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Old Marine Engine
Expand/Collapse TopicOne and Two Cylinder Gas Inboards
Expand/Collapse TopicMulti Cylinder Gas Inboards
Expand/Collapse TopicDiesel Inboards
Expand/Collapse TopicUnknown Engines - post here with photos
Expand/Collapse TopicBoats with Early Inboards
1915 Gidley Part 3
What is this?
Power Dory with St Lawrence engine
Any original pics of launches ?
Rose Fantail Aerial Views
1910 Gidley Canoe Stern launch
Fantail Launch Updated
Fantail ride
1915 Gidley Part 2.
1915 Gidley
The old boat in action
Fantail Launch Updated - Volume 2
Suitable boat for a 3 hp St. Lawrence engine.
21 foot compromise stern launch hull for sale
1961 beuhler turbocraft
Kent Engine and yacht Caliph
Revived DisPro at work
Brit Imp 5 hp engine
Looking for information on this unknown engine
1942 British Canal Narrowboat - very nice
Flywheel near bilge
Gillnetter with Frisco standard for sale on ebay
DisPro Sked at Work
Stuart turner p6
Mercedes inboard
Arona Al186
What boasts sold with 1910 McDuff 2 cylinder engine?
Swamp Cruising
My Kahlenberg history
Open spark ignition on old marine engines
Small flat bottom skiff with 1-1/2HP inboard
Paragon transmission issue
The Old, now New Fantail
Brand New Fantail
Seats for the fantail launch
Fantail Launches
Boat in the Water
Next step for the Fantail Launch
Clae 3hp Bantam
6 cylinder Roberts motor.
I am looking for part's please
Paragon Transmission.
Toronto Harbor Photos circa 1900
1913 Mullins Restoration
1906 Kahlenberg single
Rose Style Fantail Launch 4
Albin spares
Video Gertrude a boat with Kitchen Rudder and 2 cycle e...
Stuart Turner Carburetor Pin
Florida Steamboat
1939 Universal SuperFour - what to do?
More - Milestone - YEAH !
My old boat - major milestone
Help identify engine MV lotus
Pierce Engine Co. launch - 1897 model
Hydro Glider
JB's Batteau
Swamp Cruising
ID an engine
Rose Style Fantail Launch Number 3
Gray Marine Phantom 4-75
Delco Remy Dynastart Model No 1101790
1946 Gray Marine Lugger 69
Kelvin Poppet 6/7 # 3551
Old pic from Sweden
My new old Bateau
Penta 40
Engine Bed for my old boat
Sabb model G - advice please
Fageol 44 VIP (Vertical Inboard Power)
1916 Cryer Carvel Tug Boat with Atlas Imperial 4HM1021 Di...
Finest Hours Lifeboat CG36500
1929 Gopher rowboat motor made by University of Minnesot...
18" stringers
Roberts engine
Cajun boat plans available
Volvo penta md1
Palmer Power
A (not so ) Silent DisPro
Celebration of the 100th Year of the DisPro Device Patent
Late 20's
Melrose 1901
1914 Hydro
Gray Marine Engine 4-30
Stuart Turner P55
Lake Arthur Louisiana
St Lawrence in a tin boat
Louisiana Boats are Real Tough
Need info on St Lawrence model T conversion
Boat for my Baby Grand
Dodge Watercar
1973 GM Bedford Marine Engine
Looking for a old chrysler crown i-6 m2 or m47
Naphtha Marine Engines
Whatever Happened To G. Boley and the Crystal Queen?
