Interchange
Gray Marine V8-138
135 gray in 56 Century Resorter 16
We sell a Graymarine 620
Need help with an engine I.D.
Mallory makes a distributor for Fireball V-8 327
In need of main bearings for Gray phantom 135 (A 244)...
1957 Grey marine Phantom 462
Mechanical or electric fuel pump?
Graymarine all aluminum fireball v8's in '64 marinette...
Changing the oil on my gray marine 4
Grey Model DB 5 hp, Singel sylinder.
Twin Graymarine engine decoding HELP
Main journal dim. Graymarine/continental A244
Fireball V8
Need exhust manifolds for gray V8C 280
135 Graymarine engine 4 sale
Distributor sticks up through the head?
Fireball V8 220
Fuel pump kit AC 855573
Gray? Model 6-105
Graymarine v 8
327 Valve Gear Lubrication Problem
Graymarine Gasket Kits
Lugger four 162 D9352 reduction gear
Did Gray use late AMC V8s ?
Unique engine ???
Gray marine phantom 135 six cylinder Help
GRAY 6:51
Sea scout 91ci manifold
Distributor identification
Fireball V8 215 reverse rotation distributor
Gray V8-225
Sherwood pump spare Impeller?
Need flame arrestor 1 bbl side draft Fireball 188
12v Conversion
Gray Marine AMC 250 motor
I d gray marine motor
1955 Gray Marine 6cyl
Pair of sixes
Speed Parts
Gray marine 427 chrysler
Gray and Continental: A History Question
Pan Gasket source - V8CF-195?
Sea Scout Hand Crank
Grey marine sea Scout 91 Voltage Regulator
Trying to date a Gray Phantom
Cooling system loosing prime - 6 cyl rd109
Color of Gray Marine 4 & 6 cylinder engines
Fireball 215s firing order
v8 gray in 63 Century
Graymarine water plumbing
Head Gasket Y112
Crankshaft pulley removal???
Gray marine phantom 4
327 Risers
#620 Graymarine Battery
Parts suppliers
Gray Model 80 RD
Engine info 4 cyl #80954
Gray marine engine for sale
Carb Identification
4 cylinder Gray in a Steel Boat
Auto-Lite distributor
Engine paint
6 cylinder conversion
Gray 109
225 fireball
Model number help?!
Sea scout 91operating temperature?
Gray Marine V8-138 info needed
Gray Marine Phantom Six-125
1955 Graymarine engine & transmission
New to inboards
Stuart Turner R3M....oil leak
Foul plug
Phantom missing under load
Gray Marine 175 engines - parts available?
Prestolite Distributor problem
Phantom four 45 info
Gray rotation
Manual four my gray four 85
Grey Marine S Turntail Connector
Gray Marine Phantom 4 water pump seized up
Gray Marine Phantom Four 75
Graymarine 620 vs Chris Craft Model A or B
HELP with Gray Marine Light Four
Need 2 up draft carbs
Any info? Gray Marine Six-51 Lugger pre 1959
V8CH220 Gray Marine Cylinder Heads
I need parts
195 hp gray
Looking for a source for two Dole thermostats
Gray engine marine
Is/Was Gray Marine somehow related to Chrysler?
Gray 4-52 with Paragon Reduction Gear for sale
Graymarine 4-22 oil pan
Need a running model 620
Help identify engine, need parts.
Got the engine and it is not a 4-165
Gray marine 226 crankshaft
gray marine model 70 flathead 4
Model Z
Gray marine 4 - is there a replacement?
1926 Stephens
Information wanted
Gray 4-52 as replacment for Lugger 4-112
Graymarine Fireball V-8 Color
Gray Marine V-8 Fireball
Information on Gray engine needed
Grey phantom 4
Picture of a Graymarine 4 cylinder engine used in boats
Towing power for a 4 cyl Graymarine
Need paint for my Graymarine 4 75
Graymarine light four low oil pressure sensor
6 cyl. gray marine
Ignition - HELP !
Need a replacement starter for a Phantom 4-75
Seascout Propeller
Cylinder head temp thermistor Gray marine 100- need one
tachometer cable
Graymarine 136, info wanted please
1950 model 620 voltage
Electronic Ignition
What is this Gray Marine engine?
1950's gray 6 cyl, need help ident. engine number F6226 4...
A Gray Car
Gray lugger four 112
Gray marine v8-225 fireball 8
4cyl compression pressure
F400 oil sump drain plug
Thermostat for Sea Scout 4-91? Source
Help finding year on Model 70
Correct Carb for Gray Phantom 109
Replacement parts and more power for a Sea Scout 91
Head gasket, Sea Scout
Need help identifying year of engine manufacture
Questions about Gray Light Four from Norway
1959 Gray Marine Engine = Fireball
Need help with slipping clutch
Wanted: Gray 4-69 Guages
Dist parts
Car b Float adjustments
Need a fuel pump
Graymarine Aluminum 215 cu. in. V8
Fireball V-8 Parts
65 HP (?) Gray Marine water in the oil
Gray v-6 100 hp 1955
Zenith Carb
Gray "Racing Four"
Master rebuild kit for V8CF-195 Grey Marine?
Main Bearings?
Used market?
Prop rpm
F-192 Gray Marine V8
1957 Gray Marine 100 model 6 cyl. oil requirement
GRAY Fireball V8
Graymarine parts (tach & gauges) on Ebay
gray marine inboard engine
Gray Marine Models 444, 670 and 620
Need to find 1931 Gray Engine Info
Distributor Type and Number for Gray 136, 1957 model???
Gray Marine Light Four
Gray Marine 4-52
Gray Maring 4 cylinder head on eBay
1950 Gray fireball 6 oil filter
Gray Marine 109 - Electrical Issue
NEW info on Gray Phantom Eight:s
Gray Phantom Eight, 175hp
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