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Old Marine Engine
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Blaxland twin
Blaxland FNR Gearbox Schematic
Spark difficulties
Blaxland twin cylinder marine engine history
Blaxland- Chapman Super Pup Cylinder Pot
Thrust bearing
Next Project
Blaxland Dog Clutch
Blaxland Pup
Simplex Single Looking for a Home
Chapman Seadog Magneto Problem
Blaxland super pup waterpump
TECNICO magneto
Twin/Pup Owner manual
Draining the swamp...
2x Blaxland carbys for sale on ebay
Blaxland Model X
Blaxland motors
Blaxland clutch and exhaust needed
Blaxland twin 5/7
Blaxland single cylinder pup installation
History of blaxland marine company
Australian Old Marine Engines for sale
Gasket for Chapman Seadog
Seagull Outboard
Big including 2 cylinder sea dog Blaxlands For sale WA
Hardman Gearbox suited to Chapman Seadog 10hp Engine?
Clutch not working
Water pump gland packing
Cork Float, tips and tricks
Blaxland 4/7 hp carburettor
Blaxland Single and Twin
Blaxland Chapman pup powered Putt Putt boat for sale
1927 Chapman Advertisement
Blaxland Master Pup Parts
Horrific backfire from TXRR-9462
Blaxland Pup weight?
Pricing for Chapman Twin
Blaxland Chapman 10 hp Supertwin
Blaxland twin 5/7 for sale
Blaxland clutch on Ebay
Fuel and fuel ratio
Piston Rings
Horsepower rating
Project Judy
Blaxland Chapman SXT Magneto
Rebuild twin pup
Water pump leak
Hull For Blaxland twin
Propshaft coupling for Blaxland-Chapman 5/7 Twin
Blaxland twin in a 13 foot fiberglass boat
Penguin 4HP
Simplex flywheels
Caveat emptor
Blaxland Pup
Blaxlands at Paynesville
Muffler drain
Cylinder pot hot spot
Blaxland cooling system issue .
Fuel Leak Carby
Resistance on flywheel
Blaxland engine numbers
Submerged putter
Part For Blaxland/Chapman (Sydney
Blaxland 5/7 starter.
Five Hundred Hours
The Chapman patent diesel marine engine.
Identify gearbox
Closed cooling for a Blaxland.
Magneto and timing.
Simplex Thrustmatic Gearbox
Blaxland ID Please
Gearbox mount
Cylinder Corrosion
Blaxland twin 5hp help
Blaxland/Chapman Engines and parts- a trailer load
Blaxland Twin Piston
Blaxland maintenance
Clinker Launch Sydney
Classic timber putt putt, 16ft clinker hull, Chapman 3.5h...
Twin pup exhaust manifold
Blaxland Rowboat Pup magneto
Closed cooling
Blaxland X Pup Cylinder
Blaxland fuel supply
Blaxland twin 5hp cylinder
Carby for 4 1/4 Super Pup
Blaxland Twin Problems
Gearbox for super pup
Marine swap meet
Need a Flywheel
Blaxland Spare Parts
Blaxland Twin 10" Vee Pulley
Cutaway Display Engine
Looking for a Magneto
Finally it runs
Spark plug for super pup
Broken piston ring
Twin cylinder Blaxland rebuild
Blaxland Master Pup Clutch lubrication
Blaxland Chapman 4 1/4 hp on ebay
Blaxland Twin Pictures
Fitting a piston to Blaxland Pup
NEW Blaxland engines?
Blaxland Twin 10hp
Sea Dog for sale
Looking for Blaxland-Chapman Pup engine
Storing a simplex
Super pup exhaust box
Blaxland Twin Pup Price
Starting after long layup
Blaxland 5/7 Gearbox Handle "photo" required
Blaxland photo
Super pup For sale
Running rich
How to test magneto
Penguin single cylinder engine manual & history
Small Blaxland to Swap
What type of motor is this?
