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Old Marine Engine
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Stuart Turner H2M original manual for sale
Stuart Turner For Sale
Stuart Turner P55 Marine 8HP - For Sale
Stuart Turner N Type
P66 Contact Breakers
Stuart Turner P4
Stuart Turner engine identification
P55ME spares
R type water pump valve cap & valve drawings
P55M Installation Manual
Rm3 spark plug
Stuart Turner Brass Carburetor Main Jet
Early p4
New Stuart Carb float needles for sale
Stuart turner parts pm55
Main Jet Cap, Solex Carb
Stuart P66 Transmission
Stuart P55 timing
Stuart P5M Starter
Stuart Turner R3MC Drip Trays and Flame Arrester
Wanted p5 engine
Stuart Turner spares
Stuart Turner P55M
Stuart turner p55 rebuild
Head stuck
ID plate P5M
Stuart r3m
Stuart P5 ?
Magneto clean up
Stuart P5
Draining a preserved P5
Stuart P5 ?
P6 gearbox adjustment
Seized engine
Stuart Turner Gaskets
P55 manual
Stuart Turner Sole 11hp Diesel
Waterpump issue P5
Stuart Turner P5ME seized.
P55 information
How do you wire a dynastart for charging
Carburetor leaking fuel.
Starter motor
Amal carb for P5
Stuart Turner P5 Compression
Amal Carb
Stuart turner paint
How to clean Jets?
Need Contact points..
Stuart Turner ..R3M
Stuart r2
How old is my P55ME ???
P55 Reverse Gear
Kill Switch on Lucas SR Magneto
P66 performance
Boat Engine Cover for Stuart R3M - ideas?
P5, P55 Gearbox
Stuart Turner P55MR - Serial No. 26344
P66D ignition system
P4 missing its identity plate
P5 gearbox oil seal
P5 head gasket
Stuart Turner Engines Wanted
Stuart Turner P5M Gearbox
Stuart Turner R3M - magneto
Start my p5
Stuart Turner P66
Long dead stuart Turner R3M
P55ME speed changes and throttle makes no difference
Trying to understand my new Stuart turner
P55 engine parts
R3MC parts list or exlpoloded diagram required.
P66 gph
P5/P6 oversize piston & rings sought
Stuart Turner R3mc piston rings
Stuart p5xc
Gasket Set Stuart & Turner P55 ME
ST P55
Stuart Turner P66 gasket set for sale
P 5 ME
Unknown year please help
Stuart Turner P5M Points Gap?
Stuart R3M
Need carb for a P5M serial 11a769
Voltage Regulator what will work?
P55 Won't start. Tight ?
Stuart rm3 parts wanted
Coils for a P66
R2 gen set
Stuart for Sale - ST4RE
Help wanted for Stuart Turner electrics
Calling all Stuart Owners
Stuart Turner R2Y gen set
What's wrong with my P55ME?
Newbie from Cheshire with a Stuart Turner R3MC
6 hp Watermotor or Stuart Turner weight ?
Looking for P55M
Stuart turner R3 1.5hp marine throttle linkages
Stuart turner engine
Two Stuart P5 engines for restoration
Mixed Spares
P5M Starter Chain
Stuart turner P66D what points?
R3MC mag
Jet size in Stuart carb
Stuart R2 magneto flywheel
P5 starting chain snapped
Stuart Turner R2 Issues
Stewart Turner Marine 1939 single cyl gas free
Stuart turner R2 crankshaft repair
Stuart P 5 throttle adjustment
P5 Flywheel collet and shim
Flywheel balance
Turner parts
Stuart Turner R2 for renovation on ebay
Im seling off lods of stuart terner spers as a job lot t...
Leaking rear gearbox seal P66 wisdom req
Stuart Transmission
For sale 8hp Stuart Turner
Petrol type for a Stuart...
Stuart turner marine engine wanted
What Spark Plugs For A ST P66D
Stuart Turner P66D
Will a stuart turner gearbox fit onto a petter AA1 diesel..
P55 ind solex carb
HELP ! - Gearbox to propshaft connector - P5 Marine
Stuart H2M Diesel
Stuart engine
A Stuart Turner P5M for sale
Prop pitch sizes for R3M, MC and P5
On the market
Stuartturner engine
Looking for Stuart Turner parts and bits
Flywheel nut which way to turn ?
