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Blaxland twinDavid Hampton06-03-22  12:14 am
Blaxland FNR Gearbox Schematicshaun 05-18-22  10:42 pm
Spark difficultiesmiro forest12-26-21  06:28 pm
Blaxland twin cylinder marine engine historyStephen Melksham10-26-21  07:07 am
Blaxland- Chapman Super Pup Cylinder PotRodney David Gillesp09-17-21  07:39 pm
Thrust bearingRodney David Gillesp09-17-21  07:23 pm
Next ProjectJohn Armatys08-09-21  05:42 pm
Blaxland Dog Clutchneil r jones08-09-21  02:57 am
Blaxland PupJohn A. Campbell07-27-21  04:11 pm
Simplex Single Looking for a Homemiro forest18 07-02-21  07:13 pm
Chapman Seadog Magneto ProblemJohn Treloar03-08-21  01:57 am
Blaxland super pup waterpumpEric Avis12-17-20  01:13 am
TECNICO magnetoken Fairbairn05-16-20  10:35 pm
Twin/Pup Owner manualLes Jones12-25-19  08:01 am
Draining the swamp...neil r jones12-09-19  06:05 pm
2x Blaxland carbys for sale on ebayGareth Tillson12-04-19  06:47 pm
Blaxland Model XStephen McFarlane09-03-19  10:43 pm
Blaxland motorsAnthony ramunno 03-14-19  06:49 pm
Blaxland clutch and exhaust neededpat smith10-25-18  06:32 am
Blaxland twin 5/7pat smith10-25-18  06:30 am
Blaxland single cylinder pup installationTim Pennington10-21-18  06:52 am
Magneto Llewelyn Sweatman04-27-18  10:43 pm
History of blaxland marine companybill seng02-26-18  12:16 am
Australian Old Marine Engines for saleMichael Nott10 02-17-18  11:05 pm
Gasket for Chapman SeadogJohn Treloar13 01-16-17  11:42 pm
Seagull OutboardRob Cook11-12-16  01:39 am
Big including 2 cylinder sea dog Blaxlands For sale WAlloyd11-07-16  04:54 am
Hardman Gearbox suited to Chapman Seadog 10hp Engine?Greg Y03-29-16  07:11 pm
Clutch not workingAllenf03-02-16  05:14 pm
Water pump gland packingErnie02-03-16  11:45 am
Cork Float, tips and tricks Steve Roskowski12-15-15  04:58 pm
Blaxland 4/7 hp carburettorAllenf10 11-04-15  09:32 pm
Blaxland Single and TwinAllen Flux27 11-04-15  09:20 pm
Blaxland Chapman pup powered Putt Putt boat for saleMichael09-25-15  02:43 am
1927 Chapman Advertisement Greg Y13 07-31-15  12:19 am
Blaxland Master Pup PartsJohn Burchell07-07-15  12:09 am
Horrific backfire from TXRR-9462Allan Harris11 07-05-15  01:29 am
Blaxland Pup weight?Jasper Ashby06-29-15  08:09 am
Pricing for Chapman TwinRoss Denine06-28-15  10:13 pm
Blaxland Chapman 10 hp Supertwinkevin lang32 06-18-15  06:33 am
Blaxland twin 5/7 for sale bob brown05-22-15  07:31 pm
Blaxland clutch on EbayRoss Cook04-28-15  06:19 am
Fuel and fuel ratio Greg Y02-28-15  07:23 am
Piston RingsPeter Francey01-10-15  03:51 am
Horsepower ratingBarry Millar13 11-10-14  09:41 am
Project Judy jack innes11-10-14  12:23 am
Blaxland Chapman SXT Magneto Aaron09-18-14  12:17 am
Rebuild twin pupPeter Francey09-16-14  07:59 pm
Water pump leakMichael09-09-14  06:54 am
Hull For Blaxland twin kyle Bennet10 07-29-14  09:01 am
ClutchStephen McFarlane07-17-14  01:19 am
Propshaft coupling for Blaxland-Chapman 5/7 TwinBob Abela07-05-14  08:03 am
Starter/GeneratorRob Cook06-03-14  11:16 pm
Blaxland twin in a 13 foot fiberglass boatRoss Cook06-03-14  06:49 pm
Penguin 4HPkevin lang05-01-14  01:24 am
Simplex flywheelsdavid alan penshorn04-28-14  04:18 am
Caveat emptorJohn Burchell03-07-14  02:09 am
Blaxland PupJohn Burchell03-03-14  08:50 pm
Blaxlands at PaynesvilleRob Cook03-02-14  04:25 pm
Muffler drainErnie02-11-14  07:36 am
Cylinder pot hot spot John Kelly02-01-14  08:01 pm
