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Unknown Engines - post here with photos

Old Marine Engine » Unknown Engines - post here with photos  

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Lifeboat Motor identy unknowToro Andersen12-12-23  06:49 am
Twin CylinderB. Goss10 12-10-23  08:22 pm
Sintz gas engine Jay Hart75 10-23-23  07:49 am
4 Stroke ID HelpJim Parrott09-01-23  05:38 am
Single Cylinder Boat EngineJimmy Harmon08-31-23  07:18 pm
Unknown 4 cylinder DOHC engineValentin Stoynev01-29-23  10:52 am
Help Identify Engines... I am new to hobby of collecting.RichardDurgee12 01-25-23  03:13 pm
Help Identify Engines... I am new to hobby of collecting.Tom Williams01-21-23  07:09 am
Help Identify Engines... I am new to hobby of collecting.Tom Williams01-18-23  06:41 am
Unknown timer/governor: ID requestedErnie12-25-22  08:11 am
L.H. HallDan Thomas12-24-22  11:25 am
Unknown timer and magneto drive - can ayone ID ??Robert 12-20-22  03:34 pm
Old Gray Marine and T. Patchett steam engine info requestRobert Dessert11-21-22  06:18 pm
Really Unknown Enginemiro forest10-25-22  08:56 am
Is this a Cady "Canoe Special"?Gerald Stanuch09-04-22  10:48 pm
What engine is this ?James Green09-01-22  03:56 pm
What is this?James Green09-01-22  03:54 pm
Hall-Scott Model 440 Engine from WWIIJulie Bradsher07-17-22  03:20 pm
Unknow... thanks for your helpErnie06-01-22  05:46 am
Unknown vertical spoke flywheel 2-strokeNick Rowland05-09-22  06:31 pm
Unknown 4-cycle TwinB. Goss02-08-22  02:55 pm
British enginesWendy Grimmond10-17-21  11:24 am
Unknown twin spark twin cylinder marine engineEvan Hale O'Connor09-24-21  08:53 am
Impeller unknown G73365Jim Staib06-06-21  04:29 pm
1948 Century Resorter Engine Identifier RequestJim Staib04-12-21  09:20 am
1983 JX Help identifying engine miro forest03-19-21  10:25 am
Help identifying engine on a wreckGeorge Coates III02-26-21  05:59 pm
Unknown two cylinder inboardErnie02-24-21  07:08 am
Help IdentifyJennyfer Grey02-13-21  11:19 am
What are theseLiam Terry02-13-21  10:21 am
What kind of Twin Disc transmission on this Detroit 6-71?Casey Jones02-13-21  09:49 am
Kahelenberg Hot Bulb Semi-DieselKate Davis02-12-21  02:55 pm
Bergman Explosion EnginePeter D McCumber01-02-21  07:52 am
What have I foundBob Middleton12-25-20  12:13 pm
Unknown Kjell �ke Persson11-21-20  03:58 am
Benford's Timer for ??Jim Paris09-19-20  01:40 pm
Early 4-stroke spherical valve chest engineNick Rowland09-11-20  05:12 pm
Name this one ?Jeff Kitzmiller05-26-20  11:47 am
Sterling Petrel Gerard Emery03-11-20  11:49 pm
NSU Wankel Type 61Harry Hough22 01-18-20  07:23 pm
Unknown Engine - Brand name: American Engine Co.John Davis12-14-19  08:11 pm
Shortt's duplex steam motorWALRER R CHUTE JR11-14-19  01:47 am
ID wantedkevin lang11-09-19  06:21 am
Which Detroit maker?Jim Parrott32 02-24-19  12:44 pm
Barn findjeff palocz01-07-19  08:27 pm
Finding manufacturer with cast numberserik kinloch01-01-19  11:06 am
Unknown small engineRoy Bj�rnstad11-21-18  05:43 am
Unknown 2-stroke found in Nova ScotiaNick Rowland10-20-18  07:48 pm
New to me enginechris spring10-14-18  11:11 am
Stuart P5 ?David Dawson09-24-18  02:30 pm
Air- & Water-cooled Small EngineB. Goss09-06-18  08:06 pm