Looking for Flathead Marine Parts
1894 Truscott boat hull
Palmer 134 - Transmission work
Blacksland inboard engine
66 Owens Flagship
Packard V12 4M-2500
Dunn Motor
Crown Point Dory
Paragon FVA 2 transmission
Buchanan Rocket 6 cyl Engine
Power Boat News magazine 1905
New replacement engines for gray marine with paragon trans
Disappearing Propeller Boats
Our picnic on the bayou
1953 Chris-craft Commander ML engines
Marine paint
Boat with Van Blerck engine
Another Dis Pro device patent
WANTED: Packard Marine Engine
100 Mile Mark
Vessel "HATHORN" Lathrop
1929 6cyl 140HP Atlas Imperial Diesel
Propeller sizing
Thornycroft A4 or B4 engine approx 1903
Fairbanks Morse 37 E 16
Question about twin props on 1913 boat
Ford V8 flathead marine parts
Kelvin k4? engine parts found in 1928 fife butle
Brooke dinghymoto engine
One , two, three, FLIP
Ford flathead boat manifolds
225 v6 Dauntless Odd Fire
Ferro and Reversible Prop
Running engines
New Wooden Boat with 5 HP Acadia Engine
Canoe stern launch and Simplex 3HP
Launch from Sailboat
Miss Canada IV in the water
Dec 1917
Neptune Boat Motor
Cruisin' the Bayous in Louisiana
Perkins 4108 heat exchancer
1935 cruiser restoration
Open Exhaust
Correct Gray Marine Engine Color
Isuzu engines
Wichmann 2 strke diesel
My 1929 Atlas videos
3.8l bmc oil sump
Brit 5hp Inboard petrol engine
OSCO Sea Atom
Compression fittings oil lines
Unidentified boat
1967 Chrysler 318
Researching an old boat
Saw this neat boat at Opsail New London
5hp Acadia - Looking for water jacket
Stuart Inboard R3LY.
"The African Queen"
St. Lawrence Engine in Mullins Launch: What I have learned
Louisiana Bateaux Drawings
Another Nice Wooden Boat
Nice Wooden Boat
Bridgeport Sales Boat
Roberts Motor Company
Fraser Marine Engines
Chrysler Crown M47-3 engine
The Boat With A Warm Name
Palmer launch
Wooden boat with Lathrop for sale
Mianus installation in dory
Palmer Launch for sale in the clasified section
Brit Imp
Palmer P-60 27HP inboard gasoline engine
The RubyToo seizes
Fantail in need of Antique Re Power
Kelvin single cylinder
1910 E M White motorcanoe
Bmc 3.8
flathead ford with lyman marine transmission
C.M. Lane Lifeboat Co. info wanted....
Sea Bright Dory
Norman T600 marine engine
Tale of a Tuttle
Rose Style Fantail Launch
Electric Fuel pump for a 272 Y-block interceptor in a 195...
BMC 5.1 smook
Stuart Turner FREE spares
Sterns At The 1905 Boat Show
Tips on backing boat trailers
Muffler for a 3 hp lathrop
Reversing pitch prop questions...
Fay & Bowen/ Ocean City NJ
1910 from France
1973 morgan w/50 hp perkins diesel (4.107)
Seeking Bedford 330 Diesel
Bedford 6Cyl 300 Diesel
25-ft "Special"
Why do I see inboard marine engines w/o transmissions?
Perkins 40 hp inboard
Need a iron duke (gm block) boat motor.
21' Beckmann Compromise Stern Launch hull
Launch hull with Gray 1 cyl model R
Early Palmer Launch
Lining Up 1901
Disapearing Propeller Boat Co web site
Chrysler Marine Engines - Pair of M45S Hemi's
Dudley aero speedboat
No Engine but do have a boat.
Mianus in UK.
Unusual Dispro
'DIXIE' Hicks 14 hp twin 1924
The Race
Fay and Bowen T head engine
Warner Antique Boat Collection
Paddle Store
stuffing box and prop placement in a power dory project
6.354 perkins
The launch of the Fantail Boat
Please HELP YSB8 Question
Evinrude Fastwin
Fay and Bowen
Recent update on boat and engine
Skandiaverken Lysekil
Bedford Diesel
The RubyToo
Bateau Pilmgrimage
Oily Wood on my boat
My Old Boat Project
Swartman Boats
A New Side Wheeler
PANDORA with a Simplex
Meadows (UK) Engines
4 Horse power
1977 Perkins 130 hp model 6.354marine engines
Hp restriction on jet propultion?
Something New 1904
Even More Belle RIver
J.B.'s Belle River 2010
Belle River Visit and Boats
More Belle River boats
Louisiana Trip
Weston Farmer
Raising a naptha launch after 21 years underwater
Michigan Steel Boat Company
Minett with Buffalo
Ignition timing for Twin Cylinder engines - Simplex
Maine Photo
Volvo penta MD1 7HP
Looking for finger-tip gearcontrol for Packard IM356 Marine
Come Aboard
Fay & Bowen 1923 restoration
Commercial boat conversion
1968 Buehler Turbocraft
GMC 4 Cyl 3.0L inboard
Mississippi River workboats 1920's
Lighthouse visit
Old Evinrude O/B
Chrysler Crown
Looking for info on 1953 Universal Unimite Four motor
Newbie looking for advice
Josie G.