Fuel Tank breather Put Put
You want a copy of - Blaxland 3 1/2 & 7 HP Manual
Blaxland Clutch
SAE 50 Oil
Photos of Trailerload of BLAXLAND/Chapman motors and parts
6 hp Chapman Single
How didit turn out?
More Blaxland Parts
More Blaxland Parts
Lucas Magneto Bakalite Caps
Exhaust box for blaxland twin
Blaxland Info
Problems with Blaxland twin pup
Parts Identification
Blaxland master pup parts
Blaxland twin
Blaxland Sea Dog
Blaxland Chapman SX Engine Bed Bolt Tension
Blaxland twin dog clutch
Blaxland 5/7 twin
Unleaded fuel in NSW Australia with 10% Ethanol
Original Blaxland Brochure, if you want a copy.
First Blaxland purchase - seeking starting tips
Sinking Float
Running Problems Blaxland 3.5
Blackland AHP TWIN- Stalls in Gear
Blaxland pup weight
Don't know anything about Blaxlands . Advice needed.
Dyna Start Wanted
Spark Plug for Blaxland Twin Pup
Fuel Consumption B&C SX
Re Fuel Consumption B&C SX previous post
Chapman & Sherack Super Pup
Blaxland Gear Boxes / Parts
Blaxland manuals
Magneto & piston questions - Pup
Blaxland twin sale query
Blaxland 2 CYL MOTORS with Shaft & Prop for Sale
Old blaxland add and vinco and vinco launches
Wet exhaust for master pup
Exhaust for Blaxland 3XT
What size carbie for a Pup?
Fuel mix
CLAE Valve
Blaxland Cylinders
Tuning a Carby for B/C SX
Dimensions - Pup water pump eccentric
Penguin Twin - some questions
Blaxland Repairs
Aub Rose passing
Suggestions for a Sydney repairer of Blaxland Engines
Engine Paint
Postings to site
Blaxland twin
Blaxland TXRR for Sale
Blaxland for sale
Tuning Carby
Blaxland 2 cyl engine filling the sump
Pictures for the Aussie Blaxland Fans!
1930s classic half cabin needs a motor
5/7 missing on front cylinder
Blaxland Master Pup For Sale
'Dead' TXRR - any one want a challenge ?
Forward/reverse gearbox.
Blaxland on Ebay
Blaxland model identification
Blaxland Name Plate
Blaxland 5/7HP on Ebay
Blaxland Manual on Ebay
Blaxland Carbi stuff.
Blaxland - water in sump
Where do you live?
Chapman 5/7 Help for a newbie
5/7blaxland timing
Engine bed differences
Blaxland muffler, dry exhaust
Parts for a Blaxland Pup 3 1/2 for my father.
Blaxland Clutch for sale on eBay
Brass Propeller
Chapman Seadog 10hp Magneto Repair & Reversing Gearbox
Trouble running Blaxland Master Pup
Blaxland Master Pup Pics/Manuel Req.
Blaxland 3.5hp STX Pup "A set of rings"
Not your average Blaxland Twin...
Blaxland Super Twin 7/9
Aussie 3 1/2 rebuilt Pics. Boat ID req'd
Blaxland History, do we have any?
Blaxland I.D. Plate
Internal taper on Blaxland flywheel
Props for Blaxland Single and Twin
Twin Blaxland for sale on eBay
Blaxland Forward / Reverse gearbox
Blaxland Master Pup......Getting it Started
Blaxland Pup For sale
Chapman Super Pup restoration questions
Blaxland Chapman Clutch
Blaxland/Vinco Parts
Parts needed for 3 HP Chapman Master Pup
6/8hp Greyhound
Blaxland Twin - Electric Start Conversion
Blaxland twin for sale on ebay 28 July 04
Blaxland Chapman pup twin
Blaxland Anniversary
Blaxland Twin - Pictures
Twin cylinder Blaxland
Blaxland Twin for Sale
Blaxland-Chapman Pup STX 3.5
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