Blaxland cooling system issue .John Kelly 02-01-14  07:12 pm
Fuel Leak CarbyPeter Francey01-22-14  10:25 pm
Resistance on flywheel Roger DiRuscio01-14-14  07:30 pm
Blaxland engine numbersTodd Vidgen01-06-14  04:00 pm
Submerged putter Andrew Munns10 10-29-13  06:25 pm
Part For Blaxland/Chapman (SydneyDennis Stapleton 10-28-13  06:47 am
Blaxland 5/7 starter.john fuller10-13-13  08:20 pm
Five Hundred Hoursneil r jones09-15-13  05:46 am
The Chapman patent diesel marine engine. Cameron11 09-04-13  09:01 pm
Identify gearboxErnie09-02-13  07:21 pm
Closed cooling for a Blaxland.neil r jones15 08-31-13  06:48 am
Magneto and timing.John Marks27 08-28-13  05:52 pm
Simplex Thrustmatic GearboxPeter Halverson11 08-20-13  01:04 am
Blaxland ID PleaseMark Grosskopf08-16-13  09:10 pm
Gearbox mountAndrew Munns07-18-13  08:14 pm
PropshaftNick Field07-14-13  11:58 pm
Cylinder CorrosionRob Cook05-04-13  03:19 am
Blaxland twin 5hp helpkyle b02-27-13  08:38 pm
Blaxland/Chapman Engines and parts- a trailer loadneil r jones02-15-13  02:05 am
Blaxland Twin Pistonbob brown02-13-13  05:32 am
Blaxland maintenance Laurie Derwent02-10-13  06:17 pm
Clinker Launch Sydneyneil r jones01-20-13  11:37 pm
Classic timber putt putt, 16ft clinker hull, Chapman 3.5hp inboardRoss Cook01-19-13  06:52 pm
Twin pup exhaust manifoldPeter Francey01-16-13  12:26 am
Blaxland Rowboat Pup magnetoPaul Satchell01-15-13  06:38 am
Closed cooling Paul Satchell10 01-15-13  06:28 am
Blaxland X Pup CylinderRoger Sherack01-01-13  10:47 pm
Blaxland fuel supplyDavid Myers41 12-30-12  11:12 pm
Blaxland twin 5hp cylinderAllen12-16-12  06:38 pm
Carby for 4 1/4 Super PupLeigh Flanders11-20-12  12:39 am
Blaxland Twin Problemskyle10-07-12  08:35 am
Gearbox for super pupAndrew Munns09-25-12  05:33 pm
Marine swap meetTim Craig09-25-12  06:43 am
Need a Flywheelquinton wilkinson09-08-12  05:40 am
Blaxland Spare PartsMichael Morris09-05-12  04:45 am
Blaxland Twin 10" Vee PulleyMichael Morris10 09-02-12  05:01 am
Cutaway Display Enginejohn fuller14 08-20-12  09:40 am
Looking for a Magnetorob j gorman08-14-12  06:42 am
Finally it runsRob Cook08-05-12  02:46 am
Spark plug for super pupjohn fuller07-26-12  02:29 am
GearboxJ.Watson17 07-23-12  08:41 am
Magnetojohn fuller07-17-12  07:56 pm
Broken piston ringAllen Flux04-29-12  06:53 am
Twin cylinder Blaxland rebuildAndrew Munns03-26-12  08:45 pm
Blaxland Master Pup Clutch lubricationTodd Vidgen16 03-18-12  10:23 pm
Blaxland Chapman 4 1/4 hp on ebayRoss02-21-12  03:45 am
Blaxland Twin PicturesTodd Vidgen10 02-07-12  03:50 pm
Fitting a piston to Blaxland PupMichael01-25-12  07:49 pm
NEW Blaxland engines?Bruce Findlay45 01-17-12  10:32 pm
Blaxland Twin 10hpbob brown12-20-11  01:27 am
Sea Dog for saleneil r jones12-05-11  11:35 pm
Looking for Blaxland-Chapman Pup engineneil r jones30 11-19-11  11:26 pm
Storing a simplex Laurie Derwent10-30-11  09:09 pm
Super pup exhaust boxAndrew Munns09-24-11  04:51 pm
Blaxland Twin Pup PriceCraig Caulfield09-23-11  05:33 am
Starting after long layupLaurie Derwent08-28-11  06:45 pm
Blaxland 5/7 Gearbox Handle "photo" requiredMurray Hopkins08-28-11  06:27 pm
Blaxland photokyle bennett08-24-11  10:04 pm
Super pup For salebob brown08-19-11  11:05 pm
Running richRoss06-14-11  06:22 am
How to test magnetoLaurie Derwent14 05-23-11  08:42 pm
Penguin single cylinder engine manual & historyIan 05-10-11  06:37 am
Small Blaxland to SwapTim Craig05-10-11  02:49 am