Unknown 2 strokeMark Webb09-03-18  04:42 pm
Unknown sold in SwedenKjell �ke Persson08-24-18  02:31 am
Hello! I am planning to use this photo in a new book about the Nor...Ernie08-21-18  06:57 am
Old 2 Cycle, 3-inch bore Marine Engine (what kind? year?)miro forest08-02-18  09:43 am
6 cyl N/A Marine Diesel ID help Glenn Moore 07-29-18  07:20 pm
Unknown Two-CylinderJim Parrott07-22-18  04:27 pm
NorhburgeJim Staib06-12-18  11:00 am
354 hemi marine engineschristoper bulla06-11-18  03:31 pm
Bicycle shop marine engine?Jim Parrott12 05-19-18  11:23 pm
Unknown gearboxAnders Kron05-12-18  02:46 pm
Please help identify this engineLyle Nelson04-26-18  11:23 am
Help to identify museum piecesmiro forest16 04-18-18  12:46 pm
Antique crank start marine inboard engine - United States Motor Corp.mike schreiber04-18-18  09:27 am
Small unknown to me. Jim Parrott02-27-18  10:37 am
Please help identify these enginesRobert 02-26-18  11:02 pm
Paragon TransmissionJay Troy02-26-18  05:16 pm
Paragon Marine TransmissionJay Troy02-26-18  11:44 am
Unknown unusual 2 cylinder, aluminum crankcaseJ.B. Castagnos13 01-17-18  01:40 pm
?Gray Marine Sea Scout 91?????Ned Lloyd12-29-17  09:40 am
320 hp pacer marine engchristopher bulla12-22-17  08:15 am
Unknown Asian MotorErnie12-21-17  05:49 am
Single cylinder/two cycle marine engineJim Fehl12-14-17  08:31 pm
Single Cylinder Engine Id neededRichardDurgee10-19-17  04:26 pm
Old Owens Flagship engine find Sea Skiff?Ned Lloyd09-28-17  12:53 pm
Is This an Acadia?David Eric Lees MD14 08-18-17  05:12 pm
Please help me ID this Engine!Ned Lloyd08-14-17  04:28 pm
Help ID marine steam engine w/ Bear logo?Clyde Wright07-13-17  06:40 pm
Help IdentifyErnie07-13-17  12:52 pm
Unknown Marine Engines List 5RichardDurgee05-01-17  01:42 pm
Unknown with water jacket window?B. Goss04-29-17  08:42 pm
Unknown life boat engineJohan Galea04-02-17  11:45 am
Motor AB Archimedes/AB PentaBoris04-02-17  04:48 am
What is this enginekevin lang03-15-17  06:48 am
Unknow marine engine Mesut Anilgan03-14-17  08:36 am
Unknown (outboard?)Kjell �ke Persson03-12-17  02:38 pm
What is this ? Swedish ?Kjell �ke Persson10 02-02-17  04:51 am
Bmc marine dieseljohn harvey01-31-17  06:55 pm
Unknown Marines Engines list 4Richard Alcock16 01-22-17  05:02 pm
Any Idea Who Built This Diesel Engine?Terry01-09-17  06:08 am
Old marine engine. Question please. Year? Brand?Bruce Hall01-01-17  11:45 am
Unknown Marine Engines List 3RichardDurgee12-31-16  06:59 pm
Unknown Marine Engines list 2Jeff Kitzmiller12-23-16  07:16 am
Foden engine in naval pinnacebigship 6919 12-09-16  12:00 pm
Unknown Marine Engines list 1RichardDurgee15 12-09-16  09:19 am
Unknown Marine EnginesRobert 12 12-05-16  11:41 am
Unidentified fishing boat gearboxesRobert 12-01-16  11:57 am
One more Kjell �ke Persson11-15-16  09:41 am
Unknown engine think its marineRcp12 10-30-16  03:38 am
Parts for Johnson stroud enginekenneth sonesen10-29-16  11:51 am
Unknown single cylinderJ.B. Castagnos10-22-16  08:39 pm
Another unknown engine.Robert 13 10-20-16  10:37 am
Shorpy photo.Robert 12 10-14-16  07:28 pm
Unknown hot bulbsKjell �ke Persson10-11-16  02:57 pm
Unknown EngineDoug Kimball10-09-16  08:21 pm
Unknown engine from ItalyRobert 10-08-16  12:19 pm
