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Old Marine Engine
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Expand/Collapse TopicDiesel Inboards
Expand/Collapse TopicUnknown Engines - post here with photos
Hall-Scott Model 440 Engine from WWII
Unknow... thanks for your help
Unknown vertical spoke flywheel 2-stroke
Unknown 4-cycle Twin
British engines
Unknown twin spark twin cylinder marine engine
Impeller unknown G73365
1948 Century Resorter Engine Identifier Request
Lifeboat Motor identy unknow
1983 JX Help identifying engine
Help identifying engine on a wreck
Unknown two cylinder inboard
Help Identify
What are these
What kind of Twin Disc transmission on this Detroit 6-71?
Kahelenberg Hot Bulb Semi-Diesel
Bergman Explosion Engine
What have I found
Benford's Timer for ??
Early 4-stroke spherical valve chest engine
Name this one ?
Sterling Petrel
NSU Wankel Type 61
Unknown Engine - Brand name: American Engine Co.
Shortt's duplex steam motor
ID wanted
Which Detroit maker?
Barn find
Finding manufacturer with cast numbers
Unknown small engine
Sintz gas engine
Unknown 2-stroke found in Nova Scotia
New to me engine
Stuart P5 ?
Air- & Water-cooled Small Engine
Unknown 2 stroke
Unknown sold in Sweden
Hello! I am planning to use this photo in a new book abo...
Old 2 Cycle, 3-inch bore Marine Engine (what kind? year?...
6 cyl N/A Marine Diesel ID help
Unknown Two-Cylinder
354 hemi marine engines
Bicycle shop marine engine?
Unknown gearbox
Please help identify this engine
Help to identify museum pieces
Antique crank start marine inboard engine - United States...
Small unknown to me.
Please help identify these engines
Paragon Transmission
Paragon Marine Transmission
Unknown unusual 2 cylinder, aluminum crankcase
?Gray Marine Sea Scout 91?????
320 hp pacer marine eng
Unknown Asian Motor
Single cylinder/two cycle marine engine
Single Cylinder Engine Id needed
Old Owens Flagship engine find Sea Skiff?
Is This an Acadia?
Please help me ID this Engine!
Help ID marine steam engine w/ Bear logo?
Help Identify
Unknown Marine Engines List 5
Unknown with water jacket window?
Unknown life boat engine
Motor AB Archimedes/AB Penta
What is this engine
Unknow marine engine
Unknown (outboard?)
What is this ? Swedish ?
Bmc marine diesel
Unknown Marines Engines list 4
Any Idea Who Built This Diesel Engine?
Old marine engine. Question please. Year? Brand?
Unknown Marine Engines List 3
Unknown Marine Engines list 2
Foden engine in naval pinnace
Unknown Marine Engines list 1
Unknown Marine Engines
Unidentified fishing boat gearboxes
One more
Unknown engine think its marine
Parts for Johnson stroud engine
Unknown single cylinder
Another unknown engine.
Shorpy photo.
Unknown hot bulbs
Unknown Engine
Unknown engine from Italy
Unknown: Early Palmer?
Evinrude VRO 60hp Model Year??
Have two very old single lungers, Id help please
1938 1.4 engine
Any idea what year?
Trojan Gray Marine Model 70
Old Evinrude outboard motors
Unknown boat motor
Brittania or not?
Elephant Motors Ltd., 4 cylinder marine inboard
Unknow engine from Italy
Unknown 2 Stroke
Wisconsin Outboard
Unknown engine pics
Chrysler 35 hp Outboard
Unknown Single Cylinder Engine
Unknown single cylinder mitsubishi marine diesel
Can anyone identify this engine please
Unknown single in NZ
Outboard I.D . on craigslist
Unknown Single
Anybody know what I have here?
Need help
Unknown engine
Unknown 3cyl diesel inboard
Unknown engine
2 cylinder, 2 stroke beauty. What is it?
1961 Buehler Turbocraft????
Outboard marine company
Two-Cyl steam
Unknown 1-cyl. marine engine
"lots of old/antique engines" for sale on Craigslist
Another unknown 1-cyl marine inboard
Unknown small inboard
Does anyone know what 4 cyl GM this is????
Searching for Norwegian Grei engine in USA
Parsons Engines
Hitchcock Gas Engine Co.