What type of motor is this?Tim Craig10 05-09-11  07:01 am
Fuel Tank breather Put Put Clarrie Beckingham05-01-11  01:11 am
You want a copy of - Blaxland 3 1/2 & 7 HP Manual quinton wilkinson16 03-31-11  01:52 am
Blaxland ClutchRob Cook03-22-11  02:50 am
SAE 50 OilNathan Dwyer03-21-11  09:06 pm
Photos of Trailerload of BLAXLAND/Chapman motors and partsneil r jones03-21-11  04:57 am
6 hp Chapman SingleLaurie Derwent03-16-11  09:34 pm
How didit turn out?TrevorFiegert03-15-11  12:28 am
More Blaxland PartsTrevorFiegert03-12-11  11:12 pm
More Blaxland PartsTrevorFiegert03-12-11  10:21 pm
CoolingNick Field03-11-11  04:40 am
Lucas Magneto Bakalite CapsTrevor Fiegert03-03-11  08:58 pm
Exhaust box for blaxland twin tom beaven02-22-11  04:31 am
Blaxland InfoBruce Findlay02-15-11  11:25 pm
Problems with Blaxland twin pupAllen Flux02-14-11  11:27 pm
Parts IdentificationNick Field01-30-11  06:48 am
Blaxland master pup partsross deutschbein01-29-11  01:38 am
Blaxland twin David Myers19 01-09-11  05:51 am
3.5 HP BLAXLAND MOTOR & CLINKER FOR SALELaurie Derwent01-04-11  07:03 pm
Blaxland Sea DogGreg Y12-21-10  06:38 am
Blaxland Chapman SX Engine Bed Bolt TensionCodsshidiva11-16-10  08:29 am
Blaxland twin dog clutchross deutschbein12 09-25-10  04:05 am
Blaxland 5/7 twinStef09-12-10  04:38 am
Unleaded fuel in NSW Australia with 10% EthanolTodd Vidgen12 06-28-10  11:48 pm
Original Blaxland Brochure, if you want a copy. quinton wilkinson16 05-19-10  06:02 pm
First Blaxland purchase - seeking starting tipsMurray Hopkins13 05-17-10  04:09 am
Sinking FloatDavid Burr13 02-28-10  11:34 pm
Running Problems Blaxland 3.5quinton wilkinson41 01-17-10  04:16 pm
Blackland AHP TWIN- Stalls in Gear craig codd01-05-10  09:35 pm
Blaxland pup weight quinton wilkinson12-29-09  08:12 pm
Don't know anything about Blaxlands . Advice needed.Mick Rossendell12 12-14-09  06:11 am
Dyna Start WantedPeter Hoffman12-13-09  05:18 am
Spark Plug for Blaxland Twin PupTodd Vidgen11-29-09  03:37 pm
Fuel Consumption B&C SXClarrie Beckingham10-06-09  12:43 am
Re Fuel Consumption B&C SX previous postClarrie Beckingham10-03-09  11:50 pm
Chapman & Sherack Super PupRoger Sherack08-16-09  05:38 pm
Blaxland Gear Boxes / PartsTodd Vidgen08-07-09  06:54 am
Blaxland manualslloyd allan beeby 05-19-09  06:04 am
Magneto & piston questions - PupTodd Vidgen05-18-09  08:38 pm
Blaxland twin sale queryCharlie Smith05-11-09  07:18 pm
Blaxland 2 CYL MOTORS with Shaft & Prop for SaleShane Johnston05-08-09  08:19 am
Old blaxland add and vinco and vinco launcheslloyd allan beeby 04-18-09  04:25 am
Wet exhaust for master pupross deutschbein04-17-09  05:49 am
Exhaust for Blaxland 3XTJohn Stanton02-20-09  01:37 am
What size carbie for a Pup?Greg Yin02-07-09  06:24 pm
Fuel mixJohn Stafford57 02-07-09  07:17 am
CLAE Valveneil r jones12-11-08  08:59 pm
Blaxland Cylindersneil r jones11-29-08  11:09 pm
Tuning a Carby for B/C SX Eric Schulz11-11-08  05:00 am
Dimensions - Pup water pump eccentricIan 11-10-08  01:02 am
Penguin Twin - some questionsIan 10-26-08  09:12 pm
Blaxland RepairsDavid Roberts12 10-23-08  09:43 pm
Aub Rose passingneil r jones11 10-17-08  02:26 am
Suggestions for a Sydney repairer of Blaxland EnginesDavid Myers09-29-08  02:10 am
Engine PaintTodd Vidgen09-09-08  12:08 am
Postings to sitegrayman09-05-08  05:39 am
Blaxland twinTodd Vidgen09-02-08  05:27 pm
Blaxland TXRR for SalePeter Cowie06-09-08  02:21 am