DisPro Regatta
Parts for Fageol 44 VIP marine engine
Palmer YT-1 in ca 1915 Bay Girl
Engine numbers
Mullins Sea Eagle-Gray Marine (twin carb motor)
E.M White 20ft Inboard Power Canoe.....Engine Help
Anybody out there familar with Chrysler Inboard 318
Pics of RubyToo at the Sydney working with wood show
Buchanan Junior 4
Exaust leak advise required
The Sound of a Putt putt
Wet but great day for childrens charity
Scripps D-6
Mallory Ignition
DisPros Lined Up
Insurance for antique boats
Steam conversion
Net boat with Kelvin engine
Westerns Black Diamond III
Twin omc ford(kent 1600)
Some pics of a great day out.
How does one actuate a reversing blade propeller
Double Duty
1905 Stern Shapes
Assistance with Identification of Launch and Inboard
Great day out on Botany Bay
Ice boat on Popular Mechanics
Fantail Launch
GM 6-71 If you know this engine PLEASE contact me
Scripps F-6 HS
Boat suitable for small engine installation
1972 Carter marine Inc? I NEED SOME INFO PLEASE?
Disappearing Propeller Boat Co, Port Carling
Need help PLEASE
Looking for Reversing blade propeller for Fay & Bowen sin...
Cedar Sea Bright Skiff; Hankins for Sale
Power To The Rescue
Paddle Boat 1910
"In The Pink"
H.G.Leighton 1904
Fay and Bowan
1930's era Dyer Dhow or Dink engine
Comparable parts
Sprocket missing every other tooth
Old boat and motor
Fairbanks-morse racing boat plans
Champion blue ribbon motor- need parts
DisPro Video
Mullins Launch
Old 22 ft. sail boat
"Tender" Behind
Looking for Engine for Atlantic Sea Skiff
Racine Viper
Unidentified Boat
1913 boat with Red Wing
J W Brooke engine in "Dinghymota"
More pics of the Rubytoo.
Ford Marine engine
Marine FIAT tipo 511 engine
Old Scripps 6 cyl, looking for parts and info
Looking for Rosie
1953-54 evinrude outboard
Universal Motor Co Looking for Gauge Panel
What Year Did THis Ad Appear ?
Unknown single
Leyare Boat Works 1908
Ex Norvegian vessel in US
Need Perko throttle lever assembly
Monterey clipper fishing boat engine 1930s
Grand Rapids Launch and Engine Company
A 1917 DisPro
Need Fay and Bowen Engine for Fay and Bowen
A bit more varnish
LifeBoat 1900
Harsen Island Launch
Buchanan Junior 4 Service Manual
Gas Launch showed up on Harrys Old Engine Page
New Toy
Blaxland Clutch
Sabb 10HP Model H
1903 Danish Seine Boat "UMPAH"
C.M.Lane Lifeboat
My new prodjekt, with 5 hp hot bulb engine
VIPER 1905
Lozier Power Lighter 1905
Matthews Torpedo Launch 1903
Nearly There
Boat Hull's
St. Lawrence Skiff with engine.
1960 wizard continental 19.5 cabin boat w/ 4cyl volvo
New old bateaux
A new old bateaux from Louisana
A Couple of Good Boats
427 Ford FE Interceptor Aluminum Exhast Risers
Bandsaw Blades Geometry
I want to race
1908 Schooner
Detroit Boat Co.
Atomic 4 feasibility
Looking for a Dyna Start
Help !!! I need 64 interceptor exhaust riser pt # 5047L
Chrysler Marine 80 i/o motor Year??Model??
Inboard Lauson Engine-1935
Wisconsin Boating Mystery Solved
Toppan 1908
Hankscraft 1906
Schofield - Holden 1910
Rochester 1910
Engine and Boat Literature
What type of trailer?
Early Palmer Launch
New (old) DisPro
Looking for 10' to 13' launch plans
Miller Boats
1978 Revel Craft
The Crabber TheTonger The Push Boat
Crabbing skiff
New project..help
Salvaged Boat and Engine
Em White Motor Canoe steering
one cylinder westerbeke?
one cylinder model t engine ? help identify??
