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Timers, Magnetos, Ignition

Old Marine Engine » Timers, Magnetos, Ignition  

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Auto-lite af 4001 -1m distributorJim Staib11-14-22  10:04 am
Eisemann 71-S Repairmiro forest08-13-22  11:05 am
Diagram for Ignition Boxmiro forest07-12-22  12:30 pm
More Atwater KentErnie22 06-07-22  09:00 am
Timer points miro forest11-02-21  10:24 am
Timer repair - moremiro forest08-10-21  08:19 am
6 volt positive ground starter solonoidGeorge Coates III05-23-21  02:14 pm
Coils Chris Spring26 10-30-20  08:40 pm
"WICO 01" magneto.Ernie12 04-14-20  06:12 am
Bemus timers NOSRichard Alcock10-20-19  08:26 pm
ML magnetoKjell Åke Persson09-04-19  12:44 pm
1977 90hp chrysler outboard Christopher Chamberl05-05-18  12:33 pm
Modern coil over plugBruce Egbert01-24-18  05:14 pm
Johnson A-25 outboard Magnetomiro forest12-02-17  06:31 pm
Detroit Coil Repairmiro forest12-02-17  06:28 pm
Bemus timerRichard Alcock09-22-17  05:49 pm
Lockwood timer rebuildRobert 06-20-17  11:17 pm
Checking charging system 401 Gray Marinetedhanna05-06-17  12:21 pm
LibertyKjell Åke Persson04-13-17  02:19 pm
American BoschKjell Åke Persson31 01-15-17  02:53 pm
Acadia 8 hp breaker settingErnie01-04-17  08:26 am
Champion Blue RibbonBob Segneri09-08-16  07:36 pm
TimerJim Miller08-29-16  01:54 pm
Atwater Kent IgnitionRobert 99 08-28-16  05:17 pm
SUBJECT 8 – Ignition Timer with Information about Electronic Repla...Barry Millar08-03-16  04:58 pm
SUBJECT 7 - Rebuilding and Adjusting Vibrator CoilBarry Millar08-03-16  04:56 pm
SUBJECT 6 - Spark Plug and Vibrator Coil OperationBarry Millar08-03-16  04:39 pm
Vibrator Coil Construction, Operation, Rebuilding and AdjustingBarry Millar08-03-16  04:23 pm
Magneto helpPaul Heyde05-09-16  01:03 am
Bemus Timer w/Brass FaceRamblin Randy04-23-16  10:45 pm
Easy to construct Make and Break CoilTruman Dodson12-11-15  11:44 pm
Gray engine timer parts neededBob Johnson11-09-15  01:02 am
Timer neededJess Potter11 10-19-15  12:51 pm
Edison Splifdorf Pattern No 877Seb09-22-15  06:11 pm
Spark plugErnie08-14-15  12:41 pm
SparkerRichardDurgee08-02-15  03:06 pm
Champion Pre Pop TopJim Parrott08-02-15  11:30 am
Identifing #1 cylinderPeter Anzo07-23-15  11:51 am
Splitdorf coil informationKarl J. Hetzel06-01-15  07:35 pm
More Measurements - Ignition Boxmiro forest04-05-15  05:00 pm
Anyone recognize this magneto?Ernie03-20-15  12:47 pm
A Cheap Dependable Buzz Coilmiro forest17 01-17-15  12:44 pm
Searching for Waterman 3 cyl. info.Roger Dyment05-01-14  09:53 am
What is this?John Burchell02-27-14  10:14 pm
Stuart turner P66D what points?Barry Dancey01-23-14  02:27 pm
Maximus TimerRichardDurgee01-23-14  11:55 am
SPROCKET FOR LUCAS RS1 MAGNETORichard Bartrop10-31-13  07:59 am
Ferro Type 7 Spark Plug - What should I use?Chris Palmer09-06-13  11:28 am
Unknown timer Searcher09-02-13  11:45 am
Early Spark Coil Ignitionmiro forest03-07-13  08:51 pm
Igition Coil Historymiro forest03-02-13  08:11 pm
Samson Electric Co. CoilSearcher02-24-13  04:17 pm
Oint setsamson coiljamie hurry02-24-13  12:42 am
TimingJ.B. Castagnos11 02-08-13  07:04 pm
Innards of Relaymiro forest02-01-13  10:20 pm
Timer theoryAllen01-24-13  10:44 pm
Ignition and coil build up.J.B. Castagnos10-07-12  06:46 am
Evinrude flywheel magnetoJ.B. Castagnos08-28-12  07:25 pm
Magneto Flywheel Magnet ChargingCraig A. Mathews07-26-12  01:56 pm
Cuno 1913steven john page21 07-07-12  04:49 am
Cuno Timer PartsJ.B. Castagnos04-28-12  06:26 am
Ignition Troubles CuredRichardDurgee04-27-12  05:15 pm
Ignition and Carb issuesEddie Ross04-19-12  02:53 pm
Caille/Detriot John Davis03-23-12  11:44 am
Reducing Current through Timer COntactsmiro forest10 03-15-12  11:56 am
Bosch DU-3 magnetoSteve Roskowski02-29-12  03:55 pm
Magneto couplingShane O'Carroll10 02-28-12  06:43 am
Cuno timer neededm barney01-29-12  01:34 am
Autolite GAS 4111 GeneratorManuel Voyages01-27-12  03:15 am
Magneto TipsNicholas Vassallo01-08-12  02:57 am
Atwater-Kent Ign.Harry Munson Jr.01-04-12  10:47 am
Ferro Type T 3 H.P.jay ziegler12-22-11  04:42 pm
Solid state conversion for Arrow K 2 timerjay ziegler11-16-11  10:49 pm
Wico BSearcher10-29-11  08:59 pm
Lockwood Ash Mag Bracketjamie hurry09-02-11  02:16 pm
Timersrigoberto torres07-12-11  06:51 pm
