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Palmer Engine Co

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1969 Palmer 27 with gear box for SaleNorman Narmore09-18-16  10:29 am
Starter/Generator SchematicNorman Narmore09-18-16  09:59 am
P-60 winterizingKim g Windsor 09-16-16  08:38 am
Palmer P 60 Exhaust DrawingsDavid V.17 09-13-16  08:32 pm
New Palmer Owner w/ QuestionsDavid V.09-11-16  09:34 pm
P60 Distributor removal/replacementChip G15 09-10-16  11:04 am
Dating a P60 without an ID tagDavid Grosse13 09-09-16  07:26 pm
Sherwood Water PumpChip G09-09-16  12:25 am
P60 Spark Plug / Coil - Distributor wire kit ID?David Grosse09-07-16  11:04 am
Palmer PW27Howard Argales Sincl09-05-16  03:00 pm
Palmer 27 fuel pumpHoward Argales Sincl08-25-16  11:50 am
P60 Water in Oil & Stuck Valve - Bad exhaust design, bad exhaust ma...Sam Kronick14 08-17-16  01:20 am
Another YT 1Richard A. Day Jr.24 08-14-16  07:57 pm
Palmer PW27 hard to startHoward Argales Sincl08-14-16  06:27 pm
Palmer M60 For SaleDavid Grosse08-13-16  02:01 pm
New Palmer 60 Manifolds David Grosse08-13-16  01:55 pm
Palmer RRichardDurgee07-26-16  11:49 am
Source parts for a Palmer D301Ken Souza07-19-16  04:29 pm
Starting deep cycle battery Tim Haggith07-14-16  12:33 pm
Palmer Gas 4 cylinder IDEddie Ross172 07-12-16  01:17 pm
Reverse gear partskevin stone07-11-16  10:13 am
Need a starter knobDavid Woodworth07-06-16  09:41 pm
Palmer PNR and NR Engines For SaleTyler Horner06-27-16  05:27 pm
Tachometers Jim Thomson06-26-16  08:36 pm
P60 no spark.Tim Haggith13 06-19-16  06:16 pm
Palmer 12 weightRichardDurgee06-16-16  08:15 pm
P60 idlingBen Sidaway06-16-16  02:39 pm
Palmer PNR 2J.B. Castagnos06-14-16  07:27 pm
Palmer P60 For Sale in South FloridaDavid Grosse05-29-16  05:02 pm
NL2 Palmer Marine engineCharles Wyman05-23-16  08:50 pm
YT ProgressGeorge Coates39 05-20-16  02:09 pm
P60 new owner questionsNorman Narmore10 02-08-16  06:42 pm
Early Palmer ResurectionRobert 16 01-11-16  10:30 am
Palmer Model E in Newfounland CanadaAndrew Menkart01-07-16  12:55 pm
Palmer NR-2 stationary engineJohn Billing12-23-15  02:09 pm
BH 25 skippingRick Batt10 10-30-15  11:54 am
Valve lashRoger DiRuscio10-27-15  09:58 pm
Palmer ZR 1 Powered LaunchErnie10-27-15  04:36 pm
Palmer BH for saleErnie10-01-15  03:30 pm
Palmer engine IdAndrew Mahoney15 09-15-15  06:00 pm
Good Palmer BH 25 for sale, plus partsJoe Evens09-15-15  03:41 pm
Palmer p60 transmission problemErnie09-13-15  09:30 am
1954 Palmer Bros BHW Mod 25Ernie09-13-15  09:24 am
Cider PressMichael Keery09-09-15  08:48 pm
1971, 8 hp PALMER, FOR SALEKristin Peterson09-03-15  10:33 am
Starter/Generator SchematicHoward Argales Sincl07-19-15  11:04 am
Installing a Bosch relayRick Batt07-11-15  03:17 pm
Palmer BH 25 running roughRick Batt07-04-15  11:57 am
Palmer ZR 1 PowerErnie06-19-15  01:45 pm
Palmer P-60 water pumpDavid Grosse05-15-15  07:13 pm
Free to a good homelscottmcleod04-16-15  12:35 am
Palmer P60 Engine and Parts for saleEddie Ross28 03-21-15  09:11 am
Best place to get Palmer P-60 replacement partsronnie bu31 03-20-15  12:52 pm
BH or Kermath?Ernie03-17-15  03:06 pm
Palmer P60 Exhaust Manifold for saleAdam Clark03-14-15  05:27 am
P-60/M-60 FOR PARTSDavid Grosse02-24-15  03:18 pm
Need Palmer27partErnie02-13-15  04:08 pm
ZR1 with many NOS partsErnie01-24-15  09:52 am
Palmer pw27vahowdy01-15-15  02:26 pm
Palmer Baby Husky BHWErnie01-04-15  05:17 pm
PALMER Y-T CARBURETORRichardDurgee11 12-21-14  07:25 pm
Palmer BH-25Joe Evens12-02-14  05:11 pm
Palmer NL-1Risto Kolari11-07-14  02:25 pm
Palmer L2 info neededRisto Kolari11-05-14  11:48 am
Palmer YT HeadJ.B. Castagnos10-24-14  09:12 pm
Early Palmer BErnie10-11-14  09:37 am
Palmer LocationsEngine Silo10-08-14  10:12 pm
1909 Palmer Model BErnie10-05-14  06:21 pm
Palmer 134, Transmission workDavid Kirshoff10-05-14  01:25 pm
P60 Front and Rear Engine Supports Neededdan moffett09-18-14  08:48 pm
Free Palmer P60David Grosse09-03-14  10:16 pm
Replacement Carb for 1969 PalmerBruce Hall09-03-14  01:37 pm
Palmer Automobile MotorsRichardDurgee08-31-14  10:42 pm
Temp gaugeBruce Hall08-30-14  11:14 am
New to palmer YT-1Alex Yuknat 08-24-14  10:23 pm
Palmer P60 Won't rev up in forwardDavid Grosse08-16-14  05:16 pm
Palmer EnginesErnie07-08-14  01:12 pm
Fixing crack in Palmer PW 27 Headjeff hall17 06-29-14  12:32 pm