Unknown: Early Palmer?Ernie09-28-16  05:13 pm
Evinrude VRO 60hp Model Year??Joel Dennis Wilson09-24-16  12:13 pm
Have two very old single lungers, Id help pleaseRobert 09-18-16  03:03 am
1938 1.4 engine Bruce Hall09-14-16  11:55 pm
Any idea what year?Robert 08-23-16  12:23 pm
Trojan Gray Marine Model 70Jeff Spitzer08-07-16  06:45 pm
Old Evinrude outboard motorsBruce Hall07-25-16  09:24 am
Unknown boat motorRobert 07-23-16  02:37 pm
Brittania or not?RichardDurgee06-07-16  01:37 am
Elephant Motors Ltd., 4 cylinder marine inboardMartin Paterson05-29-16  07:34 am
Unknow engine from ItalyMattia05-27-16  03:56 pm
Unknown 2 StrokeBrandon Pineo05-13-16  05:16 am
Wisconsin OutboardStephen Fox05-10-16  07:51 pm
Unknown engine picsBruce Hall03-27-16  01:35 am
Chrysler 35 hp OutboardBruce Hall03-25-16  09:32 pm
Unknown Single Cylinder EngineNick Rowland31 01-24-16  08:15 am
Unknown single cylinder mitsubishi marine diesel Cem Arda01-16-16  10:33 am
Can anyone identify this engine pleaseLee Hayes11 01-11-16  03:05 pm
Unknown single in NZ Scott Noseworthy01-05-16  02:43 pm
Outboard I.D . on craigslistErnie12-18-15  07:39 am
Unknown SingleErnie13 12-17-15  07:13 pm
Anybody know what I have here?Ernie12-17-15  07:11 pm
Need helpScott Noseworthy12-16-15  02:39 pm
Fabuglas/Renault???Darryl Ovens51 12-02-15  03:16 pm
Unknown engineRegan Smith11-25-15  01:01 am
Unknown 3cyl diesel inboardErnie10-16-15  07:59 pm
Unknown engineWilliam Weiss10-13-15  09:25 am
2 cylinder, 2 stroke beauty. What is it?Rick Towne09-25-15  07:51 am
1961 Buehler Turbocraft????goofy595394 09-12-15  02:53 pm
Outboard marine companyWalter Chute09-10-15  12:41 am
Two-Cyl steamAndrew Munns09-06-15  05:18 pm
Unknown 1-cyl. marine engineWayne McPherson13 09-03-15  06:52 pm
"lots of old/antique engines" for sale on CraigslistRobert 08-30-15  01:00 pm
Another unknown 1-cyl marine inboardWayne McPherson08-19-15  04:01 pm
Unknown small inboardMarcus Baker08-11-15  08:10 am
Does anyone know what 4 cyl GM this is???? Dave Wyoming18 07-31-15  05:41 pm
Searching for Norwegian Grei engine in USAJacob Julian Haaland07-25-15  09:49 am
Parsons EnginesDave Croydon07-07-15  10:06 am
Hitchcock Gas Engine Co.William Schaller07-06-15  11:28 pm
Unknown canoe engineJohn Davis07-04-15  10:05 am
Unknown Air-cooled Outboard-Inboard ?B. Goss07-03-15  09:31 pm
Small inboadJim Parrott07-02-15  01:24 pm
Engine with brass/bronze crankcasesearcher07-01-15  09:26 am
Nordberg info neededCharles Holmes06-28-15  06:13 pm
Names but no enginessearcher06-27-15  09:21 pm
Another Mystery Motorlandlocked05-19-15  10:52 pm
Simplex 3 Cylinder Diesel??Simon Mags05-14-15  08:16 pm
Unknown to me just found 1 Cylinder Marine engineB. Goss14 05-12-15  01:17 pm
IS THIS A CHEVY 283 V8?Frankie 05-11-15  09:44 pm
Shipwreck enginePeter Illidge05-03-15  06:28 pm
RotbartPatty Lynn Howe04-08-15  08:05 am
Unknown marine engine Raud Pats04-05-15  06:42 am
Columbia River Gillnet Engine-Need to IDDarryl Ovens03-26-15  04:16 pm
Help to id 2 cyl engineErnie03-22-15  06:57 am
Unknown single cylinder 2-cycle engine in norwayJacob Julian Haaland03-21-15  05:50 pm
Copper jacketed marine engine unindentifiedLouise Saint-Pierre15 03-14-15  03:25 pm