Unknown canoe engine
Unknown Air-cooled Outboard-Inboard ?
Small inboad
Engine with brass/bronze crankcase
Nordberg info needed
Names but no engines
Another Mystery Motor
Simplex 3 Cylinder Diesel??
Unknown to me just found 1 Cylinder Marine engine
Shipwreck engine
Unknown marine engine
Columbia River Gillnet Engine-Need to ID
Help to id 2 cyl engine
Unknown single cylinder 2-cycle engine in norway
Copper jacketed marine engine unindentified
Simplex Marine Chevy 6
Hercules- kermath?
Two Cylinder With Bowtie Flywheel
Minaus Motor Works Find...
I was given an engine- Manufacturer Unknown
Any Ideas What This Twin Side Valve Is?
2 cylinder.???
Unknown pony
Help identifying engine
Help with steam inboard
Engine i.d.
Engine ID help needed
Engine i.d.
Engine ID help needed
Unknown engine I.D please
Unknown engine help
Bennett and tapley
Sterling missing data plate
What model and hp is this?
What model and hp is this?
Gray Marine engine model ID??
Unknown Single
For making tea?
Unknown 4cylinder inboard
What gearbox is this?
Unknown engine
Unknown Single Cylinder 2 Stroke
Evinrude Super Fast Twin
Unknown marine engine 2 stroke
Unknown 2-pot marinised lump
Motor made in Oshkosh Wisconsin
Sterling engine company
Old russian inboard diesel 2 cyl.
Bladed flywheel
Not an Atomic4?
Help Identify?
De Dion Bouton?
Unknown 2-cyl marine engine
Unknown 1 Cylinder Marine Engine
Unknown engine, Detroit? St Clair? Little Skipper?
2 Cylinder Inboard
Help Identify 2 cylinder
The Battery Company
1916 Evinrude Magneto
Outboard motor corp 4095-0046
Universal Engine 4 Cylinder
Couach L12 engine
Navy Diesel- type DB B-100 inline 6
Unknown engine
Felix Engine need information
Ford Marine Model T engine ??? Help :-)...
Unknown 2 cylinder
Sea Farer
'69 buick v-8 ?
Unknown Steam launch engine and Landis 2 Stroke Single
Unknown Engine
LX Gardner engine
Marine engine? Who built it?
Can anyone identify the maker of this old marine engine?
Need Help Identifying Engine - Submerged wreck site
Intake manifold 3 carb Ford 6 cylinder
Need Information on Motor - Or maybe to sell
6HP evinrude fisherman
Johnson evinrude
Evinrude motor
2 Years with no ID on this engine
Unidentified Engine
Norfolk engine
Sensor?? with photo!!
Old engine or part of??
Sterling marine engine 8cyl. distributor replacement
What is it?
Who can tell me what brand this engine is???
Cub Engine
Have you ever seen US Motors Model BXB?
Can you ID this unmarked one cylinder?
Small Single w/ Vented Brass Cap
What model Palmer?
Please ID This Twin cylinder engine
Clae/Simplex, more info required.
Help Identify Engine
Who`s the manufacturer?
Can anyone identify this engine for me?
Bedford 330 or 466
Bedford 330 or 466?
Johnson Seahorse 7 1/2
Which engine for this launch of early 1920s?
Unknown Foden engine, ID help please (2 stroke diesel/sup...
3 cylinder inboard
Unknown Auction Engine
Help with I.D. kinda big single cylinder, 2 cycle, 4hp
Identify Old Engine
Small 4 Cylinder Vertical Opposed Unknown
I have no idea what it is, 2 stroke, watercooled
Unknown Lister
Unknown...di deon? engine
Palmer International Harvester Diesel. Seeking model number.
Twin inboard similar to gray?
My unknown 2 cyl engine
Dans' Unknown
Unknown Engines
What is this
Unknown engine in Cornwall, England
Aqua Cycle?
Does anyone know much about this Meadows
Coventry Victor Engine idendification
Unknown from Michigan.
Unknown boat engine
Found in the Junk Yard
Late 30's Detroit, MI 3 cylinder "FORBESS" engine...
Unknown engine
Twin with hollow muffler
Does anyone know what this is?