P60 oil pressuregregory herold16 06-19-14  04:22 am
M-60 No oil pressure at all David Grosse11 06-16-14  11:03 am
Sherwood weepingDavid Grosse06-10-14  01:47 pm
Palmer 60 not getting fuel to number 3David Grosse06-09-14  09:40 am
UNIQUIE PALMER?J.B. Castagnos53 06-08-14  07:16 am
Sherwood E20 water pumpDavid Grosse06-02-14  12:13 pm
OXB TransmissionJ.B. Castagnos05-20-14  08:27 am
In need of manifoldKevin Wikar05-15-14  04:56 pm
Palmer IH 60 FSDavid Tersch05-06-14  10:29 pm
Palmer B H first Run after many yearsErnie04-29-14  08:43 am
Water Pump Priming Issuekevin stone04-26-14  08:57 pm
P60 won't idlerobert paul eggett17 04-23-14  12:44 pm
Palmer Enige NewbieBill Nyman13 04-18-14  01:35 pm
Palmer P-60 CompleteDaniel Pacheco04-06-14  09:42 am
PW-27 is basically Wisconsin AEHRichard A. Day Jr.03-30-14  07:51 pm
Palmer 27 service Pacific NorthwestRonBreault03-30-14  04:13 pm
Palmer IH 264 raw water cooling questiondavid corbin01-16-14  09:46 am
1904 Palmer ??RichardDurgee01-14-14  11:22 am
1934 Palmer yt-1 for sale (new price)Brian Brailsford01-08-14  01:59 pm
Palmer Tags Late StyleSearcher12-29-13  06:01 pm
BH-25 fuel pumprick intravia11-21-13  02:25 pm
Palmer ZR 1 Exhaust FlangeErnie11-20-13  08:33 am
Palmer BH 25rick intravia39 11-17-13  06:46 pm
Palmer yt-1 for sale updatepeter huard11-10-13  12:47 pm
Palmer YT-1 engine for salepeter huard11-09-13  05:40 pm
Palmer Bros Model HHErnie11-08-13  04:47 pm
25000 RunningRichardDurgee11-03-13  11:07 am
Palmer YTJ.B. Castagnos10-29-13  09:56 pm
1925 YT1 PalmerRichard A. Day Jr.10-26-13  04:44 pm
Palmer P60 ReplacementDaniel Pacheco43 10-01-13  11:17 am
Palmer 60 Crankshaft movement & Front SealDavid Grosse09-24-13  12:25 am
Palmer Pw-27Richard A. Day Jr.26 09-18-13  10:40 am
P60 not cooling/pumpingrobert longworth09-17-13  03:46 pm
Zenith Carb QuestionGlen Marcotte20 09-09-13  12:57 am
Water leaking out backfire trapRAY KING09-06-13  12:44 pm
Fuel Line From Pump to Carb QuestionGlen Marcotte09-06-13  01:13 am
YT 1 Water pump strapRichard A. Day Jr.08-31-13  08:38 pm
Palmer engine helpshane arnold08-26-13  02:03 am
Palmer Q2 runs againErnie08-19-13  06:38 am
Palmer Q 1 Paul Gray08-18-13  04:05 pm
Early Palmer Cylinder plugErnie08-16-13  03:27 pm
P-60 getting hot but not quite overheatingtim walker12 08-02-13  03:46 pm
Parting out P60/M60David Band13 07-30-13  11:47 pm
Palmer P60 Sherwood Water Pump needs new lip sealsDavid Band07-29-13  11:07 am
Battery use sizeBrent07-28-13  12:19 pm
Spark plug seized tight!Eddie Ross12 07-24-13  12:26 pm
Air in fuel streamkevin stone07-11-13  04:25 pm
Sherwood E20 pump wantedJim11 06-16-13  07:55 pm
Rebuilding E-20 water pumpMatt06-15-13  08:43 pm
Sludge from dipstick tube. Matt23 06-15-13  08:38 pm
Early 2 cylinder Palmer Marine Engine Barn Find Robert 06-11-13  11:20 am
Palmer NR-2 #1903823 Barn FreshRobert 10 06-05-13  11:43 am
Scrapping Palmer P60 (M60??)rob ca11 06-04-13  10:35 pm
E-20 Sherwood pumpJim05-24-13  02:09 pm
Palmer Stationary?Ernie04-04-13  09:53 am
Palmer PNR-4 surfaces out WestRobert 03-29-13  12:42 pm
P60 to Atomic-4 conversion?Richard A. Day Jr.03-15-13  02:24 pm
Palmer M392 vs M-60 vs P-60Tristan Binette03-14-13  05:00 pm
Identifying the year of an International Palmer M392Tristan Binette03-13-13  04:52 pm
Palmer Q1Cay Small17 03-05-13  05:48 pm
Palmer PB-V-215 V8 EngineErnie12 01-01-13  04:05 pm
Oil Levels in the P60Eddie Ross11-23-12  12:42 pm
Palmer p-60kevin stone10-29-12  03:10 pm
Palmer Mianus Upper works plantErnie10-28-12  08:57 am
Palmer dropped in drivewayBrandon Pineo10-21-12  05:23 pm
Palmer NR 1J.B. Castagnos10-04-12  10:57 pm
Brand New YT 1RichardDurgee13 09-20-12  09:53 pm
1974 Palmer P60 Carb model?Eddie Ross08-28-12  10:42 am
Help Identify this Palmer-IH 6cyl DieselChris Godfrey08-11-12  12:18 am
Palmer P-60, M-60, IH-60 model year?tim kachmarzinski08-09-12  06:43 pm
Palmer P60craig stocks17 08-09-12  12:55 pm
M60 head torque patternScott Fogelson07-26-12  11:48 am
New Old Palmer ZR2Ernie07-19-12  07:27 am
Seeking ideas to evaluate for sudden change in engine RPM controlla...J.B. Castagnos07-09-12  09:15 pm
Reverse Gear Oil Change Question (Pic Included)Matthew Lennarz07-09-12  10:05 am
Potential Palmer m60 rebuildJim Bull06-22-12  08:55 pm
Palmer HelpAndrew Frears06-20-12  02:15 pm