Simplex Marine Chevy 6Gary Reynolds03-12-15  06:23 pm
Hercules- kermath?Scott Noseworthy03-04-15  08:44 am
Two Cylinder With Bowtie FlywheelB. Goss11 02-21-15  08:17 pm
Minaus Motor Works Find...RichardDurgee02-14-15  08:34 am
I was given an engine- Manufacturer UnknownGeorge Schott02-12-15  09:22 am
Any Ideas What This Twin Side Valve Is?J.B. Castagnos02-08-15  01:55 pm
2 cylinder.???Ernie01-29-15  11:38 am
Unknown ponyRobert 01-28-15  01:21 pm
Help identifying engine JR Ross01-07-15  02:34 pm
Help with steam inboardjoe sabo11-13-14  01:33 pm
Engine i.d.Paul 11-10-14  04:44 pm
Helplou pereira11-10-14  09:39 am
Engine ID help neededBruce Hall11-03-14  08:21 pm
Engine i.d.RichardDurgee11-02-14  06:31 pm
Engine ID help neededRichardDurgee11-02-14  03:17 pm
Unknown engine I.D pleasePaul Childerhose11-01-14  05:47 pm
Unknown engine helpNiccums09-10-14  05:50 am
Bennett and tapleyRichard Bartrop10 09-01-14  09:54 am
Sterling missing data plateSteve Hamel08-27-14  11:26 am
What model and hp is this?Ernie08-23-14  05:58 pm
What model and hp is this?Rebekah Callen08-22-14  02:30 pm
Gray Marine engine model ID??James R Smith08-18-14  11:21 am
UnknownRichardDurgee08-15-14  05:25 pm
Unknown SingleRichardDurgee08-14-14  09:19 pm
For making tea?Barry Millar08-02-14  09:32 am
Unknown 4cylinder inboardNed Lloyd83 07-21-14  03:21 pm
What gearbox is this?Ned Lloyd07-21-14  03:18 pm
Unknown engineJ.B. Castagnos07-16-14  06:37 pm
Unknown Single Cylinder 2 StrokeRene Svastal07-16-14  03:14 pm
Evinrude Super Fast TwinTim Mc Guire07-11-14  04:52 pm
Unknown marine engine 2 strokeEvan Hale O'Connor07-05-14  01:20 am
Unknown 2-pot marinised lumpjim DEREYNIER06-22-14  08:51 pm
Motor made in Oshkosh Wisconsinmike schreiber06-19-14  09:42 am
Sterling engine companySteve weber06-09-14  06:09 pm
Old russian inboard diesel 2 cyl.Don Carson06-03-14  11:07 pm
Bladed flywheelRichardDurgee10 05-27-14  09:45 pm
Not an Atomic4?Ernie05-15-14  07:36 pm
Help Identify?John Davis15 05-04-14  07:36 pm
De Dion Bouton?Searcher05-02-14  11:31 am
Unknown 2-cyl marine engineErik Stenvall04-25-14  03:32 am
Unknown 1 Cylinder Marine EngineEric04-24-14  09:39 pm
Unknown engine, Detroit? St Clair? Little Skipper?William Schaller04-22-14  07:46 pm
2 Cylinder InboardAndrew Munns03-25-14  04:15 am
Help Identify 2 cylinderJ.B. Castagnos03-17-14  10:51 pm
The Battery CompanyErnie03-01-14  07:57 am
1916 Evinrude MagnetoRoger DiRuscio02-23-14  06:03 pm
Outboard motor corp 4095-0046Gary02-23-14  05:28 pm
Universal Engine 4 CylinderSearcher02-11-14  09:32 pm
Couach L12 engineMartijn Messer12-19-13  03:27 am
Navy Diesel- type DB B-100 inline 6Charles Holmes12-11-13  05:01 pm
Unknown engineVeiko Hein12-10-13  11:57 am
Felix Engine need information Olaf Goetting10-14-13  03:04 am
Ford Marine Model T engine ??? Help :-)...Andy Hughes09-26-13  06:18 am
Unknown 2 cylinderRobert 09-07-13  07:17 pm
Sea FarerHans van kempen09-06-13  04:02 pm
'69 buick v-8 ?steve painter10 08-25-13  12:41 am
Unknown Steam launch engine and Landis 2 Stroke SingleErnie08-23-13  08:11 pm
Unknown EngineCameron19 08-22-13  06:47 am
LX Gardner engineLeonard Reid08-11-13  03:16 pm
Marine engine? Who built it?RichardDurgee06-21-13  11:33 am