Unknown straight 8
Poole & Steel
Unknown Single Cylinder
MOTORE TORINO DNF 30 Diatto A.Clement
Perkins diesel 6 (1950s?) identification help required!...
Little Gray-Hawley?
Unknown engine
Unknown small engine.
Roberts Motor Compnay
"Power" Marine Engine - The British Power Boat Co.
Knock Down Engine
Unknown on tv.
Evinrude big twin electric start
Unknown Engine
Another Unknown
Navy Diesel (Buda?) in Richmond, VA
Id a chris craft hercules engine type
Unknown Parts: Frisco Standard?
Numbers on block what is it
Phil's Latest Mystery
GMC is all I know
Can anyone ID modal of this twin lister
Bridgeport Model 100, 1048B
Unknown Gearbox
Unknown 4 cylinder in NSW Australia
Bates marine supply co coldwater mi.
Unknown 'C Ltd' Type S engine
Is this a Motorgo?
Unknown Posted for Bruce Hall
Stuart Engine
Help ID Engine
3 stage jet probs!!!
Please help me id this straight flathead 4 cyl. mini? say...
Unknown 12' launch with Palmer PW27 engine
Johnso Sea-Horse 1981
Help needed
1919 The American angler
Need help w/identity evinrude handi-twin
Newbie Identification question
Home made boat motor????
Twin with "Metal" embossing
Evinrude tiller outboard
15 hp sea king -- help
Does someone know
Kei Hin V twin Japanese motor
4 Cylinder Unknown
Identify wreck based on hot bulb engine
Palmer or not?
Can you tell me what i Have
My original post for help with ID of my split head didnt ...
Help ID my split head 6 cyl
Single cylinder engine double ended piston
Invicible Fairfield ?
Chrysler outboard corp ultralight airplane engine
Classic wood boat and engine
Ailsa craig year of manufacture
Identify this engine please, is it marine?
Unknown little 4-stroke.
Unknown, early, very small, maybe Michigan
Waterman info wanted from Austraila
Finnish Engine Works: any info out there????? help
Gray marine motor and trans.
Make n break simplicity engine info??
Another unknown engine help needed to identify please
It is a reversible ported 2 cycle with overhead valves ?
Buda Engine but what model
Semi Diesel
Evinrude year ???
Unknown twostroak
A Crackerjack
Unknown Smaller
Unknown engine, looks marine to me.
Unknown engine
A mystery very early engine!
Unknown engine at Oxford Museum, Maryland
Ukown Small
A little off topic sorry, sikaflex
Need help please
Small Unknown Marine Engine
Monarch outboard engine
Martins Mystery Motor
Unknown Engine? Standard??
Unknown diesel
Palmer YT 1 Copy??? from AU
Mystery marine engine
Shipwreck engine ID
Berdford/Vauxhall Diesel
Unknown, may be Canadian?
Is there such a thing as a, "Kelley," marine diesel?
Early 3 cylinder. Unknown manufacturer
Engine size
Need 2 know where the hoses attach ??? Please !!!
Identify Lister Air Cooled Diesel
Superman Engine
Navy air cooled two stroke
Crusader Marine Engine Model 170J...What Is It?
Just bought need help to get parts for it
Stuart Marine R3M
Odd Farymann?? 1st for me; need tips/comments. Photos
Lister Diesel??
LACO Engine Info Needed
Unknown two cylinder
Unknown need help
Simplex inboard For Sale (Parts)
I need help! What it for the old motor?
Marine Patterns Meyer-Drake
Regal gasoline engine company
Small Overhead Valve Engine
Old marine engine fun
Albin, new to me, unknown missing parts: help?
Engine ID Please Help ......straight 8
Couach 1 cylinder inboard marine engine
Please help identify this engine
440 motors carver yacht
Unknown 2 Stroke Marine Engine
Spares for coventry diesel cdmq383
What motor is this
Albin Type 0-2: just found it; need advice
Broderna Shoogs Solo Motor S21K
Unknown 4 Stroke
Unknown Marine Engine
YAMAHA 30hp Inboard diesel
2 cylinder diesel
Another unknown
Engine ?
What the..??
Any Ideas???
Archimedes Sweden
Unknown Overhead Valve SIngle
Any info of this engine?
Couach single gas engine, f+r gearbox ,
Foden MkVI
GrayMarine Engine in a 62 Century Resorter
Gyro 2 cyl
LooK Please, I Have No Idea What This Is.