IntroductionJ.B. Castagnos06-08-12  08:26 am
RebuildDavid C. Dunbar06-07-12  04:38 am
Palmer 1 cyl. by Greenwich MarineAndrew Frears06-05-12  03:07 pm
Palmer Heavy Duty 1910RichardDurgee05-31-12  03:53 pm
Can't get spark on my M60J.B. Castagnos05-28-12  05:30 am
Exhaust hose overheating and blowing outChip G05-26-12  09:31 am
Palmer Bros. Cider Mill Suppliesreekbinary05-07-12  10:35 pm
Sherwood E20 raw water pump for saleBen Finley05-07-12  05:01 pm
P60 Exhaust MysteryMatthew Lennarz05-06-12  11:19 pm
Old Palmer Bros. Marine 2 Cyl Any Info?Scott Soriero05-06-12  10:41 pm
Electronic ignition palmer p-60craig stocks05-06-12  08:16 am
EngineGilbert04-17-12  09:21 pm
Pw-27 questionErnie04-08-12  06:29 pm
P-60 - Rebuilt - Ran Great - Now dies out quicklyEddie Ross03-29-12  11:19 am
YT-2Robert B. Price20 03-07-12  07:22 am
Oil pressure sending unit for P60Gonzo Couto-Lain03-06-12  08:36 pm
P60robert jorgenson02-26-12  01:13 am
P-60 smoke/steam. Please help.Michael Sokolson02-23-12  11:32 am
Palmer P60 smokingrick intravia02-16-12  11:10 am
1921William Schaller02-06-12  10:13 pm
Water Manifolddavid corbin01-24-12  02:51 pm
Palmer Engine Co ads for sale 1930s-50sPerry Kazulak12-23-11  08:44 am
P-60 Fuel PumpDavid Band12-20-11  12:03 pm
What would be the correct electric fuel pump for the Palmer P60David Band12-20-11  11:47 am
Need over size piston C60Richard P Loud11-29-11  05:20 pm
PW-27ray walker20 11-27-11  10:03 am
Palmer m-392 questionrandy jennings11-23-11  02:14 pm
Palmer P60 Help In BaltimoreBrian Powdrell11-21-11  10:37 am
P60 overheating after valve jobtim walker10-10-11  01:40 pm
Wanted Intern'l Palmer engine headEddie Ross10-04-11  03:27 am
Ethanol in fuel causing M60 problemsDavid Offenstein09-02-11  07:40 am
P-60 transmission woesDean Paul09-01-11  12:48 pm
Plamer M60David Offenstein08-30-11  01:41 pm
More YT1 picsErnie08-28-11  01:59 pm
Raw water cooling on P-60Ben Sidaway10 08-23-11  10:06 pm
Another Palmer comes back to New England Ernie10 08-19-11  05:03 pm
PNR 1 vs ZR 1Ernie08-18-11  07:43 pm
Paragon transmissionDean Paul08-13-11  07:54 am
Palmer IH-D 301Scott Noseworthy08-11-11  04:41 pm
Can anyone use an instrument panel?Curt Larsen08-02-11  09:44 am
Palmer Make and Break Firing Pin infoErnie08-02-11  08:06 am
Anybody know the dimensions of the valves in a P60?Richard A. Day Jr.07-30-11  02:40 pm
Palmer IH 60 parts sourceChad Toth51 07-27-11  09:46 pm
Palmer alternatorBill Henne07-27-11  07:27 pm
YT 1 ProjectErnie07-10-11  01:21 pm
Palmer p-302 212hp -- thermostatGonzo Couto-Lain07-10-11  08:02 am
PW27 won't idles jeff hall07-08-11  02:56 pm
PD-330Richard A. Day Jr.07-01-11  08:56 am
Sherwood E-20 shaftCurt Larsen06-21-11  07:54 am
Palmer P-60 Spark Timing?kevin stone12 06-20-11  10:25 pm
Palmer for saleRichard A. Day Jr.06-17-11  11:46 am
Palmer PW27 Head GasketRichard A. Day Jr.05-27-11  08:11 am
Palmer Model ZR1Richard A. Day Jr.05-24-11  07:59 am
P60 IdleJ.B. Castagnos05-16-11  08:11 pm
P-60 reverse gear ratiokevin stone05-13-11  08:29 pm
Sherwood Water Pump Lip SealMatthew Lennarz05-11-11  09:06 pm
P-60 smoke coming from oil dipsticksailbearlake05-04-11  09:13 am
Stuck Carburetor FloatMatthew Lennarz04-27-11  03:06 pm
Removing engine from Sailboat ?mike fondo22 04-19-11  07:00 pm
International Harvester (Palmer Engiines Model M304) Marine V*...Andrew L.Cather03-14-11  11:32 am
When did Palmer Bros. start using the last two digits of the serial...Richard A. Day Jr.03-05-11  05:04 pm
Normal compression for P 60?Roger DiRuscio03-04-11  05:49 pm
Palmer/international m304Andrew L.Cather03-04-11  12:16 pm
P60 fuel pump?Eddie Ross03-02-11  12:31 pm
P60 fuel pump questionsEddie Ross03-02-11  12:28 pm
Palmer clutchSteve Lane 03-02-11  11:04 am
P-60 slipping out of gearRichard A. Day Jr.02-16-11  05:51 am
Palmer engine Model unk.Eddie Ross02-14-11  02:39 pm
P-60 - Cannot get proper RPMs under loadRichard A. Day Jr.02-10-11  05:48 am
Looking for Exhaust Manifold for P60wychwoodcraft02-09-11  12:44 pm
Palmer P-60 and transmission for saleRalph John01-13-11  10:40 am
Palmer yt1David W Flowers01-10-11  11:57 pm
Anyone got a Palmer bike motor?William Schaller12-27-10  08:55 pm
Fresh Water CooledHoward Taylor11-29-10  12:04 pm
Palmer P60 Parts DiagramsEddie Ross16 11-27-10  11:12 am