Can anyone identify the maker of this old marine engine?Bruce Goss06-06-13  10:04 am
Need Help Identifying Engine - Submerged wreck siteLew Dobbins05-21-13  03:48 pm
Intake manifold 3 carb Ford 6 cylinderBinners05-08-13  01:41 am
ENGINE HELP NEEDEDJ.B. Castagnos04-21-13  05:02 am
Barber?Matt Worley11 04-19-13  09:12 pm
Need Information on Motor - Or maybe to sellErnie04-17-13  08:26 am
6HP evinrude fishermandavid p way03-22-13  08:45 am
Johnson evinrude Jim Haden03-21-13  10:15 pm
Evinrude motorjohn reynolds03-21-13  08:18 pm
2 Years with no ID on this engineEvan Hale O'Connor03-19-13  10:42 pm
Unidentified EngineCary03-16-13  11:14 am
Norfolk engineSearcher12 03-12-13  11:50 am
Sensor?? with photo!!J.B. Castagnos03-01-13  07:45 pm
Old engine or part of??Joe Holmes12 02-28-13  11:48 am
Sterling marine engine 8cyl. distributor replacementDavid Hopkins02-20-13  04:12 pm
What is it?Tom G.02-09-13  09:40 pm
Who can tell me what brand this engine is???lisette02-02-13  01:16 pm
Cub EngineDavid Woolley02-01-13  05:47 pm
Have you ever seen US Motors Model BXB?mike schreiber01-27-13  10:40 am
Can you ID this unmarked one cylinder?RichardDurgee19 01-24-13  05:49 pm
Small Single w/ Vented Brass CapRichardDurgee15 01-21-13  11:52 am
What model Palmer?Richie Plewka01-14-13  07:47 am
Please ID This Twin cylinder engineEvan Hale O'Connor01-10-13  09:38 pm
Clae/Simplex, more info required.William Minehane12 01-09-13  09:54 pm
Help Identify EngineRoger DiRuscio01-03-13  11:32 pm
Who`s the manufacturer? Bruce Hall12-29-12  04:38 pm
MY ENGINE MUST HAVE BACK-FIREDBruce Hall12-21-12  08:55 pm
Can anyone identify this engine for me?Randy 11 12-18-12  11:42 pm
Bedford 330 or 466Raymond Bottrill12-18-12  12:36 am
Bedford 330 or 466?Raymond Bottrill12-18-12  12:28 am
Johnson Seahorse 7 1/2Mike wagoner11-24-12  10:44 am
Which engine for this launch of early 1920s?miro forest11-21-12  10:10 pm
CARBORATORSRichardDurgee11-10-12  07:27 pm
Unknown Foden engine, ID help please (2 stroke diesel/supercharger)...Tim Jardine11-06-12  12:05 pm
3 cylinder inboardKeith Billet10-22-12  11:57 pm
Unknown Auction EngineB. Goss12 10-14-12  06:52 pm
Help with I.D. kinda big single cylinder, 2 cycle, 4hpmike schreiber10-13-12  08:23 pm
Identify Old EngineTom Hardy11 10-07-12  07:32 pm
Small 4 Cylinder Vertical Opposed UnknownB. Goss10-06-12  06:44 pm
I have no idea what it is, 2 stroke, watercooledric Thogersen15 10-06-12  01:01 am
Unknown Lister Lucy Zic10-02-12  11:38 am
Unknown...di deon? enginerobby stone10-01-12  12:51 pm
Palmer International Harvester Diesel. Seeking model number.Chris Godfrey08-11-12  01:54 am
Twin inboard similar to gray?Robert B. Price08-06-12  11:27 am
My unknown 2 cyl enginedag 08-02-12  03:12 pm
Dans' UnknownRichardDurgee10 07-24-12  07:15 am
THE UNKNOWNadam sylvester07-11-12  06:28 pm
Unknown EnginesErnie07-10-12  08:35 am
What is thisRoger DiRuscio07-05-12  11:50 pm
Unknown engine in Cornwall, EnglandRichard Bartrop07-05-12  04:09 pm
Aqua Cycle?Richard Chapman06-11-12  08:59 pm
Does anyone know much about this MeadowsBen Johnson06-09-12  02:06 am
Coventry Victor Engine idendificationbryan morgan06-06-12  04:43 pm
Unknown from Michigan.RichardDurgee05-03-12  10:49 am
Unknown boat engineJos Aben04-24-12  12:15 pm