ST P5ME Available
P5m suspect head gasket & oil seal failure
Core plug
WTD-Flywheel Magneto R3
The Rubytoo"s p55 seizes
Stuart Turner Dating
P55 genset
P55 Genset Info Required
P66 rebuild??
Which Oil to use?
Prop Size for P66
Stuart turner p55me 1969 with dynastart ignition settings
P5MR whats it worth in top condition
Mixed spares Email ad
Stuart Turner Flattie
Stuart Turner type H diesel
Information exchange
Stuart Turner P5MRS Gear Shifter
New to this, is it worth it.
Dating an R3M
Painting - colours and protective tips
What thread is on cylinder drain for p55?
P66 Engine for Sale?
Fly Wheel Magneto Stuart R3MC
Stuart Turner R3M
R3M Compression Collars
stuart turner p55m
Why do they start first kick or fiftieth.?
Parts Request: Dynastart P66D mounting brackets
Stuart & turner P6
P5's for sale
Stuart Type N swap/px?
Wanted Stuart P3
Wiring diagram for p5m with dynastart
Stuart Turner LightWeight at auction
stuart turner p55 p66 differences
Wipac 'Magister'
Stuart Turner P55 Engine - Which Oil?
P5 MRE, keep it or not?.
I am selling all my Stuart Turner and spares off
P55 in our boat 'Hanky Panky'.
Attention David Myers, Gasket material and sealer.
Water leak in p55
R3M Cylinder Wanted
Crankshaft seals
P5 or P6
What model is my stuart turner???
Stuart turner P3
P55M 28875
R3M boat engine
Which Model?
Compression Test
Stuart P55 hard to start
Stuat Turner P55 or P66 Wanted
What is it?
How to fix exhaust outlet stud
P66 handbook and spare parts?
Stuart Turner P4/5
P5 Marine parts
Stuart Turner P66D (10hp)
Stuart Turner P55
History of my p5m
Stuart p55 ? help
P55 oiling up on rear cylinder only - why?
Removing P55 gearbox
Petrol Tank for R3M wanted
P55 Identification help so I can sell it
Stuart Turner one cylinder?
P5 Dynamo
Amal 397 Carb Questions
Stuart p66 D
Stuart Collection.
Stuart turner p4 video
Electronic ignition on P6 coil eingine
P5ME starter clutch assembly
Stuart R3mc Swap (uk)
Stuart turner twin cylinder engines
P6 spark
Wipac Series "A" impulse magneto
NEW gasket set P55 for sale on eBay
Ry2 head removal
ST No.1 and 10N Vintage Engines on eBay!
Carburetor Stuart P6
5hp Stuart wanted in NZ.
Piston Stuart 55 MR
Stuart Turner 8hp - Essex UK service needed
Stuart P5M No 19068
How old is my R3M?
8hp 2 cylinder petrol marine engine
Stuart Turner squeel
Stuart Turner P66D engine for sale
P5 Spark Plug
P6 Exhaust Silencer
Stuart Carb or ?
Stuart Turner R3MC - WANTED
2 stroke p3
I have just spotted this on ebay
Gooseneck and engine performance P66
Rust and repainting
Low compression
Lucas S.R. Impulse Starting Magneto- timing and questions?
Crankshaft/Compression seals on P5ME
Stuart R3 M cylinder head required.
Stuart turner spare parts
Stuart turner - paint job
P55 manuals
R3MC Water Pump
Stuart Turner - 2 stroke - magneto
P66 no choke no run
P55 CY
Stuart Turner Migraine
Marlex Marine & Stuart_Turner
British Tools
P66-head gasket orientation
Had all P55"s going today
Stuart R2 pumper
P55 water inlet altering.
Dynastart brackets
P55 exhaust outlet stud thread.
R2 y Generating set 12v
Stuart P4
P5 engine mountings
R2/R3 woodruff keys
P55 MRE Is a runner
P55 exhaust
P55 MRE Restoration hits hurdle.
Great outing.
P55 Magneto problem , help please!