Palmer 345 V8Lawrence T Wolfe11-24-10  05:37 pm
1947 Palmer PH-45Tim Miller11-19-10  01:49 am
Revitalizing a P-60 after immersionDavid Blakey11-10-10  01:01 pm
Palmer 1 cyl 2 cyclecharlie albanese11-06-10  07:01 pm
Rusted headEddie Ross11-02-10  11:08 am
Sea water inlet elbow on exhuast IH 345scott downey09-30-10  09:10 am
392 PCV Valve Problemscott downey09-29-10  07:17 pm
Palmer 392 solid lifter and cam shaft part number?scott downey09-29-10  07:12 pm
Came across 2 Palmer m392 engines in nice shapeNick B09-28-10  04:43 pm
Palmer P-60 with V-drive for sale - many new partsJack Rothrock09-23-10  04:16 pm
P60 exhaust leakMatthew Lennarz10 09-21-10  01:43 pm
Palmer 60 KnockingMatthew Lennarz09-13-10  04:47 pm
Palmer P60 Spark PlugsDavid Blakey22 08-31-10  09:19 pm
Any Ideas??Irwin McAdam08-30-10  09:44 am
PW 27 MagnetoRichard A. Day Jr.08-20-10  09:17 pm
ZR-2 AT LYNDEN WASHINGTON SHOWRobert Holcomb08-09-10  07:08 pm
Regulator for M-60Richard A. Day Jr.07-19-10  10:37 am
1973 palmer 220 351w parts helpLawrence Wolfe07-17-10  05:40 pm
Palmer P60 FloodingErnie06-29-10  08:43 pm
Palmer P-60 for sale in Alameda, CAMatthew Lennarz06-23-10  05:00 pm
Fresh Water P-60 For SaleEddie Ross06-23-10  10:05 am
P60/M60 Transmission Fluid LevelsRAY KING06-19-10  12:57 pm
BH/BHW GearsDavid C. Dunbar06-17-10  05:50 pm
Engine listingsRichard A. Day Jr.06-11-10  08:01 pm
Crazy palmer ideaRichard A. Day Jr.06-05-10  06:49 am
International M-304 QuestionsJ.B. Castagnos04-29-10  06:22 am
Palmer P60 crankcase ventTodd Taylor04-07-10  01:28 pm
BH crankshaft timing gear needed.Robert B. Price04-03-10  10:10 am
BH Overhaul photosJohn W Clough03-21-10  11:34 pm
Palmer P-60 For Sale, Whole or partsEric Hanses03-20-10  03:36 pm
P-60 Fix or make a mooring?Nick Fort03-06-10  09:34 pm
Palmer BH-25 Parts WantedSpence Kerrigan02-26-10  09:06 am
Electric Motor Equivalent to Palmer B.H. John A. Campbell10 02-21-10  11:57 pm
Baby Huskie vs. DieselSteve Francis10 02-07-10  02:29 pm
Palmer pw 27James Leonard Burket02-03-10  10:57 pm
Palmer DurabilityRichardDurgee02-01-10  03:04 pm
M-60 Transmission Leakkevin stone01-27-10  06:24 pm
Palmer HH (searcher)Richard A. Day Jr.01-16-10  07:36 am
Manufacturer's Foundry logoRichard A. Day Jr.01-13-10  05:26 pm
Sailing awayRichard A. Day Jr.01-05-10  07:38 pm
Oil dipstick location?Richard A. Day Jr.12-17-09  09:53 am
Palmer instrument cluster for sale BOglenn macleod11-10-09  11:44 am
Jabsco model AL-41 cooling pump on P60 Palmer engineKip Wiley10-23-09  07:28 am
Zenith carb orientation on P-60Richard A. Day Jr.10-13-09  05:16 pm
Marine starter for p-60Richard A. Day Jr.10-04-09  04:08 pm
Pamer made in Mianus CT.Ernie17 09-28-09  11:14 am
Palmer BH 25Spence Kerrigan16 09-19-09  07:20 pm
Pulling Palmer P-60 from boatRichard A. Day Jr.09-05-09  07:44 pm
I need to replace the head on an m-60kevin stone11 08-31-09  05:55 pm
IHC Zenith CarburetorsRobert B. Price08-11-09  04:04 pm
Palmer International M-392 PartsJack Linton19 08-09-09  01:08 am
What is IT ?steve kassed07-31-09  03:12 pm
Dating Palmer Bros. Catalogs and Documents.Richard A. Day Jr.07-26-09  07:56 am
Palmer P-60 Hand CrankJames J. Flanagan07-12-09  01:28 pm
Palmer P60 head boltsGeorge Verbryck07-10-09  06:32 pm
P-60 Valve Sticking in #3 CylinderRichard A. Day Jr.07-04-09  08:37 am
Ran Palmer have a few QuestionsMark Livingston19 06-28-09  02:10 am
Palmer P-60 head gasketSteve Case18 06-12-09  09:47 pm
Need some help on a Palmer PH45 Tim Miller06-12-09  12:21 pm
Palmer Engine Parts neededJohn Matter06-04-09  05:02 pm
P60 helpEddie Ross13 05-28-09  10:17 pm
RPMsEddie Ross05-26-09  11:42 pm
Pamer p60 headGeorge Verbryck05-06-09  08:52 pm
Palmer M-265 resistor heatLawrence T Wolfe04-29-09  06:21 pm
Palmer P-60 for saleBill Gilbert04-19-09  12:15 pm
Palmer P60 out and ready to be sold...Bill Gilbert04-19-09  09:44 am
P-60 plug wireskevin stone04-15-09  08:04 pm
Info needed for Palmer YT-2Steve James11 04-14-09  09:15 pm
NR1, I suppose.William Schaller04-02-09  02:40 am
Plamer 60Tom Kelly03-31-09  06:39 pm
Information needed on Palmer YT-1Richard A. Day Jr.03-19-09  05:06 pm
Head Gasketskevin stone13 03-15-09  05:13 pm
Wire sizeRichard A. Day Jr.03-14-09  05:11 pm
Palmer BH-6 John W Clough03-14-09  07:41 am
Palmer ZR2Bud Vaughan02-25-09  12:11 pm