Found in the Junk Yarddarek drogosz15 04-24-12  11:46 am
Late 30's Detroit, MI 3 cylinder "FORBESS" engineTeff Reed04-23-12  12:53 am
Unknown enginegilbertplubell04-19-12  09:48 pm
Twin with hollow mufflerRobert B. Price04-15-12  10:50 am
Does anyone know what this is?Jonathan P. Allison04-10-12  09:45 pm
Unknown straight 8miro forest04-10-12  05:27 pm
Poole & SteelAndrew Munns04-04-12  07:11 pm
Unknown Single CylinderJ.B. Castagnos04-04-12  06:27 am
MOTORE TORINO DNF 30 Diatto A.Clement William Minehane28 04-04-12  05:27 am
Perkins diesel 6 (1950s?) identification help required!edinson mantilla cac03-25-12  10:50 am
Little Gray-Hawley?B. Goss03-24-12  05:02 pm
Unknown engineRobert Handley-Fairb03-17-12  04:58 am
Unknown small engine.RichardDurgee03-13-12  04:49 pm
Roberts Motor CompnayWilliam Schaller03-11-12  06:33 pm
Montgomery-Ward/Sea-KingRICHARD KORY03-07-12  09:10 pm
"Power" Marine Engine - The British Power Boat Co. LJ van den Heever02-22-12  07:17 am
Knock Down EngineTom Hardy02-21-12  08:29 pm
Unknown on tv.Lawrence T Wolfe02-08-12  10:07 pm
Evinrude big twin electric startJim Haden01-30-12  12:59 am
Unknown EngineWilliam Schaller12 01-25-12  11:28 pm
Another UnknownSearcher01-22-12  09:11 pm
Navy Diesel (Buda?) in Richmond, VADavid Reid01-18-12  09:30 pm
Id a chris craft hercules engine typeAntetsGat01-08-12  09:28 am
Unknown Parts: Frisco Standard?Robert Holcomb12-13-11  09:02 pm
Numbers on block what is itjerry bair12-08-11  07:25 pm
Phil's Latest MysteryRichardDurgee12-07-11  05:39 pm
GMC is all I knowMichael Rader11-29-11  01:52 pm
Can anyone ID modal of this twin listerdavid haggis11-21-11  08:06 am
Bridgeport Model 100, 1048BJ.B. Castagnos11-12-11  07:32 pm
Unknown GearboxLinda Currie11-03-11  04:53 pm
Unknown 4 cylinder in NSW AustraliaLew Dobbins10-22-11  12:26 pm
Bates marine supply co coldwater mi.Lawrence T Wolfe11 09-28-11  08:27 am
BMC COMMODORE 3.4 DIESELNick Brown09-27-11  06:34 am
Unknown 'C Ltd' Type S engineJohn Rawlings09-26-11  12:07 am
Is this a Motorgo?J.B. Castagnos09-17-11  07:59 pm
Unknown Posted for Bruce Halljamie hurry09-10-11  10:29 pm
Stuart Enginesteven john page08-14-11  05:05 pm
Help ID EngineErnie08-03-11  03:31 pm
3 stage jet probs!!!dave michel07-31-11  09:16 pm
Please help me id this straight flathead 4 cyl. mini? says tenual o...Carol Peck21 07-21-11  03:22 am
Unknown 12' launch with Palmer PW27 engineFred Abbe18 07-17-11  09:49 pm
Johnso Sea-Horse 1981Matt Morehouse07-01-11  04:32 pm
Help neededJ.B. Castagnos06-28-11  09:43 pm
1919 The American anglerJ.B. Castagnos06-27-11  12:23 am
Need help w/identity evinrude handi-twinDave Lockwood Jr.06-25-11  02:21 pm
Newbie Identification questionErnie06-15-11  08:08 pm
Home made boat motor????Lonnie hall06-11-11  09:34 pm
Twin with "Metal" embossingJ.B. Castagnos05-25-11  11:24 pm
Evinrude tiller outboardgary concialdi05-22-11  03:46 pm
15 hp sea king -- helpRick Neises05-11-11  10:36 pm
Does someone knowTodd Vidgen05-10-11  06:01 am
Kei Hin V twin Japanese motorLaurie Derwent04-19-11  06:54 pm
4 Cylinder Unknownmiro forest04-15-11  07:34 am
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Buda Engine but what modelsteve morgan11-12-10  01:08 am