Top end rebuild- P55 (advice and questions)
Stuart Turner Parts
Re-threading the drain plug
Help needed with no1 p55
Stuart Turner P55M
Exhaust outlet
R3m spares
ST water pumps
Stuart Turner R3M
Stuart Turner R2Y gen set fuse Cover needed
H2/H2MR diesel manual
Stuart Turner
P66D choke control
Stuart Turner Dynastart
Stuart turner p4 spares
Another N
R3M erratic revving
Stuart Turner P66D - new owner!
BOP NZ Connection
P55MRE nearing completion
Stuart Petrol HP 12 inboard
R3M Virgin
Unknown stuart
Fly wheel
Stuart P55/P66 Expansion chamber coverplate
Ignition cable
P5M overhaul
P5 Starting problem.
Stuart P55 MR, Curious about the age...
Unexpected owner of 3 ST P55's, help please.
P55ME, fwd/reverse problem
Stuart Turner Instruction Books
S T Air cooled twin
Fairways sale...or not.
23 ft launch with stuart P55(?) in Sydney Aus.- ebay head...
Work is progressing on our P55MRE
Stuart P5 flywheel collet
Reduced cooling water flow fromm p55.
What model is our latest p55
Alternator on r3m???
Dynastart, How hot?
Wet exhaust systems
P5 restoration
Where can i gat gaskets from
Stuart info
Stuart turner lighting set
R3M ignition information
Ongoing P55 noise
Carburator P6-d
Difficulty Starting P66
40 R 627 spark issues
Leaving coolant in R3M
P55 History
P55 Magneto and water pump drive chain
Strange iregular shaped hole in side of engine
Request for info p55m
Leaking P4 carburettor
What compression should my P55M have?
Noise from P55 magneto and waterpump drive chain.
P55 (reverse gearbox) stuck in neutral
P55 exhaust
P55 manual
Drain Plugs?
Two Stoke Oils for Stuarts- discussion.
Stuart turner r3
Ongoing problems with P55
Gearbox Test P55M
P55 oil seal in rear of gearbox
R3M wont run for long
Stuart turner p4
P55 Marine Engine - water problems
Stuart turner p4 spark plug
Whats this and whats that for.....?
Petrol Paraffin fuel
Re P6 dimensional drawing
Stuart P6 Dimensioned drawings needed.
Stuart Turner P55
Very happy P55 owner.
Rubytoo p55 has water in crankcase
Putting the p55 from Rubytoo together again.
P5 thermostatic head
P55 No 2 cylinder not too healthy
Requets for Info on contact breakers
R3M cooling water rate
Stuart Turner R3M & R3MC Marine Engine Instruction Book
Anyone got a controlbox for p55 dynastart?
Stuart Turner STD4 12BH
New restoration project
How hot should a p55 run
Oil in P6 cooling system
Stuart Turner P6 marine engine
Stuart Turner P55ME Restoration. Where to start?
P55 corrosion protection
P55 genset
New Zealand ST contacts wanted
8 / 10 hp brass exhaust fitting sizes
Rebuilding Stuart P5ME
Marinised 8 HP Stuart
For sale
P5 Throttle and exhaust questions
55MEA Wont rev in forward gear.
P66 Stuart electrical problems
P66 Stuart 10HP
P66 Ignition coils
H2M/H2MR diesel
Stuart Turner P5
Stuart P5ME Generator wanted
Stuart turner P5
Lucas SR1 mags & carbs for R3MCs
Tiny Stuart engine
R3MC block types and dates
1/2hp Stuart engine.
Help for new ST owner please
Waterlift muffler for P55
R3M water pump
Magneto points
Manaul for Stuart Turner R3M
R2/R3 handbook
P4/P5 Handbook
P66 big end bearing
Stuart Turner in Sweden
Stuart Turner "N"
P66 gearbox problem
"N" Type
5.5 HP ST
Stuart Turner P55M
P66 timing
Stuart Engine P5M 10A568...
First launching for P66
Stuart is a runner
Reconditioned Stuart Turner
Cockatoo Island
Rebuild after sinking (inc magneto stripping / rebuild)...
Help identifying an old engine?
R3M Indirect cooling. Anybody tried this?
Stuart Turner....props
Help needed with a stuart marine 2 stroke?