Palmer P60 technical drawingRichard A. Day Jr.02-04-09  07:26 am
Palmer P- 60 Trans Edward Tilton01-29-09  04:49 pm
Where is p-60 file?kevin stone01-17-09  10:44 am
Errata for BH and PW-27 update edition 5 10-18-2008Richard A. Day Jr.01-01-09  05:11 pm
Palmer P60 PropHoward Taylor21 12-15-08  09:09 am
Palmer PH134 Head bolt tightening sequenceRichard A. Day Jr.12-03-08  09:19 am
P60 Marine - Is it possible to access the valves with the engine in...Richard A. Day Jr.11-29-08  05:10 pm
Restoration of The Merlin Pearl - Rags to Riches... (Palmer PH-134 ...Andrew Menkart11-29-08  01:43 pm
Palmer P-60 for saletim walker11-24-08  11:02 am
Palmer P-60 - Starts with lowest throttle - dies if more throttle a...Skip11-15-08  12:17 am
Palmer 60 manifold picstim walker11-05-08  05:41 pm
P60 Equal to a Westerbeke 20BScott Helgesen10-31-08  09:03 am
Nameplate for newly found palmer marine engineRichard A. Day Jr.10-28-08  03:53 pm
Palmer P60 Engine PuzzleEddie Ross19 10-27-08  06:43 am
P60 head bolt tightening sequenceDavid Blakey10-21-08  12:39 pm
BH exhaust flangeErnie10-17-08  08:36 am
Palmer BH-6 fuel pumpHoward Taylor10-13-08  11:24 am
Engine mounts for BH-6John W Clough10-06-08  09:58 pm
Synthetic oil appropriate for P-60?David Blakey10-06-08  11:12 am
Palmer P60 Seeking thoughts about how to analyze "clacking"Karl Burton10-05-08  11:55 pm
M-60 LONG WARM UPKarl Burton10-05-08  11:38 pm
Water in top end of P-60David Blakey10-03-08  06:55 am
Clutch slips during full throttleRichard A. Day Jr.09-27-08  08:23 pm
Overheating problem Thomas Joyce09-24-08  07:35 am
changing cylinders on a Palmer PW 27Roger DiRuscio09-15-08  11:38 am
PALMER 255HP 1973 Question Firing OrderMarc-Antoine Gagné09-06-08  04:15 pm
PW27Andrew Menkart09-03-08  10:00 am
What kind of carb? Rebuild kit?John W Clough08-26-08  09:41 pm
M60 experienceSteve Hackett08-14-08  09:51 pm
P60 manifoldRichard A. Day Jr.12 08-05-08  07:39 pm
How Many Palmer P-60's?Richard A. Day Jr.11 07-29-08  09:57 pm
palmer 27 valuesDiggerdown10 07-21-08  11:29 am
Throw Away That - P-60 (M-60) Zenith 61 Series "Cast Iron" Carb #10...Edward Fanuzzi07-17-08  08:59 am
Palmer Marine EnginesRichard A. Day Jr.19 07-15-08  09:43 pm
Propane instead of gasoline?David Stott06-26-08  02:14 am
Interesting FactsErnie10 06-24-08  07:58 am
Oil quantityRichard Shapiro06-22-08  03:18 pm
Palmer engine blockkenneth martin06-22-08  11:59 am
Watwr pump questionkenneth martin06-22-08  11:56 am
Need oil pan for p-60 and other partsRichard A. Day Jr.06-10-08  10:55 am
My P-60 (I believe)Chris Johnson06-06-08  06:29 pm
Carb on palmer 60Richard A. Day Jr.06-02-08  08:16 pm
Low RPMRichard Shapiro05-20-08  08:03 pm
Request for audio file from Oxford MD MuseumRichard A. Day Jr.05-15-08  06:43 pm
Palmer P-60 - Exhaust OptionsSkip05-08-08  10:11 pm
Fuel supply problems Lawrence T Wolfe12 05-07-08  12:23 pm
P60 Major RPM loss when in gearRichard A. Day Jr.18 04-21-08  07:20 pm
Indigo PropRichard Shapiro04-07-08  09:58 am
Palmer PW-27 slow warmupRichard A. Day Jr.03-20-08  04:21 pm
Palmer Ad 1907 25 25 25RichardDurgee03-19-08  10:12 pm
Palmer Open Cam RichardDurgee03-18-08  06:45 am
Zenith carb problemRichard A. Day Jr.03-07-08  08:43 pm
Need Gasket and Bearings for Palmer PH 134 Richard A. Day Jr.03-05-08  05:19 pm
Heat Exchanger for PW 27 engineKrafft02-25-08  09:26 pm
Is this a Palmer?Blair Goss01-19-08  03:28 pm
Another running palmer... I hope.Richard A. Day Jr.16 01-08-08  08:21 pm
Raw water cooling?Howard Taylor12-10-07  08:52 am
1952 Palmer BH Water PumpRichard A. Day Jr.11-30-07  12:43 pm
Palmer Model BHRichard A. Day Jr.10-10-07  08:19 pm
Carburetor Manual / Diagram for P-60?Eddie Ross09-24-07  10:24 am
Palmer m60 engineRichard A. Day Jr.09-04-07  06:33 pm
M 345 TimingMatthew Wallace08-27-07  09:03 pm
Spark plugsMatthew Wallace08-12-07  10:26 am
Palmer Ford 1936RichardDurgee08-06-07  06:23 am
Palmer Stationary 1936RichardDurgee08-05-07  11:34 am
Engine TempMatthew Wallace12 08-04-07  11:26 pm
New eBay listing - Palmer YT1Blake Smith07-31-07  09:29 pm
Palmer Stratified Fuel Oil MotorRichard A. Day Jr.07-25-07  08:36 pm
Baltimore Mechanic recommendationLawrence T Wolfe07-06-07  12:14 pm
YT 1Richard A. Day Jr.21 06-27-07  05:51 pm
Impeller for Jabsco AL 41 Water pump for PW 27Paul Lumsden06-25-07  09:49 am