Unkown engines
Anyone seen a wood handle carburetor?
Owens flagship ?????
Envinrude 6.5 or 7.0 or what?
40 foot boat with 1 lung engine
Unknown 2 Stroke Engine
Unknown 4 Cycle Engine?
Unknown Engine on stand
Please help identify engine
This came out of Michigan.
Unknown heavy flywheel
What do we have here?
Koban 1915 3 H.P. Racer Type Rowboat Motor
PLease help, What brand is it?
Identifying old Australian inboard motor
Old skool diesel outboard on ebay.com.au
Unknown Single Cylinder.....marine application ??
Unknown Intake Manifold
Is this a Wright ?
A big one
Help Needed - Two Cylinder Inboard ID
Gray Marine Engine
Is this a governor for a FRISCO standard ?
Not boat engine but...
Old Firestone Tire & Rubber Co 5hp outboard
Information on old Miller
Can you help I.D. this ignitor?
Circa 1965 Marine Diesel 40 HP with Numbers / ID ??
40 HP circa 1955 Marine Diesel ID request
Unknown 4 cyl - Beaver?
What the heck is this one?
Wisconsin Dells 1910
Two-cylinder Copper Jackets
Need identification help
Unknown engine Help!
European Six Diesel Exposed Rocker Arms
HELP!!! with pricing of motors
Help us identify this engine?
Help identify this engine.
Gray ?
Air cooled two Stroke
Is this an old US engine?
Looking for the year
Unknown Engine
Unknown marine engine 1 cyl 4 stroke
Identify my motor
Unidentified 4 cylinder engine on shipwreck
Marine lister ruston size CD Engine
Might be marine, might be garden tractor.
Please help identify
Unknown Single
Unidentified artifact on shipwreck with 6 cylinder diesel
Two cylinder unk. at Maine Maritime Museum
Unamed Marine Steam Engines
Essex Carb
Unknown single found in Chesapeake Bay area
Old engine identification
Unknown Montgomery Ward air cooled Marine Engine
F. G. Co., Cambridge, Mass
Single Cylinder Diesel?
Stuart Turner
Unknown Single #2
Mystery engine
Unknown single cylinder
Lockwood ash? marine engine 5hp.
Old marine inboard in "Topper Returns"
ID a Hercules 130hp marine engine type
Comments on Evinrude inboard
Unknown Engine
Please help me date this motor
Small Inboard - Copper Top?
Ford Engine
What kind of engine is it?
I know the engine, trying to id the marine gearbox.
1937 Chrysler ID
Old motor canoe engine builder?
Evinrude Fastwin
Marine motor made in Finland
Help with engine year ?
Need ID help
No idea what make this is ? Help
Intro and question
Trebert ?
Please Help ID this Motor Brand + Packard info.
Unknown Aluminum Jacket Engine
Old rusty engine
Unidentified engine
AB Penta Outboard
Please help I.D. This engine
Two cylinder engine..?
Unknown 4-stroke marine
What have I found ?? Please help identify !!
Greenville Yacht Company
Help me engine indentification stuart
Please help identify this engine
Vincent air cooled marine engine
Who can help me?
GM marine engine?
Need help in identification of old engine
Bridge Type B
Hercules twin - anyone know anything about it?
Help to figure out this universal sea lion 6260
Unknown motor
Unknown engine i Norway
ID this 6 cyl Chrysler Marine manifold
Uknown engine
Antique Boat Museum - Name That Engine
Guess That Engine
Unknown Twin
Who can identify this old engine
Ford V-8 marine engine I need to ID
Can You Help?
Outboard,Marine and Manufacturing Company of Canada Limited.
What make is my engine? PLEASE
Can You Identify?
Unknown marines
Can anybody help me identify the make of this engine please?
Unknown engine
Two unknown engines
Outdrive Unit
Can anyone tell me what this is?
Unknow, I should have bought it.
Norseman Marine L head ?
Unknown Marine Engine
Unknown from David Williams
Engine ID Help Required.
Unknow outbord motor
Unidentified 4 stroke
Unknown outboard motor, who know what is this?
Caille help please
Is this a WD1?
Anyone have a clue as to the maker of this engine?