Blaxland for saleKim Murphy05-02-08  06:12 pm
Tuning CarbyPhilip Axtens04-28-08  07:25 pm
Blaxland 2 cyl engine filling the sumpTodd Vidgen04-17-08  05:53 pm
Pictures for the Aussie Blaxland Fans!Jeffrey Smith04-17-08  12:26 am
1930s classic half cabin needs a motorLaurie Aubert15 03-30-08  09:01 am
5/7 missing on front cylinderTodd Vidgen03-30-08  01:00 am
BLAXLAND 3.5 PUPRobert 12-29-07  07:46 pm
Blaxland Master Pup For SaleJulian DuBois10-15-07  07:43 pm
'Dead' TXRR - any one want a challenge ?Matthew Geier07-10-07  09:21 pm
Forward/reverse gearbox.Julian DuBois06-27-07  07:32 pm
Blaxland on EbayJohn Roseland05-31-07  02:46 am
Blaxland model identificationChris Arkless05-07-07  12:40 am
Blaxland Name PlateMark Stretch03-21-07  10:32 pm
Blaxland 5/7HP on EbayRick Hall03-12-07  06:48 am
Blaxland Manual on EbayRick Hall03-12-07  06:40 am
Blaxland Carbi stuff.Rod Gillespie02-15-07  04:41 am
Blaxland - water in sumpBruce Trappes35 02-09-07  01:45 am
Where do you live?Bruce Trappes02-06-07  03:09 am
Chapman 5/7 Help for a newbieBob Vickers12-24-06  02:03 am
5/7blaxland timingMerv Dyke11-20-06  03:34 am
Engine bed differencesJulian DuBois11-12-06  05:06 pm
Blaxland muffler, dry exhaustMatthew Balkwell11-11-06  03:24 am
Parts for a Blaxland Pup 3 1/2 for my father.free swinger persona11-10-06  04:05 pm
Blaxland Clutch for sale on eBayfree swinger persona11-10-06  04:04 pm
Brass Propellerfree swinger persona11-10-06  03:52 pm
Chapman Seadog 10hp Magneto Repair & Reversing Gearboxfree swinger persona11-10-06  03:15 pm
Trouble running Blaxland Master Pupfree swinger persona11-10-06  03:09 pm
Blaxland Master Pup Pics/Manuel Req.free swinger persona11-10-06  02:55 pm
Blaxland 3.5hp STX Pup "A set of rings"free swinger persona11-10-06  02:19 pm
Not your average Blaxland Twin...free swinger persona11-10-06  01:55 pm
6-8hpfree swinger persona11-10-06  01:44 pm
Blaxland Super Twin 7/9free swinger persona11-10-06  01:40 pm
Aussie 3 1/2 rebuilt Pics. Boat ID req'dfree swinger persona11-10-06  01:27 pm
Blaxland History, do we have any?Andrew Menkart10-16-06  03:30 pm
Blaxland I.D. Plategrayman08-22-06  07:22 am
Internal taper on Blaxland flywheelRod Gillespie05-10-06  03:23 am
Props for Blaxland Single and TwinMurray Hopkins04-13-06  05:54 pm
Twin Blaxland for sale on eBayBruce Findlay12 04-10-06  06:17 pm
Blaxland Forward / Reverse gearboxMark Stretch03-13-06  08:31 pm
Blaxland Master Pup......Getting it Startedpoker casino50210 03-06-06  05:19 pm
Blaxland Pup For salepoker casino17703-06-06  04:57 pm
Chapman Super Pup restoration questionsBrian Taylor11-28-05  06:21 pm
Blaxland Chapman Clutchjules10-12-05  10:45 pm
Blaxland/Vinco PartsRod Carter08-29-05  06:00 pm
Parts needed for 3 HP Chapman Master Pupjules08-29-05  02:01 am
6/8hp Greyhoundboyd_guard08-16-05  11:39 pm
Blaxland Twin - Electric Start ConversionARY06-15-05  11:57 pm
Blaxland twin for sale on ebay 28 July 04Steve O'B07-27-04  08:10 pm
Blaxland Chapman pup twin Tim Mulvey06-10-04  06:30 am
Blaxland Anniversaryraysm05-11-04  08:25 am
Blaxland Twin - Picturesraysm05-02-04  02:49 am
Twin cylinder Blaxlandbutlers01-22-03  02:30 am
Blaxland Twin for Salegeoff archer09-09-02  11:41 pm
Blaxland-Chapman Pup STX 3.5rob03-12-02  06:59 am
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Start a new question or comment by clicking on the "Start New Thread" link.

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