Palmer HuskieGary DeLong06-19-07  07:50 pm
Corrosion in a P-60Richard A. Day Jr.06-17-07  09:00 am
P60 New GuyJason Range28 06-14-07  10:21 pm
Palmer engine failureEddie Ross06-11-07  10:45 am
P-60 Starting... need advice again after running out of gasWilliam DiLibero13 06-10-07  10:17 pm
Palmer P-60 ( lack of power)Eddie Ross06-01-07  12:34 pm
1926 Palmer AdRichardDurgee05-18-07  09:20 pm
International Palmer Electronic Ingition?Karl Burton05-12-07  12:07 am
Exhaust Leak / Exhaust Wrap?Ernie05-10-07  07:37 pm
P-60 shaft collar/couplerRichard Shapiro05-07-07  09:44 am
Palmer 135 hpDavid Lee04-17-07  05:55 am
Fouled spark plugsEddie Ross11 04-12-07  03:33 pm
Backfiring when transmission engaged in forward directionRichard Shapiro03-27-07  10:39 am
Palmer PW 27 Frost PlugErnie03-23-07  06:37 pm
Wisconsin manuel for D. DayRichard A. Day Jr.03-16-07  04:43 pm
P-60 cooling water discharge flangeRichard A. Day Jr.03-16-07  08:16 am
Early Palmer Stationary SurfacesRichard A. Day Jr.20 03-13-07  10:36 am
R Beal Painting of Palmer yard ?chris considine03-10-07  09:43 pm
1922 (?) Palmer YT-1 in Vancouver Robt01-31-07  03:54 am
New YT-1 Richard A. Day Jr.22 01-29-07  02:48 pm
Palmer ZRErnie01-21-07  05:40 pm
Palmer ZR-I ProgressAndrew Menkart01-20-07  09:33 am
Palmer M-60 ThermostatKarl Burton18 01-06-07  01:28 am
Palmer Model C FoundRichard A. Day Jr.12-08-06  10:40 am
Palmer Model CRichard A. Day Jr.14 12-06-06  08:56 pm
New Found Palmer R2Robert 12-06-06  11:30 am
Palmer Plant 1911RichardDurgee33 12-06-06  12:42 am
Palmer LLh F.M. mag point setting ?Lawrence T Wolfe12-04-06  12:56 pm
Early Palmer Model "C" engines.Andrew Menkart26 12-04-06  08:42 am
Palmer M1Ernie11-17-06  06:35 pm
Palmer exhaust manifold gasketRichard A. Day Jr.11-05-06  08:43 pm
Valves for PW-27Richard A. Day Jr.10-22-06  09:42 am
Palmer Copper Sandwich Head GasketsJohn M. Baker10-21-06  07:06 am
Palmer 1905Richard A. Day Jr.10-19-06  09:40 am
Baby huskyRichard A. Day Jr.10-16-06  10:45 am
Palmer l h Richard A. Day Jr.10-14-06  06:53 pm
Spark arrestor for Palmer M-60Ken Tucker10-14-06  01:38 pm
Palmer questions from British Columbia CanadaRichard A. Day Jr.10-07-06  04:32 pm
Palmer NL2 in AustraliaAllan Roney10-03-06  11:05 pm
Pw 27 water pump impellerErnie10-02-06  07:08 am
Palmer Copper Headgaskets (P-60) on EbaySid Smith09-16-06  09:40 pm
Palmer M-60 not startingEddie Ross11 09-01-06  06:39 pm
Need advice about changing oil on P-60Eddie Ross08-25-06  04:29 pm
Palmer Oil pressureDean12 08-18-06  07:25 pm
Palmer P60 break-in oilDean25208-18-06  05:15 pm
Palmer M60/P60 sealsDean25208-18-06  04:49 pm
Help identify the cylinder - Model L ?Richard A. Day Jr.08-04-06  08:34 pm
Palmer M-60 Electronic IgnitionKarl Burton07-31-06  08:36 pm
Palmer M-60 skippingEddie Ross07-31-06  04:18 pm
Water temp guage and sender M-60Eddie Ross23 07-31-06  11:43 am
P-60/M-60 cross-referenceRichard A. Day Jr.07-26-06  08:28 pm
Manifold to a Palmer P60Ernie07-23-06  08:51 am
Points Distributer cap Condensor Part #Lawrence T Wolfe07-20-06  01:03 pm
palmer P60 no sparkEddie Ross33 07-19-06  04:17 pm
Palmer "T" head engineRichard A. Day Jr.07-18-06  07:39 am
Palmer PW 27Sid Smith07-16-06  09:57 pm
Manifolds for a 1963 palmer 304Richard A. Day Jr.07-12-06  06:13 pm
Palmer NL water pump checksGeorge Edwards07-10-06  08:27 pm
BH primary wire gauge + thanks for help with sealsIan McHugh06-21-06  10:26 pm
P-60 fuel consumtionCurt Larsen06-21-06  11:07 am
Scale - color, and how to eliminateBen Sidaway10 06-16-06  09:44 am
Getting the fuel to flowBrent06-13-06  05:22 pm
Palmer P-60 CoilBrent11 06-09-06  09:15 am
M-60 rebuild questionsBen Sidaway13 05-25-06  10:33 pm
PW 27 Head GasketAndrew Menkart05-23-06  09:22 am
P60 manualRichard A. Day Jr.05-22-06  09:09 pm
Raw water/thermostat troubleEddie Ross05-18-06  12:13 pm
Low RPM under loadHoward E Taylor05-16-06  07:55 am
Gas spewing from air intake of carbDouglas Swanson05-15-06  04:22 pm
Advance springs for 1AY-4010 Distributord swanson05-15-06  04:08 pm
Fuel pumpHoward E Taylor05-12-06  02:55 pm
Palmer huskieAndrew Menkart04-30-06  08:20 am
P-60 backward?Richard A. Day Jr.04-23-06  05:06 pm
What's a Palmer P(M)-60 Worth?Niall B. Finnegan04-21-06  05:52 pm
P-60 Ignition SwitchLawrence T Wolfe04-21-06  12:25 pm
Fuel supplyEddie Ross04-20-06  11:13 pm