Scripps 4-60 engine
17' Surfboat
Pierce Marine Engine
1902 Thrall 2cycle, 2 cylinder inboard
Chrysler Flat 8 IB from 1940 Mathews
St Lawrence Installation in a DisPro
projects from John in Australia
I need a boat
What prop?
Vinco hull plaques
Davistown Regatta 2002
Outboard drive used to drive an amphibian aircraft
Want to find history of ex-USN "Admiral's Barge" built 19...
Waterjacket on 4hp Acadia
Johnson diesel, circa 1929
Yet Another DisPro Installation
Cleaning out the workshop
Stuart Turner help needed please
Hoosier Boy
1918 (?) Detroit Engine
Boatless Heaven
Washington direct reversing marine diesel tech manual
Looking for year of mfg for Chrysler Crown SM7
Anyone have info on antique volvo engines
1962 Owens Dutchess Flagship
17' N.J. Surfboat
Plugs for stuart turner P5 8hp twin
Recent DsiPro Restoration
Data on Stuart 1.5 HP 2 stroke inboard
John Jacob Astor IV launch
July 1916
1939 gray 6-125 running too rich
Lapstrake Boat with Palmer YT
Joe Suydams barge.
1912 26 foot Minett
St. Lawrence River Motor and Machine co.
1937 chris craft deluxe
Regal 10 horsepower model UB
Unrestored DisPro
help getting a Blaxland 2 cylinder motor going
3 hp Buffalo from 1909?
2 1/2 HP Straubel - manual needed
Scriggs Motors
Unknown Engine?
Fay and Bowen launched
Great boat photo, ebay
Double Ender Powered by Easthope 20hp
Neat boat with Acadia
Dory with Acadia
Nice boats
Launch photo's on e-bay
Kermath marine
What Boat for a 6HP Universal Fisherman ???
Palmer P60 engine Puzzle
A gas engine powered boat in 1829 !!!
Octopus inboard engine
stuart turner p5 running to fast
Niagara Motor Launch
who made the "Interceptor" possilbly 1980's Cabin Cruiser...
6-125 generator pulley
spark plugs and wires
Dorman 4dwdm
HOCH BROS. inboards mfg. GR.,MI. 1900-1930
The Reversing Propeller
Provincetown Trap Boat Engines
toquet carburetor
a boat motor I know little about
Falcon Inboard
Elco Marine Motors Info
Queensland Putt Putters
Bay Boat for 2 Cycle, 1 1/2 hp In-board
Little Giant Engine
Planing on building a boat
PAULSON engine in boat
Swan with Union engine
Doman motor
Tug with Kahlenberg
picture of engine room, guess what kind?
Atchafalaya River Basin Gathering 2002
Early Single Step Hydroplane Racer with Engine on Ebay
A neat installation of a twin
ERD Motor Co. Siganaw Mitch. USA s/cyl.5hp motor
Acadia 15-45 [1944]
Acadia 4HP in a boat
Bemus Distributor- 1902 Thrall 2-cycle, 2 cylinder
Kahlenberg gasoline engine, 2-cylinder, 18-20 horsepower
Irreducible, 10 foot inboard launch.
world's fastest gas engine paddleboat
bristol custom boats oakland calif?
Found OLD motor.
DuBrie Motor Co. Info
Information on a l965 Chris Craft Fiberglass Boat and the...
Termatt & Monahan 1 1/2 HP for Cheseapeake Bay
Boat with Universal BN
Standard Engines 1919
wondering if anyone knows
Advise on an engine for a boat
Mullins on eBay
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Expand/Collapse TopicBlaxland
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Expand/Collapse TopicCady
Expand/Collapse TopicCaille
Expand/Collapse TopicDunn
Expand/Collapse TopicFerro
Expand/Collapse TopicGray Motor Co - early 1 and 2 cylinder
Expand/Collapse TopicGray Marine Gas Engines - 4, 6, and 8 cylinder
Expand/Collapse TopicHicks
Expand/Collapse TopicKermath
Expand/Collapse TopicLathrop
Expand/Collapse TopicMianus
Expand/Collapse TopicPalmer Engine Co
Expand/Collapse TopicPalmer Engine Serial Number List
Expand/Collapse TopicRed Wing
Expand/Collapse TopicStuart Turner
Expand/Collapse TopicTruscott
Expand/Collapse TopicUniversal Motor Co
Expand/Collapse TopicVinco
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