Bosch MagnetoSearcher06-24-11  08:05 am
Commutator on Gray Marine Model S engineRobert Norman Johnso06-23-11  01:26 am
Point GapClay T.B. Kolle06-19-11  01:30 pm
Two SpotRichardDurgee03-19-11  06:18 am
See The SparkRichardDurgee03-18-11  11:15 am
Pull This Little Black SwitchRichardDurgee02-24-11  04:05 pm
More on JB's Lightning Bolt Makermiro forest01-30-11  05:13 pm
M&B ignitor contacts?John Davis01-08-11  08:19 pm
G and M compression ignitorWilliam Schaller12-26-10  11:06 am
Self Made Inductor for Make and Break ignitionErnie10 11-09-10  07:40 am
1907 Spark PlugWilliam Schaller10-24-10  05:06 pm
Distributorsrich bieschke08-26-10  06:21 pm
Wico Magneto LeadsJack R Schlaman08-18-10  09:00 pm
Keep looking you never know what you will findKeith Billet08-18-10  04:31 pm
EISMANN SCREWSErnie06-23-10  10:59 pm
Gray "U" model timerFrank Petran04-05-10  12:05 pm
Comparison of Coilsmiro forest03-23-10  09:12 am
Spark Plug ThreadFrank Petran02-09-10  12:43 pm
Identify of WatermanK2 timerRichard Alcock01-15-10  10:02 am
JXDM Hercules engineDon Reid11-12-09  08:36 pm
Unknown IgnitorSearcher11-07-09  04:59 pm
Splitdorf low voltage generatorMike Rehmus11-06-09  08:49 pm
Wico series A distributor cap clipsAndrew Berry10-16-09  07:41 am
Spark Plug ConditionErnie10-14-09  08:54 pm
Wico series A looses sparkneil r jones09-21-09  02:54 am
Timing Wipac 'A' Series Impulse Magnetoj koole07-23-09  04:30 pm
Gardner marine enginebernard thomas kayro07-05-09  08:42 pm
Unknown igniterRichard A. Day Jr.07-05-09  08:34 pm
REPLICATING A COMPLEX PARTRobert B. Price05-12-09  11:35 am
1914 aero thrust engineRichard Hiiuvain04-08-09  10:13 pm
Bedford Diesel 330Todd Vidgen01-02-09  09:48 pm
Electronic ignition for 2-cycle enginesBarry Millar11-16-08  10:39 am
Adding some oomph to your magnetoBen Tuppen11-01-08  04:30 am
Atwater Kent "Ignition System" bookletRusty Burns10-23-08  05:59 pm
Lucas magneto from stuart r3mBen Tuppen10-18-08  08:35 am
Wipac magnetosRaymond Mizzi09-04-08  12:03 pm
Changing from Magneto Ignition to a Standard Ignition SystemBarry Millar08-08-08  04:13 pm
Old Spark PlugRichard A. Day Jr.07-30-08  07:01 am
St.Lawrence starter motor Make & model?Al Cleary03-09-08  12:46 am
Wanted, Chrysler Crown M7 Distributor capBryan Hughes03-08-08  02:06 pm
Early generator with distributor combinationjohn rendemonti01-14-08  10:30 pm
Dynamo controlmiro forest12-17-07  11:08 am
E.H. Godshalk Giant John Freeland10-11-07  06:44 pm
Wico magneto replacement for Palmer BH-25Victor Maessen06-11-07  04:36 am
Sea Pub Magneto timing questionJurgen Hermes06-06-07  11:56 am
What kind of Ignition for Lauson?Walter Z.11-10-06  06:14 pm
Starlight timer?free swinger persona11-10-06  03:58 pm
Setting points on 1955 Sea King (Gale) 22 hpfree swinger persona11-10-06  03:47 pm
A method for starting 6 volt engines on 12 voltfree swinger persona11-10-06  02:58 pm
Eccentric Strap Needed for an early Dubrie/BrooksChuck Moss10-05-06  02:26 am
Eisemann magneto partsEd Stinson06-03-06  01:25 am
Rhoades Unit Spark System made by New York Coil Co.poker casino19103-06-06  07:38 pm
Coil Plugpoker casino34011 03-06-06  04:55 pm
Kelvin low tension ignition systempoker casino91803-06-06  04:31 pm
Magnetospoker casino49203-06-06  04:22 pm
Spark Jumping at coiljb_castagnos09-21-05  06:52 pm
6 cylinder hercules enginelarry_from_maryland09-18-05  07:57 pm
New to the board hello. clae twin cyl motorsea_dog09-01-05  12:10 am
New to the board and have points question for 62 sea kingernie08-07-05  08:25 pm
Who knows what this ignitor belongs on.Jim Parrott06-14-05  04:15 pm
Magneto neededRandy Kallevig04-27-05  09:24 pm
Dave Gingery 6-Volt "Buzz Box" Spark Coilandrew01-01-05  06:36 pm
Ner-a-carbruce09-09-04  10:47 pm
Modular in 1909thomas07-13-04  08:19 pm
Dunn Marine Motor Ignition Helpricharddurgee11 04-15-04  11:22 am
Ignition parts/information neededwdboat01-01-04  01:30 pm
frisbie ignitor question answeredRichard Day11-19-03  03:53 pm
Pierce timer part missingBrad Hansen03-08-03  01:22 am
Looking for Regal trip device and ignitor infoDon Atkins08-27-02  12:16 pm
7 hp Regal ignitor and trip assemblyRobert Holcomb02-23-02  10:00 pm
Can some identified this timer...Joe01-28-02  02:05 pm
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