Palmer recollections from the 1950's to 70'sJohn Drabik04-08-06  04:03 pm
Modifying to accomodate fresh water flush out?chris davies04-06-06  04:48 am
What to do with the crankcase vent?Richard A. Day Jr.04-05-06  06:08 pm
Palmer pw-27 water pump type bronze or impeller ?? do i have ?Andrew Menkart03-30-06  07:32 pm
Sending unit on bendix fuel pumpDean03-23-06  12:04 am
Main bearing with collarDean03-22-06  11:48 pm
Palmer FordRichardDurgee03-16-06  08:48 pm
Palmer P 60poker casino37803-06-06  07:28 pm
Palmer 60 Head neededpoker casino16803-06-06  06:57 pm
Palmer P-60 Thermostat source?poker casino61317 03-06-06  06:48 pm
A Palmer ZR Comes Home....poker casino36203-06-06  06:37 pm
Palmer P 392 IH fuel pump rebuild?poker casino28203-06-06  06:18 pm
Progresspoker casino18203-06-06  06:15 pm
Palmer Tuningpoker casino39903-06-06  05:32 pm
What year is this palmer m-60 ?poker casino8903-06-06  05:23 pm
Palmer Baby Husky Enginepoker casino35303-06-06  05:13 pm
Palmer I-H V-8 Intakepoker casino73503-06-06  04:20 pm
Palmer BH 25 gear reduction?poker casino15903-06-06  04:14 pm
19 h.p. 1963 Palmerpoker casino54003-06-06  04:13 pm
P-60 Flame Arrestor (701136)poker casino76303-06-06  04:07 pm
Attention Dick Day: two new (old) Palmer serial numberspoker casino75110 03-06-06  02:36 pm
Palmer p-60 and "blow by"poker casino93903-06-06  02:25 pm
Palmer IHC 304 poker casino36203-06-06  02:21 pm
Steam from P-60 exhaustpoker casino64813 03-06-06  02:15 pm
Palmer YT-1 Value?poker casino27411 03-06-06  02:08 pm
M-60 Compressionpoker casino26403-06-06  01:48 pm
Palmer Single hoisting ore at a small mine poker casino68231 03-06-06  01:47 pm
Palmer Mechanic Annapolis Area wantedpoker casino35403-06-06  01:45 pm
BH 25 oil levelpoker casino84403-06-06  01:42 pm
Why are through hull fittings so long?Dean03-03-06  03:14 am
Palmer IH 264 SM Projectjp gallagher02-28-06  04:59 pm
Shaft and pulleyEddie Ross25 02-20-06  03:08 pm
Carburetor wedge for levelingChip13 02-16-06  03:00 pm
P-60 - Starting after not using for weeks at a time?Skip02-07-06  11:03 pm
Palmer P-60 starting troubleEddie Ross02-06-06  10:07 pm
Two barrel intake manifold that would connect to an IHC 152Andrew Menkart01-11-06  12:03 pm
P-60 dies as it warms upRichard Shapiro01-02-06  07:35 am
Palmer "Snap Spark" 1904RichardDurgee12-13-05  12:19 pm
P-60 sherwood water pumpHarry Wrede12-09-05  09:18 am
PALMER 1940 LLH 20HP ENGINEMatt Farnsworth12-01-05  08:39 pm
PALMER YT-1 ON EBAYGeorge Coates18 11-28-05  08:27 pm
P-60 DistributorEddie Ross11-21-05  10:58 pm
What Palmer would these be?Lawrence T Wolfe10 11-19-05  10:53 pm
Palmer 60 Flange to exhaust for Columbia 28Harry L Wrede11-09-05  12:30 pm
Zenith 61 series carburetorsandy11-01-05  07:08 pm
BH sealsrichardday10-25-05  08:14 am
Wico Magneto for Palmer NHrobespierre22210-24-05  04:29 pm
Info on Palmer BH-25robespierre22210-20-05  02:55 pm
Need help with where to place zincs/ablatives for raw water coolingeddie10-12-05  08:58 pm
P60 Head Gasketrichardday10-12-05  08:40 pm
Palmer PH 134 Head Questionskip10 10-10-05  12:06 pm
Re palmer p60 fuel economyeddie09-26-05  04:19 pm
Palmer 392J Goulait09-09-05  06:28 am
Palmer pw-27/zenith carbstevec08-29-05  12:39 pm
P-60 Fouling Plugseddie08-28-05  05:39 pm
Palmer M-265 partssmke87008-19-05  05:01 pm
Palmer P-60 for saleFRANK GABRIEL08-19-05  02:01 pm
Palmer P60 distributor capeddie08-16-05  06:30 pm
Palmer Spacemaker IHC M240 pairrichardday08-10-05  09:26 am
IH 196 or 152lonnie08-08-05  03:49 pm
Model LLH No.3066344. HP20?richardday08-06-05  04:08 pm
Palmer P-392joe_k07-31-05  10:43 pm
Palmer/Crusadersandrew07-08-05  09:44 pm
M-60 oil leakrichardday06-21-05  09:41 pm
Palmer BH on Ebay, ends in 2 daysDavid M06-16-05  12:39 pm
Greenwich Marine MK-1 (Palmer BH 27)peter_morse06-16-05  12:04 pm
P-60 Dipstick?richardday06-14-05  08:31 am
P-60 Thermostat?gherold06-10-05  10:30 pm
Bad Exhaust manifoldrobert_ray06-09-05  03:07 pm
Palmer 60 poor performance under loadsolarrog13 05-22-05  02:20 pm
Palmer Model BHW 6HP with Gearrich05-21-05  09:23 pm
M-60 head boltsrobert_ray05-21-05  10:30 am
M60 overheating - any thoughts - how to clean?ben05-19-05  02:46 pm
M-60 backfiringben05-19-05  12:47 pm
M-60 water pump oil leakben05-19-05  12:06 am
P60Karl Burton05-18-05  07:31 pm