P66D "slipping" and "reving"
Stuart r3y generator
P66D No2 Cylinder gives up
Reversing a P5 remotely
P6D - Unwanted misfiring
Performance of R3M (video)
R3M - nearly there!
ST R3M or P5M
Stuart P4 Crankshaft problems
ST R3Y charging set
Finding an engine
Wirering diagram p66
How much is my R3M worth?
Fuel to oi mix question
My R3M won't start
Another novice question - sea cock nuts
P66 engine
Cleaning water gallery
Recently comleted project...
Stuart type n with dynostart
Water pump on P5 not working.
R3M Amal Carb
Magneto timing on early S.T.p5 engine
P5 Overfuelling?
P5XC Engine
Single cylinder p5
Progress on R3M
Stuart Turner R3M - Where do I start?
R3M - Rebuilld
Stuart R2
Stuart catalogue pics
Different cooling for P55
Really dumb R3M question - oil
Looking to buy a stuart turner engine
Stuart Turner gearbox
Stuart R3M - is it worth it?
P5M 4H/P
Stuart Turner 1.25hp petrol two stroke
Facet pump
P55 was working fine this morning. This afternoon.......e...
R3M Timing
Three Position Switch for P66(Start .Stop .Charge)
Clearing R3M cooling jacket
Stuart Turner P66 for sale
P66 mechanic needed - Victoria
Help with stuart p66 engine
Stuart P5M article in August 2002 GEM
Stuart P5MC
Stuart Turner Maintenance
Stuart P5LY
Type N
Stuart Turner R3m timing
S-T's on ebay
Freeing stuck head gasket
P66D Contact Breaker Assembly
New to the forum
Stuart Turner P55 Wanted
Help needed about Stuart turner Engines
Genius suggestions on a stubborn p5
Where is the best place to sell it
Thinking of Selling a Stuart Turner P55
Stuart P55
Please help with P55
Throttle and chock Control for p66
Stuart turner 8hp(p55?)
Please help with p55
Stuart and Turner P66D and P6
A.V. Mettem
R6 D help
P55 will not start
Code Letters...
New Owner - Stuart Turner 1.5Hp with reverse
Cork in the exhaust pipe
Album of Stuart Turner Photos
Stuart Turner Marine Engine P5 - Advice Sought
S T Air cooled twin
Water Cooling a Stuart Turner P5
Stuart Turner twin 10 hp
Stuart P55 Twin Problem
P55M 8HP Twin
Stuart Turner P55 Internal Water Leak
Stuart turner P55 8HP twin spark plugs
P55 Exhaust Water Cooling
P55 ind lighting set
Bosch Dynastart
Stuart Turner Marine Engine
R3M Cylinder head required
P5 Dynastart
P5 Engine
Help needed on Stuart P55
Stuart turner p55 gearbox
P66D Charging problems
P55 ind more help please
Stuart Turner P66D 10 hp Anyone else got similar in NZ?
Stuart Turner....sprocket size
P55 lighting set
P55 ind
Stuart turner runneing problems
Stuart Turner spares
Stuart P4 oil mix
P55 Cylinder Casting
Stuart Turner H2MR diesel
Melbourne Stuart Turner
Stuart turner lighting set
P.5M/19910 4HP Stuart Turner Marine Engine
Stuart turner 3hp p5 m
Replacing a fleet of Stuart Turners???
Help re P 55 MAD
We Need Help!!
Wanted P55 barell and piston and hand start
Stuart Turner cooling
Peter's R3
Stuart R3m for sale pics on request complete with prop
Hello im new and need a lot of help with my engine
Need stuart turner p55 starting system
1906 Stuart Castings
S-T P-55 block gasket
1906 Stuart Castings
R2 date of mfg
Stuart P5 Now running from a pile of bits
Stuart Turner...P55M......rebuild
stuart turner thermostat ?
Stuart Turner P55MR Magneto
Stuart Turner PR55MR magneto
Stuart Reverse Gear
Seeking a Stuart Turner P5 Throttle Nut/Screw
More Stuarts and a boat.
Stuart Model's new site
Stuart Turner R3
Sturat Turner on ebay
Stuart Turner R3M exhaust\cooling water modification?
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