Unknown 3 Cylinder Racing Engine
DYNO motor (outboard?)
manual & serial# ID wanted
Small Unknown
Du Brie single cylinder help???
Another Puzzle
2 cyl. gray. Help identify year and model?
Empire Marine Motor
There's one going to arcadia next week.
Unknown engine
Does anyone know what this is
Old 1900-1905 single piston brass outboard engine
Adanac Marine Engine, was 2 cyl 4 cycle Hercules
Old 4 Cylinder
Small cute unknown engine
Unknown engine
Unknown 4 cycle marine engine
Unknown Hicks 1909
Unknown not fancy but interesting
Help what is it
Sterling Engine Co
Orphan cylinder ID please...
Try your best to guess these four
Unknown Engine - Part II
Well, if not here, where?
Unidentified engine - Hercules??
Identification please?
Old Penta
Mystery engine
1 cyl 2 stroke help me to identify
1 cyl 2 stroke help me to identify
Unknown Engine, is this a PALMER L1?
Bit of an orphan
Old Johnson Seahorse need to know year and hp
Another Unknown Engine
Help to identify.
Unknown 4 cylinder engine
F-G Boston?
Help with Identification/Info
Ransom Olds Marine Engine
Unknown 2 cylinder from Holland from lifeboat?
1-cyl, 2-stroke, but what it is?
Identify engine
Newbie member, newbie boater, newbie questions.
Palmer book
1912 wright
Unknown single cylinder in Argentina
Id old engine-continental
Help me, i have engine called BAUSCHER
Volvo penta boat engine
Brit engine model A
Help to identify
Chrysler with V drive info needed
Here's one on ytmag
Another unknown...
Two unidentified engines...
Unidentified Motor
Unknown marine engine
Unknown Marine Engine
help id an air-cooled inboard...
Unidentified Cylinders
Please help me identify
Searching info on Vickers marine engine
Another unknown
Unknown Engine
Engine ID Help Please Posted for Jeff Fay
Unknown Configuration - St. Lawrence Cottage Pump
Another Unknown
Mystery engine in NZ
Penta Motor
I need help
Unidentified engine
Unidentified engine?
Unknown 1 cylinder
Capitol Marine Curtiss OX-5 and OXX-6
Unknown 2 cyl.
Any ideas on this one?
My little red canoe motor
Is this a marine engine??
Which 4cyl KERMATH engine is it ??
Diesel outboard WHAT IS IT.
Found at sea
Unidentified Scripps Engine/Transmission
Need help with this one
Is this a Frisco ? part 2
Unknow single cylinder open base
Need more info on Chriscraft straight 6 K
Unknown Air Cooled
Is this a Frisco ??
Opposed Twin Cylinder 4 cycle
Does anyone know which Stuart Turner engine this is?
28' boat/12 cylinder Sterling engine
Need help to identify a 3cyl, 2 stroke marine engine
Mystery engine
Any Body Out There
Lamb Boat & Engine Company
Trottier marine engine?
Is This A Regal?
What is it?
Please help me identify this engine
Need help with any information
Hercules Six ID help?
Unknown on eBay
Union engine
W. MacMillan & co
Two Cylinder binder engine, what is it?
Unknown reverse-reduction gear
Could it be a Wonder engine?
Neat outdrive
No3 Stuart Compound twin
Kermath engine, need help ID-ing it, thanks
Another unknown...
Old Evinrude
From a shed in central Michigan
Unknown engine
Another Unknown Marine Engine
Unknown engine casting mark found
Yard Ornament near Westport Wa.
Unknown Engine
Just this once...
Atlas motor
Searching for Hull
Can anyone identifye the generator that goes with this re...
Unknown on Harry's Marine engineadds
unknown photo 2
Engine ID?
another unknown
Another unknown on eBay
Unknown single cyl 4 cycle
Could someone help us identify this engine????
We need help identifying this, PLEASE!!
Help to ID a marine drive?
GEMagazine Unknown Marine Engine
Unknown Marine engines
Unknown engine
GEM magazine unknown Marine Engine
unknown single cylinder 2 cycle
I need help in identifying an engine
Unknown oldie
Unknown engine for sale on eBay
Who can identify this old engine builder's shop photo?
Unknown single cylinder 3 port
Help ID these water pumps please...
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