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A little off topic sorry, sikaflexKeith Inglis10-05-10  12:07 pm
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28' boat/12 cylinder Sterling enginejomac08-29-05  01:18 pm
Need help to identify a 3cyl, 2 stroke marine enginekeith08-11-05  09:29 am
Mystery engineernie07-19-05  07:13 pm
Any Body Out Therebruce06-27-05  09:40 pm
Lamb Boat & Engine Companyricharddurgee06-21-05  03:32 pm
Trottier marine engine?richarddurgee06-13-05  03:31 pm
Is This A Regal?Stan Sankey10 06-06-05  07:36 pm
What is it?richarddurgee05-29-05  05:07 pm
Please help me identify this engineHood05-24-05  12:05 pm
4HPG?ernie05-04-05  07:10 am
Need help with any informationBrad Hansen04-26-05  12:31 am
Hercules Six ID help?larry_from_maryland04-12-05  12:45 pm
Unknown on eBayernie02-24-05  05:57 pm
Union enginekcanouse01-27-05  08:59 pm
W. MacMillan & coaaron01-16-05  11:31 am
Two Cylinder binder engine, what is it?billschaller01-05-05  10:26 pm
Unknown reverse-reduction gearherman12-05-04  02:05 pm
Could it be a Wonder engine?richarddurgee12-03-04  11:28 pm
Neat outdrivemodhydro11-30-04  08:16 am
No3 Stuart Compound twinpeterogborne11-22-04  09:18 pm
Kermath engine, need help ID-ing it, thanksJim T11-22-04  07:41 pm
Another unknown...thomas11-18-04  07:02 pm
Lookingwojtek201211-11-04  04:59 pm
Old Evinrudeandrew10-27-04  06:38 pm
From a shed in central Michiganroberbots10-16-04  07:27 am
Unknown enginesolarrog10-12-04  06:19 pm
Another Unknown Marine Enginerenault14 09-14-04  05:43 pm
Unknown engine casting mark foundlarry_from_maryland08-30-04  08:20 am
Yard Ornament near Westport Wa.thomas08-03-04  07:07 pm
Unknown Enginerichardday07-30-04  06:29 pm
Just this once...andrew07-27-04  08:58 am
Atlas motorandrew07-15-04  08:05 am
Searching for HullBuce07-08-04  10:47 pm
Can anyone identifye the generator that goes with this regulator.Richard Day06-30-04  05:33 pm
Identity?Ernie05-26-04  11:29 am
Unknown on Harry's Marine engineaddsBill Schaller01-27-04  01:50 pm
unknown photo 2charlie couvillier01-26-04  08:25 pm
Engine ID?Tom Stranko01-23-04  06:38 pm
another unknownmechman12-01-03  08:51 am
Another unknown on eBayJim McCracken11-11-03  12:22 am
Unknown single cyl 4 cycleErnie13 11-10-03  07:55 am
Could someone help us identify this engine????richarddurgee09-22-03  05:20 pm
HELP ME IDENTIFYricharddurgee10 07-22-03  10:22 pm
We need help identifying this, PLEASE!!richarddurgee04-17-03  06:19 pm
Help to ID a marine drive?Martin Ernst04-14-03  12:16 am
GEMagazine Unknown Marine Enginemiro04-10-03  08:02 pm
Unknown Marine engines Richard Day02-15-03  05:02 pm
Unknown enginedickwhit11-17-02  02:50 am
GEM magazine unknown Marine EngineRichard Day11-12-02  05:11 pm
unknown single cylinder 2 cycleandrew08-22-02  12:23 pm
IdentityErnie08-13-02  08:01 pm
I need help in identifying an engine J.B. Castagnos08-05-02  06:16 am
Unknown oldieernie07-08-02  07:49 pm
Unknown engine for sale on eBayernie05-13-02  07:37 pm
Who can identify this old engine builder's shop photo?Robert04-16-02  10:06 pm
Unknown single cylinder 3 portNick03-10-02  03:16 pm
Help ID these water pumps please...rbprice03-06-02  10:56 am
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