Head Evalrobert_ray05-18-05  03:00 pm
Update head gasketrobert_ray05-17-05  09:18 am
Head Gasketrobert_ray05-16-05  02:20 am
Head Gasketrobert_ray05-15-05  11:42 am
Water In Oilrobert_ray05-15-05  11:40 am
Any one have a tranny handle?jb_castagnos05-12-05  08:06 pm
Palmer BH hard to find? Expensive?richardday04-27-05  08:33 pm
P-60 Air bleed lineeddie04-25-05  04:12 pm
M60 Bench testrichardday04-21-05  10:06 pm
M60 Starter Motoreddie04-20-05  02:24 pm
Re palmer p60 gherold04-07-05  06:40 pm
Palmer NL-1jerry shenk03-21-05  09:19 pm
Palmer oil paneddie03-15-05  11:02 am
Need engine for Coronado 35eddie03-13-05  11:27 am
M-60 manifold studsBen Sidaway10 03-04-05  01:44 pm
Palmer Marine (IH) Aluminum IntakeJeff Bade03-03-05  12:04 pm
Palmer ZR4andrew02-23-05  12:18 pm
Copper Headgasket Palmer 60Ben Sidaway02-11-05  09:35 am
Palmer Bros. motorrichardday02-10-05  08:43 am
Palmer P-60 head torquelarry_from_maryland01-30-05  06:12 pm
Brass head cover for model C hot headcaptain bill01-05-05  07:32 pm
Diesel Injection Pump Wanted for Palmer/Int. MD 301stu simpson12-05-04  06:34 pm
Plamer M-60 head gasketrichardday11-30-04  10:55 am
Overheating Palmer inline 6 Cyl. IH 264Paul Sullivan11-09-04  09:37 pm
Palmer P-60 Copper Head GasketRobin11-07-04  05:53 pm
Palmer M60 Transmissionrichardday11-03-04  12:42 pm
1902 Palmerricharddurgee10-23-04  12:57 am
A complete Palmer L - 4 !!!andrew10-18-04  09:53 am
Palmer 1927 Adricharddurgee10-06-04  09:16 pm
Unusual Model B front main bearing?andrew10-02-04  02:45 pm
Palmer 7300 Exhaust ManifoldCharlie Baker09-17-04  09:22 pm
Palmer L-4 Info Needed/Wantedrichardday09-08-04  10:35 pm
P-60 Repoweredokeefe09-03-04  09:16 pm
Palmer P-60 starting problemwilliamjchampion08-18-04  10:37 am
Palmer on engineads.comrichardday08-16-04  10:27 pm
P60 accesory shaft problemrichardday08-10-04  08:28 am
PW 27 gasketrichardday08-06-04  08:00 pm
Palmer point gapRichard Day07-01-04  06:21 pm
Point Setting for the M-60Ron Fisk07-01-04  02:25 am
Palmer 60 OverheatingTom VanOuse10 06-21-04  01:07 pm
Palmer M60 12V starterEddie06-17-04  12:11 pm
Palmer PartsLou St.Germain06-12-04  07:19 am
Looking for info on Palmer HerculesRichard Day10 06-09-04  08:02 am
PALMER Q1Richard Day13 05-30-04  11:10 pm
Palmer P-60, was Palmer or IH firstgregheath05-17-04  10:10 pm
Waterlogged Palmer, Can anyone state the model?Richard Day10 04-29-04  10:56 pm
Palmer EnginesRobert04-12-04  09:33 pm
Does anyone want a Palmer ZR-1 with gear minus head and cylinder?Robert04-07-04  10:57 am
Palmer BHErnie03-13-04  09:28 pm
Unknown Palmer?Ernie19 02-27-04  06:07 pm
P-60 Forward gear adjustmentBill Champion02-27-04  09:42 am
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY " DICK DAYRichard Day02-22-04  06:13 am
Another Palmer comes our of HidingErnie02-20-04  04:59 pm
P60 radiator refitJU.B. Castagnos02-17-04  08:19 pm
Palmer BHTJ.B. Castagnos02-05-04  01:44 pm
1927 PALMER YT1 NEED INFORMATIONftychv01-28-04  11:55 pm
Palmer ZR2andrew01-26-04  07:05 pm
Palmer zr2jimmy01-26-04  12:09 am
Raynal Bolling, CEO of The Palmer Engine Co. Inc. died 1 Dec. 03andrew01-03-04  06:19 pm
Palmer Brothers brochure'sRichard Day12-18-03  07:52 pm
Palmer reduction gearRichard Day11-09-03  03:50 pm
Palmer model 25?andrew10-04-03  04:40 pm
unusual Palmer YT-1Ernie09-30-03  07:52 am
Palmer commentarypaul_brooking09-24-03  08:42 am
Palmer Model ERichard Day09-22-03  04:58 pm
Palmer 2 cyl Model ZR2 serial Z (?) 518328 harold coker09-16-03  01:43 pm
Palmer Hercules--Ring and Valve Recommendations?kip07-28-03  07:19 pm
Palmer P-60 Valve Tappet Cover Question.keysdiver06-17-03  11:56 am
YT 1 for sale Post for Dick DayRichard Day05-12-03  11:37 am
Palmer P-60 fuel pumpRichard Day03-28-03  12:15 pm
Palmer M-28andrew02-11-03  06:55 pm
Palmer ZR 1 coming back to lifeErnie11-18-02  04:43 pm
Palmer PW 27 Need a usable Cylinderandrew10-06-02  10:35 am
Oil Selection After Complete Overhaul (Palmer 27)`Sid Muse07-05-02  02:08 pm
Palmer HeadRichard Day07-02-02  05:47 pm
YT 10?andrew04-28-02  10:17 am
my new palmerRichard Day03-24-02  08:46 am
what is a Palmer 25?andrew02-22-02  08:49 am
palmer q1andrew02-12-02  04:33 pm
palmer pw-27 colorRichard Day12-16-01  06:56 pm
palmer engine cooling systemRichard Day11-07-01  11:29 pm
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